Last month, we reported that HTC was planning to hold an event in London on Sept. 15. That event is and remains press-only and looks to be an unveiling of a new phone, or phones, and possibly a tablet or unicorn. If you're not in the press and still want to attend an HTC event on the same day, they have scheduled a free meet-up at Redhook, a seafood restaurant in Central London.

According to HTC's Facebook page, there will be food, drinks, music and phones (to play with) for attendees. They did also say that they will be giving some devices out, so you could wind up with a free new phone!

So if you live anywhere near London you should check it out! It's free and is something to look forward to on a Wednesday night! [HTC's Facebook Event]

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Luce says:

So far away. :-(

jelly roll says:

Might have to fly 15 hours for this :)

WarhorseUK says:

Why the hell would they announce something for Verizon in London? They do not operate in the UK.

WarhorseUK says:

Sorry, meant that for the next comment

DreamSTi says:

I hope they announce the new "evo" like phone for Verizon.

Archerdude says:

Does anyone live in the area? Would love one of us to be there and give us feedback.

NoSpin says:

So is this where HTC announces that the G2 (Desire Z/Vision) will be a triple core phone with 7 days battery life and they were just trying to psych us out before? Or not.....

Sonicaholic says:

I'm only about 90 mins away by train mmm if it wasn't my mothers b'day ....... i wonder if she'll let me of our dinner plans? :@

appmy says:

Take her with...what a great birthday surprise. :)

That'd be nice if they could host an event here.

dr.who says:

40 mins away by train. I might be able to go.

dr.who says:

I'm going now. Booked my place.

dr.who says:

On second thoughts, it's a first come, first served event. So far 521 people are listed as attending a venue which holds a max of 250. Looks like you have to get there really early. Not sure I can spare all that time.