HTC Bliss

The HTC Bliss has been spotted out and about, meaning the phone is officially in the hands of testers.  We saw it breeze through the FCC a few days ago, and a leaked Verizon roadmap shows it to be ready somewhere around the end of September.  In case you haven't been paying attention, the Bliss is HTC's Android phone they seem to marketing towards the fairer sex, with unique accessories like blinking charms and pleasant pastel colors.  No idea how that strategy will pay off, but they need something to make its mid-range specs (3.2 qVGA screen and 800MHz CPU) a bit more enticing and maybe that will be just the ticket.  We should be finding out this holiday season.

Source: Pocketnow


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HTC Bliss spied in the wild


I'm kinda iffy on a phone that is marketed towards women. It seems kinda borderline sexist but hey, I dont work in marketing so what do I know, right? Specs are classic mid range though so that should help it out.

SERIOUSLY......I think the design & specs speak to teenage girls, I'll take it as far as college girls IMHO. As a 33y.o. woman, I have no desire in carrying this phone. The specs aren't impressive at all, not to mention its this funky blue color & has a charm dangling from it...WTF? They might as well had bedazzled the whole thing & had a stock Hello Kitty theme...that's sure to sell to grown ass women!!

I could see the teenage girls carrying this, maybe some college and a few adults. However I have to agree Nikki, as a 30 something woman it would be a big no for me. Then add to the fact that it is mid range on the tech, why suffer with inferior tech when you can just buy a better phone and snap a pretty cover on it?