The HTC Hero is a much anticipated Android device and not because of its looks but rather for the custom HTC-built 'Rosie' UI that's laid on top of Android. We've seen Rosie in action before but here's a closer, shot-by-shot look at some specific features of this beautiful, TouchFLO 3D-esque interface. As you can see in the pictures, there's a heavy influence on widgets.

So what do you guys think? Are you guys excited for Rosie? What do you guys think of the screenshots?

Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures of Rosie!

[via phandroid]

The Rosie lock screen.

Calendar Widget

Clock Widget


twitter widget



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HTC Hero Rosie Screenshots


Really great!!! I was wondering whether it would be possible to put that firmware on the Samsung Galaxy... that would combine a nice UI with a nice smartphone. :) What do you guys think?

I certainly wish that there will be a way to get the UI running on different phones. Or that HTC will at least allow Magic users to have it. I don't really like the external look of Hero.

I'm sort of disappointed in HTC for wasting time on this. Plus it may lead to a too many variations of Android to make it successful. Android might become Windows Mobile.

I really like the new look and would love to have it!

@Robert: I dont think that that this lead to differnt androids, it is just a different look, like you have different looks for you winamp or windows desktop ;)

Dont be scared to root your G1, I did it a few days ago for the first time ever in my life. Most valuable thing I learned was TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE MOST UP TO DATE RADIO RADIO RADIO installed BEFORE you install the SPL. After that there is really nothing to it, just make sure you keep a backup rom on another sd card incase the phone starts looping on you on the HTC\Andriod screen. And even if you dont want Hero, some of the cupcake builds are just insanely fast. I had one of the JesusFreke roms installed and Im seriously concidering going back to it, I have Hero w Rosie right now. Also the tools you get are invaluable. Dont be scared, just read before you do anything.

i'd love to have someone root my g1 to have this rom on it, i'm too chicken shit to do it myself i dont want to just brick the thing.

I would love to have this on my G1. The last rom had bluetooth issues (it didn't work) that's what kept me from switching to it.

I've tried it on the g1, its too slow to be usable. I'm guessing when the htc hero comes out with rosie, its going to have a faster cpu and more memory.

The Android device/systems has a 3rd world feel/look to them when comparing them against the iPhone Storm OS.

a third world feel? LOL you're having a giraffe, the iphone is just hyped up polished piece of metal. open source is the future, why do you think symbian are going to be open source in 2010? noob

Just installed the SuperHero v2 ROM on my Dev Phone.

And although this ROM is buggy and a tad slow on the G1, there are sooooo many improvements to the UI that get me excited:

- Notifications of missed messages are more apparent when the screen is locked.
- Love the HTC-developed widgets and the additional Home screens to put them on.
- The change from "Contacts" to "People" is like the Palm Pre's Synergy workflow where I can tie together all my contacts whether they are from my computer, Google, or Facebook. (Seems likely that they would integrate Twitter in there too since both Facebook and Twitter logins are requested at setup.)
- Built in phone dialer is great.
- Tons of improved UI all around.

My only big complaint is that the Calendar application took a step backward. (The weekly view just disappeared.)

Would love it if someone could do some creative stealing of the Pre's calendar and incorporate that into Android.

To all who are running HTC Hero 2.7.3 (Rosie) on the G1. 3



How do you cap screens on that phone? Are you using an application from htc market or have htc implemented their own way of captioning your mobiles screen?