HTC has announced its projections for the second quarter, and they are aiming high.  HTC says it expects to sell 4.5 million handsets, with revenue to peak at 1.6 billion USD.  This is a pretty big jump from the 3.3 million handsets sold in Q1, and the company is ahead of market analyst expectations.  In today's ecomony, any earnings increase is nice.  This kind of growth is phenomenal, and HTC's CFO Cheng Hui-ming credits the increase to one thing -- the "growing popularity of the Android platform in Europe and the US.

Keep pumping out phones like the Desire, Legend, Incredible, EVO, etc. and the sky is the limit Mr. Hui-ming.  We all love stylish, top quality hardware that runs the best Mobile OS
on the planet, and can't wait to see what's next. [Financial Times via Engadget]


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HTC expects a record setting Q2, credits Android


Credit should be given where credit is due, and it's nice they're publicly recognizing Android as part of their success. Bold Move. And the consumers give credit back by buying their top notch products. Keep it up HTC. :-)

yep. Very nice to see them credit Android for the huge jump. IMO a simple honest answer beats the tar out of spin any day.

Considering how great this Incredible is, I'd say that HTC and Google both deserve every bit of success they get. :)

Who gets Nexus One profits? Does HTC since they make the phone? Google because they sell it, but pay HTC for parts and labor only? Or do they split it?

So I'm guessing HTC will no longer be producing Windows Phones. No wonder Microsoft demanded royalties from them. Better enjoy your HD2.