When they say "Droid Does" they really mean it, and we have yet to see a limit be put on that. We have seen devices launch into space, devices take pictures of the lunar eclipse, and now we have seen a device save someones life. From reports, it appears as though a valet driver had his HTC Incredible in his inside pocket of his jacket when shots were fired at him, but they hit his device instead. The shot hit the battery of the device, which actually prevented the shot from penetrating any further, thus saving his life. Do you think that pretty glass iPhone4 could have saved anyone's life? Just another reason why, Droid Does. Video is after the break for you all. [wsbtv via AP]


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HTC Android battery saves valet drivers life after stopping bullet fired at him


Remember those radio commercials with the grumpy-sounding guy? "What good is a smartphone, if it can't even prevent you from having a cap popped in your ass?"

he says hes not going to get another phone now, but when he sees CES, hes gonna forget it lol

It claims to be bullet-proof, but where's the proof? Moreover, did they not just had some issues with i(diot)Phone 4's glass in the back cracking and apparently also susceptible to scratches?

Oh Atlanta... an old friend of mine moved down there and got shot in the leg in less than a month, what's with people shooting guns down in Georgia?

Dude, I know... If I watch the local news here any more than once a month I'm too afraid to even leave my house.

Including the fat douchebag that claims his Motorola phone exploded in his ear when it was clear that he dropped it and tried to use it but cut his ear because the screen cracked? And was later denied by investigation?

Of course, that was one of the 25 spare batteries in his pockets just so that the phone can make it through the day.

Hi, Jared! It's January 8th, and no one at Android Central has yet corrected the story at the time of this writing. As as other users have pointed out, it was an HTC Evo. Please make the change. Thanks!

People and their "conspiracy theories". Yea the exploding phone was a joke... but this is obviously legit.. he has a bullethole in his jacket