The HTC Desire is hitting Japanese shores! Softbank will carry the HTC Desire, in WCDMA form, in late April and it's actually the first notable Android device we remember heading to Japan. To be fair, the Xperia X10 was rumored to hit Japan in April as well, but considering how far that star has fallen, we think it's best for our Japanese readers to keep their eyes on the HTC Desire. We're excited, and madly jealous, that Japan gets to experience such an awesome Android device as their first.

We don't know if Android can take off in Japan since we have little clue on what the Japanese desire in their cellphones but using Android 2.1 + HTC Sense on that beautiful screen is very easy to love. Trust us. [softbank]


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HTC Desire heading to Japan on Softbank


Actually,that's a load of FUD. The iPhone sells like crazy in Japan. I don't know how the story ever got around that it didn't.

Japanese cell phone far exceed cell phones in Europe and the US. They've tried to release Android phones before with no luck. Hell the iPhone can hardly sell here. It's not the market for this kind of phone.

Actually,that's a load of FUD. The iPhone sells like crazy in Japan. I don't know how the story ever got around that it didn't.

No, it only needs apps to take off. The one thing Japanese people like with their cellphones are features. A TON of features. Things you'll likely never use, but are cool to just think you have.

To this end, the biggest usable feature this and every other import lacks is: HDTV reception. Most phones in Japan have this ability and many people actually use it.

Not only do current phones abroad (give or take) lack this feature, if any were imported, they would not support the same HDTV broadcasting standard used in Japan.

However, on a more fundamental level, the Japanese internet still hasn't caught up to "Web 2.0" yet - and that's what these Android/iPhones are all about, really.

Japan has absolutely zero love for proper smartphones. The iPhone is the *huge* exception, and, honestly, if America didn't worship it, it never would have flown here. The number of users with Android phones (given that the only one currently is a HTC Sapphire) is low but surprisingly dedicated. The phone itself seems to be the pariah of Docomo right now, and is setting a record low price currently: ¥15,000 (roughly 165US$). The phone plan is ridiculous, as close to 60 dollars for unlimited internet is pretty upsetting, and minute plans have always been insane (literally, ask anyone who's ever lived in Japan and owned a cellphone). I'm mildly excited that the Desire is arriving, but, as someone who's locked in with an HT-03A for the next year and a half, I'll just be looking and admiring from afar.

As for what Japan wants in it's cellphones? They want MMS, they want to watch television, they want to play tetris clones and they want Mixi. Anything more advanced or expensive than that is out of the question.

The Desire may be an Android first for Softbank, but it isn't the first Android phone sold in Japan. NTT Docomo has been selling the HTC Mytouch since June of last year.

Wow. For a smartphone site, you're woefully out of date.

There's no "rumor" for the Xperia, it was announced with an April 1 release date in January. The marketing and hype for the phone has been insanely high, rivaling the iPhone's launch. It releases tomorrow... stores have been doing pre-orders for months.

I've actually used it quite a few times for long periods of time and I'm highly impressed... first Android phone I've seen that didn't feel like a "beta" version phone.

The HTC Desire, while nice, is still on Softbank's terrible, terrible network, which has bigger holes than AT&T's network. Docomo's network hits every inch of the country with full speed 3G wireless.