Over at Pre Central today HP unveiled their brand new TouchPad running webOS. Although we're rather XOOM focused here there is no denying the new TouchPad is fine piece of hardware. A 9.7-inch display at 1024x768, weighs a little more than 1.5 pounds and has a dual-core Qualcomm 8660 Snapdragon processor at 1.2GHZ. All of that backed up with 1GB of RAM and comes in 16GB or 32GB's. Just in case that wasn't enough to tickle your fancy, you'll also be getting a front-facing 1.3MP camera for video calling and a 6300 mAh battery. Overall, we're pretty impressed with what HP did with the TouchPad. The specs and hardware look great but we're waiting to see more. Although, we'll be waiting for summer to hear pricing and availability.

HP didn't stop at the TouchPad announcement though. They did go on to announce the HP Veer and the new Pre 3 all of which was in addition to what was most likely the most unexpected announcement. Yes, HP is dedicated to working on a complete ecosystem with webOS and they will indeed be working toward bringing it to PC's in the near future. Not a lot of details were outlined in that area but it's certainly something interesting to ponder. The Palm name may be dead but we're liking what HP has done thus far with webOS. Head on over to the source link for more details and highlights. [Pre Central]


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HP TouchPad now official, will it woo you from Honeycomb tablets?


I dont think it has won me over, but HP is making moves. looks like progress. and the Pre 3 has a 1.4ghz Snapdragon! i hope HTC brings something good to MWC! preferably on SPRINT!

Their software is still ridiculously behind. I mean it took them half a year after the Pre 1 came out to get video recording.

While it is getting better, Android is growing at an unbelievable pace. The software developments for Android come at a much faster rate. We're getting things like a new user interface cause we have more than enough features.
They're still working on features, but they have a prettied up UI.

I know. I have a Palm Pre.

So yeah. Has not won me over. They need to get more apps going for them. When I had a Pre apps were nothing to me, but now at Android it is everything because you have atleast one app for whatever you want to do.

Oh and no gesture bar. That was one of the few things that made the Pre (minus) good.

Without pricing and availability, it's hard to know what to think. How hard is it to just give a price or release date?

I think it looks great. Touchpad/Pre3 combo - if priced right - could be a killer combination. I'm officially intrigued.

I'm tired of a slab - I was a physical qwerty. I officially hate typing on my Evo, and I've used many software keyboards. I just want that tactile feedback. I also love the portrait qwerty design.

I thought of that too. I could get over the form factor (i've had a pre before). The lack of LTE though, is a massive deal breaker.

The future isn't physical keyboards, the futre isn't WebOS. Abandon your robot at your own peril....it will have it's revenge...

I agree. Typing on the EVO is annoying. I go back and forth between Swiftkey and Smart keyboard pro. Typing on the screen doesn't have the same tactile feel as typing on a keyboard. If someone produces a Dual core phone with a 4" screen and a hardware Landscape slider with ANDROID, I'll then leave the EVO. I recently had to charge and turn on my EVO to retrieve some files from it. After two months of Android, WebOS still looks pretty but lacks substance. I can do so much more with Android due to Applications. I like Android's functionality. I don't see anything in any current WebOS offering that would compel me to switch back.

I went from the Pre to the Epic, so you'd probably expect me to agree with you on physical qwerty keyboards. Strange thing is, I do not agree with you.

The Epic's keyboard is a thing of beauty. Nicely-sized keys, a dedicated row for numbers. Great tactile feedback. I hardly ever use it. Maybe to enter a complicated password, but that's it.

SwiftKey is just so much better than a physical keyboard. Some days I wish I would have gone with the Evo.

are you sure the Pre3 is not 4G? the PalmPad will have it, and i would be really surprised it the Pre3 did not. i can understand the Veer.

I recently switched back to an iPhone (was on a Nexus One). I really just wanted all the nice apps it had. On top of that, my experience with it just has been much more smooth.

Well, a Verizon rep came over to my office and had me setup someone's email account on a Droid X... I just can't help but to notice how much more crappy the touchscreen/on-screen keyboards are compared to the iPhone.

I recently switched back to an iPhone (was on a Nexus One). I really just wanted all the nice apps it had. On top of that, my experience with it just has been much more smooth.

Well, a Verizon rep came over to my office and had me setup someone's email account on a Droid X... I just can't help but to notice how much more crappy the touchscreen/on-screen keyboards are compared to the iPhone.

So you've used every single touch keyboard that Android has to offer? I doubt it. Used an iPhone keyboard before switching to Android and, ya, my stock Android keyboard originally sucked comparatively, but Android has so many more options that one should fit a person well.

I originally wwitched to Swiftkey and realized how much better of a keyboard it was compared to stock. Then I started using the new Gingerbread keyboard and it's amazing. So the "stock" Android keyboard is on top to me.

To me, Swiftkey and the new Gingerbread keyboard are more intuitive and easier to use than the iPhone one, but that's a matter of opinion.

Its good to see Palm back in the news. I don't like the omission of palm name on some devices, that's is a HUGE mistake. U might choose a Palm over a HTC but not an HP because they abandon their children...we remember!

Not bad. It certainly won't woo me back off of android. I was a big PalmOS guy back in the day, then i immediately leaped to webOS, but after my experience with it, i'm sadly done with palm. I really liked the interface, but it was too problematic (buggy and such) and not to mention the hardware. After that, i got an android device, and i'm beyond being an android convert at this point.

Also: While HP didn't quite drop the ball on the hardware, i think they kinda fumbled it a little by putting a 1.4 ghz processor and not a dual core. Anyone else agree?

Overall, i'm quite glad HP is stepping up their game, though, with webOS, to give it the love it desperately needed. If they put out decently priced tablets, i may just end up picking one up one day.

I am in love. I came from a Pre (Sprint) to a Epic 4G. If I could get my money back for the Epic, I would jump ship now. WebOS is so much more intuitive then Android. Actually, the only thing I love better about Android is my SlideScreen home screen replacement.

ASAP, I will be having me a Palm Pre 3 and a TouchPad. I am beyond excited.

You can't jump ship NOW. For one, you don't know if any of those devices would be Sprint. For two, it will be several months before the devices are released. So you can jump ship LATER, if you want.

The Pre 3 didn't impress me. The Veer didn't impress me. The Touchpad did impress me, but having left WebOS for Android, I have no intention of taking ten steps back and I sure as heck have no plans to run WebOS on any desktop computer. No thanks. HPalm lost me to the EVO and it's going to take something more to impress me. .

I would *LOVE* to see the card interface on Android. REALLY REALLY LOVE IT. But like you, I can't go back to WebOS now (at least I don't think I can).

I liked the cards too. I also liked Synergy (after I got over no longer having Palm Desktop and Direct MS Outlook Sync). After I switched to Android, I can't imagine going back, at least with WebOS in it's current iteration. On Froyo, my user experience leaves nothing that I can't do. On the Pre Plus there was an ever growing list of things I couldn't do that Android users could.

I am 100% with you on that sentiment. I miss the card interface so much.

Is there any Android app that simulates the card interface?

I am android fan but i don't even like the Honeycomb so T iPad 2 and ouchPad and maybe the PlayBook do it better for me. HoneyComb with HTC Senes now that is my fancy can't wait to see what HTC has in store for there tablets

Depending on pricing, I might get both a TouchPad and a XOOM (or equivalent Honeycomb tablet--maybe just settle for 3.0 on a Nook).

Honeycomb looks nice, but so does webOS on the TouchPad. Why should I be forced to choose one when I can choose to have both?

Because most people can't afford both, or don't want to have two.

I really like the looks and interface on the TouchPad, but also want Android. Ug, I wish the two could merge features.

With this and with Xoom, it really comes down to a good stock of tablet-optimized apps. Tablets are really useless without them, especially for the price point. The iPad had the advantage of developers aggressively making apps since it was released, and had many ready as of its launch day. If there aren't a lot of good apps for Xoom or the TouchPad, they won't have the sales. And they really should stop the cell carrier infused route: Offer the lower price point WiFi versions with the more expensive 3G models down the list.

I will no longer be getting an android powered tablet. I love webos too much and now it has been made even better.i like honeycomb, but not near as good as webos.

I am really digging the Pre 3. i have the Epic 4G and landscape keyboards are such a waste, i think portraits are much better. In landslide mode i can type easily on the onscreen keyboard but it's not as easy to type in portrait. There are many things about webos that i think are better. The calendar and email apps for one are superior to what Android is offering. I just hope Webos get some much needed app support because I could see myself switching back to them. Sweet thing is that all i need to do is sign in on my profile and I will get all my apps and settings back :)

after the Pre experience I cannot trust HP WebOS...i left for Android and i'm definitely not ever returning to the headache i use to have...

That's like asking me if I'm going to switch from my EVO to the echo!! Palm / HP has NO developer support what so ever and they never will.

WebOS Linux had TONS of promise.... and lots of good mojo. But Palm blew it with sub-par hardware, late introductions, too few updates, and then being sold. Lots of people jumped ship for Android Linux. I fear it is too late for them (HP) now, I doubt they can get the developer interest necessary to have enough apps to hit any type of critical mass.

The only thing that could save them is if they could somehow also run Android apps (which might not be as difficult as one first thinks....)

i think releasing that bigger chick phone is a jock and the tablet give me a break!!the honeycomb invansion will make it look like a red headed step child

The TouchPad is really nice. Better than the iPad in my opinion. HP really surprised/impressed me. It's going to be a close one since I love Google.

WebOS has less than nothing. And with all the Android tablets coming with Honeycomb, who is anxious to code for WebOS?

Saw this news, then got my shovel from the garage to burry Palm again...I think to myself if WebOS was so great...and the Pre form factor was so great...Why did Palm go under? Looking at my Droid X and Xoom previews I remember why...Android is the badest OS on the planet and nothing will stop its inevitable domination...Join us...or Fall Forever.

It begs the question, why did HP stick with a form factor that clearly, wasn't successful? Apple can get away with maintaining variations on the same form factor because the iPhone has been successful from the first version on. Not so with the Pre. If it isn't working, you change the design. Just making it slightly bigger with a screen size it should've had from Day one, with hardware upgrades that would've mattered last year, doesn't make sense. A hand full of WebOS fan boys will switch, but the rest of us aren't giving up iPhones or Androids for a newer version of a failed product. All we need is the creep chick from the original Pre adds to finish digging the grave for the Pre.

The tablet however does have a chance, but WebOS on PC's? Netbooks maybe, but why?

Think because I can be free from contract and the fact that the specs are great... I'll get a webOS tab AND a Xoom! Android just has the apps, momentum and deeper dev community so its a must. Still love me some webOS too!

Cant we all just get along!? But I agree, I wanted to bury them too after revealing a mini Pre and Pre 3 and NO SLATE! Sheeesh, but the PalmPad looks good tho. Not sure about build quality as Engadget photographed plenty of light leakage on the device, all over.

"will it woo you from Honeycomb tablets? "
(or android phones?)
no way
what's better about it?

but it's great to see more ipad competition

the more tablets we see that are not ipad..
yes even windows
the better

hell yeah man WEBOS is by far the most powerful mobile OS in the world, i would even say that it could compete with windows in some areas or cases. not too excited about the phone cause i wanted a slab like the EVO i got right now (WHICH I HATE VERY MUCH ALONG WITH THE ANDROID OS BECAUSE ITS UNSTABLE AS HELL) very excited about the new tablet right now though my girlfriend is starting to get mad cause thats all ive been talkin about. alright ima go jack off to the tablet


>"what's better about it? nothing"

Um, WebOS Linux's card interface is 1,000 times better than anything on Android Linux. It just is. It is that good. Plus WebOS requires no rooting, because you just use a developer code... done.

But Android wins, hands down, on just about EVERYTHING else.... number of apps, development interest, vendor support, device variety, future prospects, etc.

Man, I wish Google could rip off the card interface.

This shouldn't even be in question. Webos is the superior OS of all OS's and it has been said by many if not all of the tech critics. This is a no brainer to choose this over Android and Apple. Android is horrible..Slow, buggy and Fragmented.. Before I got chopped up on this let me mind you that I am a proud rooted user of a HTC EVO.. But the truth is the truth..Webos is far superior

Looks nice, but I just don't get the appeal of the whole tablet form factor be it WebOS, Android or iOS. Too big to carry around all the time, not as big or fast as my desktop.

//old fogy
//my lawn, get off it.

This is a gorgeous tablet! Were I in the market for a tablet, this would definitely be a top contender. And despite not being in the market for one, I'd still really like to take one for a test drive. Very attractive.

HP has lied to their installed base for months telling them they'd get WebOS 2.x knowing damn well it wasn't going to happen. The fact they waited until after their big announcement just shows they deliberately lied and then waited to fess up in order to manipulate their stock and image prior to the announcement. What would-be shoppers need to think about is how they could trust predators and parasites who effectively in the U.S. F'd over their entire user base of this product. They, obviously, will make many promises and why would anyone belief integrity is found moving forward. Cool product, but hen some of their cameras were okay too. And, we know how well that went. Who supports predators and parasites?

I think that WebOS is the best OS for a smartphone and/or tablet, I had a palm pre for sprint and loved it but i needed stronger hardware, so I went to the Evo, and well ANDROID OS SUCKS, its not intuitive or stable at all, for what i do, but thats just it, I do a lotta work on my devices, if i was to wanna just play around i would probly like android because it has a lotta useless, free, poorly coded apps. But thats just my opinion. Anyways, cant wait to get back to webos, definitely cant wait for the tablet!!!!!!!!!!!!

You think ANDROID SUCKS but WebOS is what you want? Don't let the door hit ya on the way out. Let's hope someone decides to code apps for your platform. Everyone who mattered bailed on WebOS last year.

Well I love my evo but that touchpad sold me, I'm getting me one, ill keep my evo but sprint better have the evo2 coming soon

I hope there is an EVO2 in the pipeline for Sprint as well, but whether there is or isn't, I'm never dumping Android to go back to WebOS in it's current iteration and especially for a slightly larger failed Pre design. And who is the "Veer" for? Your teenaged daughter? I can't see guys trying to use that toy.

Loved my palm pre when I had it (epic 4g now). Loved web OS when I used it. Had it overclocked with no issues. Only reason I left was lack of app support. Welcome back pre..... but for how long?

Would've been interested, but it's closed source. C'mon HP/Palm, why even bother with the Linux kernel if you're gonna pull something like that?

I'll get one, but I'll also have an android one too, along side my ipad. Sure does suck being a software developer, hehe.

Well I know that I'm for sure going to be getting the touchpad, and if the pre 3 is on sprint them I'll be getting that as well. I jumped ship last summer from the pre for the evo and android has been an almost total disappointment compared to webOS. So long android, thanks for re-affirming my idea that webOS is the perfect OS imo.

You and the other WebOS fan boy should be very happy. Hopefully the two new developers who jump on board should be happy as well. Then go out and notice how many apps you find in your app store compared to ours. Oh, it's not quality, it's quantity. Sure. What quality apps are there for the Pre3 again? QuickOffice? No. Documents to go? No. Will Preware still be available? Preware was the only reason to have WebOS if Preware is gone, forget it.

Low resolution screen? No thanks ...

Not much apps? No thanks ...

4:3 screen ratio? No thanks ...


There will be only 2 big major players for mobile, Google Android and Apple iOS.

Nice tablet but its only one against a gauntlet of upcoming Android tablets and yes Apple has one tablet but hp is not Apple.

Now that hp put out the goods which won't be available until summer (Palms failed strategy)everyone else has time to counter.

Been there done that with webOS never again...bring it on htc and samsung in the coming days not weeks or months.

Say what you want.

Honeycomb looks like a rushed piece of garbage compared to the Touchpad.

Sorry, but I'll be switching to the Pre3 and Touchpad. I don't like having to reset my phone every 2 months for the sake of battery life like I have to do on my Evo. WebOS is MUCH more polished, and much easy to play with.

Interesting. So we have three Palm Fanboys switching from the EVO? I've never had to reset my EVO and as for battery life, I have an extended battery that keeps me going from six am to 1am daily. By the way, are there any Extended battery cases for your Palm 3? No. But there is not only an extended battery case for the EVO, there is also a fully ruggedized extended battery case as well. But hey, you like WebOS that much, enjoy it. Good luck with that. By the time your Palm 3 and Palmpad arrive in stores this summer, many more Android phones, Tablets, and the new iPhone will already be available to the public. There won't be many left who really care about WebOS.

The Veer looks cool in that it's a small PHONE with great PDA capabilities. I personally want a larger screen, but that tiny pocketable (REALLY pocketable) device seems cool for those out there who don't want to have to wear their phone on their hip. That audience is generally not the folks our here in Androidcentral, I might add. :)

I had a Pre, and was seduced to Android and it's sexy hardware of the Evo. As much cool stuff as I can do on my Evo, there are portions of it that are way behind what my Pre experience was. WebOS is really cool.
What I LOVE about Android is all these developers out there just HACKING the heck out of it! There are some really cool things out there available for those of us who have rooted our phones.

I had a feeling WebOS 2.0 wasn't going to be ported to the older hardware. It makes sense as it probably would be slow and unsatisfying to deal with.

Depending on PRICE I might consider buying a Touchpad. I could probably sell my Kindle, and some other stuff on eBay to pay for it. ;)
I wanna hold and play with a Pre3 before I make any judgements on it. Heck, I needed to do that with Android before I switched.
Oh, and it's gotta work on Sprint, or I'm not interested (phone that is) Tablet, I'd buy a WiFi only one, anyway. (WiFi tethering rox!)

The biggest problem with the TouchPad is the release date. This thing needs to be out in the weeks not months. By the time this device comes out the Ipad 2 and many many many Android Honeycomb devices be in the market.

Price is also going to be a huge factor, 800 bucks is to much (Xoom price for example). The only way WP7 or any Webos devices will ever get any real market share is to take a loss in the short term. Price them cheap and offer the same quality. If the entry level price point starts at 300 - 350, it would probably sell well.

Ok... I left my EVO, and went back to my og Pre, because I so desperately miss a phsyical keyboard, and I was excited to see what the new HP hardware would be. Needless to say, I was thoroughly disappointed and switched my EVO back on.

With that said, I think Android is great, especially Launcher Pro. Launcher Pro has changed my EVO into a dream. However, I HATE TYPING ON THE TOUCH SCREEN, and I'm not a fan of the horizontal phsyical slider. Is it too much to ask for a portrait slider keyboard, with a 4" (or bigger) display? I know a lot of people say that touchscreen is the future, but I don't agree. Although the Pre's keyboard is small and cramp, I was still able to type sentences (at great length) without once looking down at my phone. That is something no one can do with a touch screen! You can slide your slab under the table, during a meeting, punch out a quick text or email without anyone knowing. If HTC or Moto made a 4", portrait slider, I'm sure there will be a lot of people interested in that product.

But anyway, I'm back, and more than likely will be getting the Xoom, depending on what HTC prevails.

Had the Palm Pre and now have an EVO. But being someone that does a lot of multitasking on the phone I am tempted each day to switch back to WebOS. There just is no replacement for true multitasking. The hack job that Android does is not multitasking by any means.

With that said, the tablet is something that has to multi-task well with the larger screen size. Obviously HPalm has this down solid. Android with honeycomb is getting very close...I think it is going to be a game time decision. I believe the apps will come for WebOS 3.0 integration into a desktop realm and other tablets is going to catch developer's eyes and good things will come.

I left my Palm Pre for the EVO 4G and must say that I really like webOS better than Android. The problem that I have with webOS is the lack of widespread support. If HP is able to get the apps on a scale that Android has then I am going back to HP Pre 3 and their tablet.