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We first saw the HTC "Golf" in a leaked press image last month, along with a rumored name and spec list. Purportedly, the device would go to market as the HTC Wildfire C, with a 3.5-inch HVGA screen, 4GB storage, a 5MP camera, ICS and HTC Sense 4. Today we have what seems to be the first photos of the phone in the flesh, along with news of a possible change in name.

According to ITProPortal, which has obtained a couple of real-world photos of the device, its eventual name will be the HTC Desire C, a decision which if true will see HTC resurrecting the Desire brand for this entry-level product. Besides that, the specs and design mostly match up with what we'd already heard, pointing to a solid budget contender, but nothing to excite serious smartphone nerds.

We'd expect to see the Golf, or Desire C, or whatever it's called in Europe and Asia later in the year, and perhaps on one or two regional carriers in the U.S, too.

Source: ITProPortal


Reader comments

HTC 'Golf' sighted in the flesh, rumored to resurrect 'Desire' branding


Still don't understand why they don't update previous dual core sense phone to 4.0 when something like this does.

Why another entry level phone. whats the point??? Stop making slow phones when you make such fast phones. Its a waste of time. This is what samsung does. Put out 2k phones a week. Its pointless!

So instead, they should just put out phones with bigger and bigger screens, 4, 6, 8 cores, gobs of memory, and increasing the price from $500 to $600 to $800 to $1200???

Some people still want a *phone* with modest capabilities of an internet device, as opposed to a tablet with the capabilities of a phone.

In other words, what's important to you isn't necessarily what other people find important, and so there's a distinct market for phones like this. This is the perfect phone for a son or daughter, it's a perfect phone to buy outright on a prepaid plan. I would sooner downgrade to something like this than buy a phone with a 4.5+ inch screen. I want a phone, first, and the ability to check e-mail and do some simple web browsing, maps, etc. secondarily. This would seem to fit that bill perfectly.

Cause not everyone wants to buy a expensive phone. I wouldn't buy my little sister a HTC one s like mine, but I would get her a entry phone...different ages different preferences.

And also because not everyone is into all the fancy expensive things we want in a phone. Some just prefer descent phone that can do the tasks they need it to do ;)