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Unfortunate restrictions may throw a wrench in your Sunday viewing plans

Super Bowl Sunday is nearly upon us, and although most people who have an interest in the event (and even those who don't) will be attending some sort of party for the viewing, some may unfortunately not have the option to watch on TV. If you're out and about , at work or traveling this Sunday, you'll have to resort to your phone or tablet to keep up with the action, preferably live.

The most ironic part about watching the Super Bowl on mobile this year is that the U.S. is the worst off for live streaming of the game in terms of options. Things are even worse if Android is your mobile device of choice, where you only have a single app that will bring you the game. Canada doesn't fare much better, and best of all the U.K. looks to have the most robust options for watching the big game live.

If you'll be out of the house for the Super Bowl this year, be sure to hang with us after the break and see the best ways to watch live from your Android device.

In the United States

As we noted earlier, folks in the U.S. hoping to watch the game live will have pretty much one option — the NFL Mobile app. Even further, the only way to get live streaming through the app is to be a Verizon customer. That leaves a pretty big portion of the population out of luck.

If you do happen to be a Verizon customer, you can grab a download of the NFL Mobile app. It's generally pretty painful to use, but it'll get you a live stream of the game.

Download: NFL Mobile from the Play Store

In Canada

If you happen to be an NFL fan in Canada, you're going to be limited much the same as down here in the U.S. Bell Canada is the exclusive carrier offering the Super Bowl through its Bell TV app, which is available for both phones and tablets, provided you're a Bell customer.

Download: Bell TV from the Play Store

In the United Kingdom

On this side of the pond Channel 4 and Sky Sports have rights to the Super Bowl. Sky subscribers can watch on Sky Sports 1 through the Sky Go app for Android on tablets or phones.

If you're not a Sky subscriber you can still watch Channel 4's coverage through the free TVCatchup app, which streams free-to-air UK TV channels, including C4. Channel 4 will also have the full game available to stream later through its 4oD service and its related Android app.

If you're still rocking an Android device with Adobe Flash, Channel 4 has a live simulcast available on the web at

Download: Sky Go | Sky Go Tablet | 4oD on the Play Store

Download: TVCatchup on the Amazon Appstore

The alternative? Open up a laptop.

Fortunately, the situation for online streaming once you step up to a laptop is much better. The NFL and Fox — the exclusive carrier for this year's Super Bowl in the U.S. — have teamed up to offer a free online stream of the game through its website, Additionally, if you happen to have an iPhone or iPad, there's an accompanying Fox Sports GO app as well. Sadly, Fox for some reason has decided not to release an Android version yet.

No matter where you'll be watching from, this set of options will hopefully give those of you who can't be home to watch on TV a chance to catch the Super Bowl in all its glory this weekend.