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Unfortunate restrictions may throw a wrench in your Sunday viewing plans

Super Bowl Sunday is nearly upon us, and although most people who have an interest in the event (and even those who don't) will be attending some sort of party for the viewing, some may unfortunately not have the option to watch on TV. If you're out and about , at work or traveling this Sunday, you'll have to resort to your phone or tablet to keep up with the action, preferably live.

The most ironic part about watching the Super Bowl on mobile this year is that the U.S. is the worst off for live streaming of the game in terms of options. Things are even worse if Android is your mobile device of choice, where you only have a single app that will bring you the game. Canada doesn't fare much better, and best of all the U.K. looks to have the most robust options for watching the big game live.

If you'll be out of the house for the Super Bowl this year, be sure to hang with us after the break and see the best ways to watch live from your Android device.

In the United States

As we noted earlier, folks in the U.S. hoping to watch the game live will have pretty much one option — the NFL Mobile app. Even further, the only way to get live streaming through the app is to be a Verizon customer. That leaves a pretty big portion of the population out of luck.

If you do happen to be a Verizon customer, you can grab a download of the NFL Mobile app. It's generally pretty painful to use, but it'll get you a live stream of the game.

Download: NFL Mobile from the Play Store

In Canada

If you happen to be an NFL fan in Canada, you're going to be limited much the same as down here in the U.S. Bell Canada is the exclusive carrier offering the Super Bowl through its Bell TV app, which is available for both phones and tablets, provided you're a Bell customer.

Download: Bell TV from the Play Store

In the United Kingdom

On this side of the pond Channel 4 and Sky Sports have rights to the Super Bowl. Sky subscribers can watch on Sky Sports 1 through the Sky Go app for Android on tablets or phones.

If you're not a Sky subscriber you can still watch Channel 4's coverage through the free TVCatchup app, which streams free-to-air UK TV channels, including C4. Channel 4 will also have the full game available to stream later through its 4oD service and its related Android app.

If you're still rocking an Android device with Adobe Flash, Channel 4 has a live simulcast available on the web at

Download: Sky Go | Sky Go Tablet | 4oD on the Play Store

Download: TVCatchup on the Amazon Appstore

The alternative? Open up a laptop.

Fortunately, the situation for online streaming once you step up to a laptop is much better. The NFL and Fox — the exclusive carrier for this year's Super Bowl in the U.S. — have teamed up to offer a free online stream of the game through its website, Additionally, if you happen to have an iPhone or iPad, there's an accompanying Fox Sports GO app as well. Sadly, Fox for some reason has decided not to release an Android version yet.

No matter where you'll be watching from, this set of options will hopefully give those of you who can't be home to watch on TV a chance to catch the Super Bowl in all its glory this weekend.


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How to watch the Super Bowl live on your Android device in the US, Canada and UK


Comcast doesn't have live video of its fox channel, but if your on any other provider you have a mobile app with live streaming

Posted via Android Central App

FWIW in Canada if you're using a computer, will have a free web broadcast much like Fox.

Posted via Android Central App

'Go' apps are still in their infancy, very new, by the end of 2014 you'll see nearly triple the ammount, once the networks and providers find a way to gain revenue through said apps

Posted via Android Central App

Sky are figuring out their way you have to pay a £5 extra each time you go over the 2 device limit

Posted via Android Central App

If you have dish network you can use their dish anywhere app to stream to any device on any network.

Edit - I suppose it would depend on the hardware you have from dish. Mine works because of a slingbox adaptor.

Posted via Android Central App

Muthafuckin' 65" Sony... Granted, I'll be at work with a restricted WiFi...Oh well, there's always the patient rooms. "So glad to see you're feeling better Mr. Rogers...Have a nice day, we'll send you the bill and...kthxbai"

Or you could watch it on one of 1000s of streaming websites, some flash, some not. They are not hard to find, but do it ahead of time.

Just thought I would throw that out there since Andrew more than likely couldn't.

First row sports . EU.

I use this site, all the time, to stream NFL games. It's not perfect, but it saves me the hassle of either using an antenna or paying for cable.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.


why jump thru hoops of switching carriers and using specific apps just to see a commercial and multimedia laden broadcast that has occasional bits of sports?

Probably the most ignorant comment I have ever read on this forum. No offense or anything...just calling it how I see it! Ignorant! A. Its the Superbowl B. Its the Superbowl C. Its the Superbowl D. Its the Superbowl E. Its the Superbowl F. Its the Superbowl G. Its the Superbowl H. Its the Superbowl I. Its the Superbowl J. Its the Superbowl K. Its the Superbowl L. Its the Superbowl M. Its the Superbowl N. Its the Superbowl O. Its the Superbowl P. Its the Superbowl Q. Its the Superbowl R. Its the Superbowl S. Its the Superbowl T. Its the Superbowl U. Its the Superbowl V. Its the Superbowl W. Its the Superbowl X. Its the Superbowl (Y) its the Superbowl Z. Its the Superbowl ...and most look forward to seeing the "ads" you speak of. Most say "I can't wait to see the Superbowl commercials this year" but I guess you didn't know that...


One option they forgot is Dish's anywhere app which lets you watch your tv channels on any mobile device or laptop. Provided you have the Hopper with the build in Sling or the add on Sling device. And best of all its free. I will be having to watch some of the game at work on my Galaxy Note 2.

Looking forward to this being over. Super Bowl saturating everything at the moment!

Posted via Android Central App

because its the super bowl!!! It is damn near a holiday these days LOL, but i've got work so i'll be streaming it through my tablet

Ahh. I'm moreso into baseball and basketball, always have been.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

So basically if you're not a Bell subscriber in Canada you're screwed. But it's all good, I'm sure every bar you pop into will be showing the game.

I didn't realize Canadians were so into American football. I figured this article was probably directed at Americans who are visiting either country during the Super Bowl.

Aereo service is available is available in 10 or 11 major us cities. Boston, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Baltimore and Detroit are a few off the top of my head. Several more US cities are planned. Android, IOS & Roku all have apps. Costs 8 bucks a month. And I believe there is a 1 month trial. Research it... Its a nice way to "cut the cable" and not pay those exorbitant television prices!

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Dish Network
Direct TV
Sling Box

That's 4 ways in the U.S. Not all available to everyone, but all options none the less.

Personaly, I'll be using SlingBox. or

Personal media streamer straight from your TV so you can pause, rewind, and access you DVR as well.

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I will be using my Roamio Tivo and my iPad to stream live.

Wish they would hurry up and get OOH streaming working on Android though.

I am surprised that anyone in Canada or the UK would even care about the Super Bowl. Living in the USA I don't even care about it. Why watch a bunch of men act like children, running and knocking each other to the ground? Guess what - serious brain and body injuries result in men walking around like second graders with no memory wanting to commit suicide. And yet we are watching and rooting for this? It can come and go and stay gone as far as I am concerned.

It's a poor reflection of where society is today, all for the money involved while the masses don't have a clue about the inhumane treatment we condone. On yes we are making men.. yeah men and women who act mindless and blood thirsty.

Wow! Someone else who feels the same as me! Besides, I think baseball and basketball involve more athleticism. At least in those sports they aren't encouraged to weigh 300 pounds just to be good at there position.

Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

You're both wrong - only curling and speed walking truly epitomize the essence of athleticism, competition, and human decency in society...and maybe hot yoga

You're right, no one here in the UK is even remotely interested in the super bowl. If I asked 10 people here at random, I'm fairly confident that 10 of them wouldn't even be aware that it was happening.

I wouldn't say no one in the UK is remotely interested. There are enough American Football fans here to fill Wembley Stadium 3 times a year with NFL games. If you asked 10 people, I think you'd be surprised.

The only reason I know it's happening is I just read this article. Here in the UK few care. Not that surprising since it starts at 10.30pm and runs until 3.30am..

Posted via Android Central App

Silly comment. You make it sound like the players are being forced to participate. It's their chosen profession and they're well aware of the risks. If you don't like it, go watch a non-contact sport like golf or bowling and leave the rest of us to enjoy what we like. :)

Go Broncos!!!!! :P

you can still do this on an android device if you : 1) sideload flash player apk (google it). 2) use dolphin browser

chagne user agent to desktop and enable plugins flash both in dolpin settings

go the foxsportsgo site and enjoy - essentially you are emulating the desktop so some of the controls are small but you can make it full screen. i was able to see the SF 49 ners playoff game this way at the gym (i.e. Att galaxy s4)

The GO app is live on select Android Tablets. It says it will be streaming the super bowl live without having to sign in. I downloaded it on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 and it works

The most obvious choice seems to have passed you by. Outside the US you have the option to use the official NFL "game pass"-app. It costs a bit but hey.. It's the official feed to your phone/tablet AND computer. Also there usually are the option to pay extra to get to watch the previous games for the season(s).

On Android all you need to do is Google install aosp browser. The folder contains adobe flash and optional sync service.

On Android all you need to do is Google install aosp browser. The folder contains adobe flash and optional sync service.

If you live in one of the cities that Aereo is in, then you can subscribe to them and watch the stream in HD.

I just downloaded fox sports go app on Nexus 7 2013 and works perfectly fine for me. Its available for android

Posted via Android Central App