HTC Bee and Lexikon specs

Specifications for the upcoming HTC Bee and Lexikon have partially leaked out, and from what we see here, both are something to look forward too.  The Bee, which we've talked about before, is rumored to be heading to Verizon and Cellular South and looks to be a great entry-level device.  Froyo, Sense UI, and a small (3.2-inch) screen should make for a snappy little phone, even with a dated 528 MHz processor. 

The Lexikon, with a larger (3.8-inch) display, a QWERTY keyboard, and a factory-underclocked MSM7630 Snapdragon processor sounds a whole lot like the HTC Vision/G1 Blaze supposedly headed for T-Mobile, which may or may not be the first HSPA+ Android phone.  Yeah, there are a whole lot of ifs and maybes, but that's what happens when you're dealing with leaks and rumors.  We're not complaining --  we love getting them.  [911sniperBlog] Thanks Tommy!


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HTC Bee and Lexikon specs begin to leak out


I think they will do well.

I still wish that low, mid range phones didnt ship with anything below 800 mhz processors

The screen is what uses the battery, far more than the processor.

These are dead end phones, unlikely to be able to Gingerbread.

They would have to be dirt cheap, free on contract for me to get one even for a child.

Froyo is a big plus on a lower end daevice. It lets the little guys run with the big dogs. Should be interesting to see what else these phones got to offer. Most likely wont get the Droid brand though.

Yeah doesn't sound too bad. I had an Eris it's 528MHz, 256MB RAM, and it isn't too bad. When I loaded a Froyo ROM on it, it was really nice. Although I wasn't able to find a working ROM with Froyo and Sense at the time.

Both of these devices are probably heading to Verizon. The Bee sounds like a CDMA version of the HTC Wildfire that I would imagine could be a free on contract phone to slot under the Ally. The MSM 7630 chipset used by the Lexikon according to Qualcomm is a GSM/CDMA chipset so I imagine it is the world HTC phone that leaked out a couple weeks ago. I would say it's possible both could be heading to Sprint as well but without WiMax on the Lexikon they would probably pass as they can't charge the extra $10 a month without it. They probably will get the Bee though since it's low end and wouldn't need Wimax.

if the bee can get froyo... why can't the sprint hero/ droid eris get it as well? (and please don't say root your phone since 99% of people don't know what that is)

I agree. I think it comes down to manufacturers not wanting to put the resources into phones that either didn't sell well enough to care about the people that bought them, or just too lazy to do it.

Listen! Man!

If any of these phones are for tmobile, it has to be 1ghz. period! I would like a front facing camera and no sliding keyboard. tmobile is the king of entry level phones. Nexus one is okay. The vibrant is good but all carriers have it. they need to produce HIGH END phones. that's it. i will be on every blog til they listen.