HTC Scribe

HTC's pen-based Scribe technology will be made available for developers to use, according to recent reports. This will allow developers to create apps which take advantage of the unique hardware of HTC's upcoming Flyer and EVO View 4G tablets, which combine a touchscreen and pressure-sensitive pen.

HTC has already shown off a few interesting uses for Scribe at MWC and CTIA, including note-taking and drawing apps, so we look forward to see what developers can come up with when they're let loose on the technology. In particular Nintendo DS-style pen-based games would be an interesting prospect. HTC hasn't mentioned when the APIs will be released, but the Flyer and EVO View are both due out during the second quarter of the year. [ReadWriteWeb]

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pDoG says:

Im extremely interested in this tab. I have a great feeling this is going to be a lot better than anyone else thinks. It will get updated with honeycomb, I have no doubt. HTC is more than reliable. I love it!!!

FreudSlipped says:

I love stylus type input. If it's wifi only, I'll seriously look at it.

This is probably the only tablet I'm taking a serious look at.

kinster02 says:

I wonder if they will remove the buttons in future builds once Honeycomb is installed rendering the buttons useless or are they going to somehow make use of the buttons. I guess I will wait to see what Honeycomb looks like because with 2.3 it looks like a giant phone and I already have an Evo. Anyway I'll be looking at this or the Samsung 8.9 tab. Right now for me these tablets are a want and not a need.

BatmanX says:

I have an iPad now but love HTC so I'll definitely be looking at the Flyer when it comes out even though I wish it was 10in.

liggy says:

I want Scribe on the EVO 3D as well!!!

This will be the creatives and sketch-artists preference. Think wacom tablets.

IceDree says:

Isn't "Scribe" the name of feature that burns the label\box art on the CDs , like the one in HP laptops

GUARDiAN921 says:

No, that's LightScribe.