BlinkFeed in Sense 5.5

The option to turn off BlinkFeed is good to have — but you'll be missing out on a great feature

One of the more radical changes HTC brought in its Sense 5 user interface was the addition of BlinkFeed, a somewhat customizable news reader built into your home screens. In fact, it was meant to serve as your home screen, showing you the latest from your favorite news sources, Facebook and Twitter. 

And as you'd expect, BlinkFeed was polarizing. New features can be hard to sell, especially when it comes to forcing them onto a home screen — and doubly so when there's no way to turn them off. Sure, you could just install a new launcher — or just ignore BlinkFeed in the first place — but that wasn't really the point for many.

But starting in Sense 5.5, which debuts on the new HTC One Max, you'll be able to easily turn off the BlinkFeed pane.

How to turn off BlinkFeed in Sense 5.5

This is quick and easy:

  1. From the home screen, pinch your fingers together. That'll open up the home screen overview.
  2. Tap the BlinkFeed On/Off button in the top left.

That's it. 

It is worth mentioning, however, that plenty of folks love having BlinkFeed around. We're rather fond of it, too — and not just because you can get all the latest Mobile Nations news in it. But for those who just can't stand BlinkFeed just lurking there, even unused, you've now got the option to make it disappear altogether.


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How to turn off BlinkFeed in Sense 5.5


Options are always goo

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Troo... I would have liked the ability to move the Blinkfeed to another panel so that it acted more like a widget that I could control the placement of. I don't think people dislike Blinkfeed as a whole, it was just kinda in the way.

That would be a good way to go. I tried the Samsung version and wow it sucks. I only carried a One for awhile so not much experience with blink feed, but if it is like Samsung I would be annoyed to no end

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

You can choose which panel is your home panel which is the same as moving it to a different panel. That option has always been there. Simply make the second panel from the left your home screen then blinkfeed is always to your left and everything else in front of you and to your right.

We're all aware of that work around, but that clearly isn't the same as placing the Blinkfeed where I want it. What if I wanted Blinkfeed on the last panel? or the middle panel? That option isn't there. I appreciate the option to make it vanish, but I like Blinkfeed... just not at a position that I have no control over; I think that sentiment is shared by a large number of people, but maybe I'm wrong.

Blinkfeed = good idea
Locking Blinkfeed to one position = not the best idea

Nevertheless, kudos to HTC for listening and working to satisfy a lot of their customers.

You can do that. I shoved mine all the way to the leftmost panel, but I'm looking forward to being able to replace it altogether.

Just remove all the panels but Blinkfeed and add them back. I'm almost certain that's how to do it, though admittedly I'm not willing to delete my panels to refresh my memory. You definitely can set a different panel as your home screen, just pinch on your home screen, long press your preferred home, and drag up to "set as home." (if you knew that, apologies, I'm not trying to come across as condescending.)

Good deal. This is how it should've been from the get go; give users the CHOICE if they want it on a home screen or not. :)

Agree with others. Not everyone has social networking accounts. I really hope the fad passes at some point.

They have a few hundred million unique visitors but over a billion members.

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BlinkFeed is not only about social networks. I've disabled Twitter and facebook on it, and I mainly use it for international news.
But having a choice is a good thing ;)

I use blinkfeed but have the social stuff turned off. It's great for a quick look and link to the headlines that appeal to your interests.

I'm sure the concept is great for the social media types, and it will be a nice way to brand HTC devices. Myself, I couldn't put Nova Launcher on there fast enough. Somehow just knowing it's there in the background annoys me.

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Will this option be coming to HTC One?
Oh and I would love the option to be able to disable the dreaded gallery and the stupid highlights.

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

I have a Verizon HTC One, just not sure what Verizon has to to with sense, if anything. Other than that shouldn't it be a straight forward update?

But probably not before the One Max comes out.

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Aha, no pun intended. Lol

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Word is, the 4.3 update will be coming to Verizon HTC One at the end of the month. Sprint and AT&T got theirs already, and we on T-Mobile are expecting it on Monday.

My international version HTC One X has had the ability to turn blink feed off since the last update to Sense 5.0.

Its in settings / personalize / home screen style

That version is on just about all the HOX phones by now. This isn't new to 5.5.
And the stock browser also got quite a face-lift, adding the ability to open many more than 6 pages while still retaining all the things stock does so much better than Chrome.

Phil's story specifically said there was no way to turn off Blinkfeed in 5.0, and that ability only appeared in sense 5.5.

All I was saying is that you could turn it off in sense 5.0 even on phones as old as the HTC ONE X running Sense 5.0.

There is even a YouTube video about it But I'm not going to risk the AC Death Penalty for posting a link because google works for you just as well as it works for me. Google ZFYnhwYquDw

So it might be new to 5.5, but, as I stated, its NOT that new.

I have sense 5.0 and : settings / personalize / home screen style is not listed in my ViperXL Rom. Hmmmmm, Finaly found something I don't like about this rom. Viper Team says disabling Blinkfeed will be an option in the next update.

I have seen many people criticize this feature but I really like BlinkFeed. However it's good that there is the option to turn it off.

I have it on constantly and my One goes all day without a recharge unless I'm watching a lot of video or playing games.

I also like BlinkFeed... It was a huge selling point of me getting this phone.. and Beats audio.. and after playing with my magazine in the note 3... I have to give major props to HTC for getting blinkfeed right ... It runs soooooo much better than 'my magazine'

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"The option to turn off BlinkFeed is good to have — but you'll be missing out on a great feature" ... That's only true if you like it! personally I hate it, with a passion.

I couldn't agree with you more. Blinkfeed is what turned me off of the One in the first place. Even now that it's an option, I'm not even considering it.

I was skeptical at first with BlinkFeed, I was afraid it was too much like Windows mobile. After using it however, I really enjoy it and find it more like Flipboard and less like WinMo.

I use blinkfeed and love it but I do agree that the option should have been available from the start. Just makes common sense.

blinkfeed is pretty cool, i wish there was a way you could select what facebook friends and twitter users posts you wanted to allow to show up. i'd like it if i could set it so i'd only see my really close friends and families facebook posts, but i really don't need to see everyones (because i'm friends with a lot of people who i only remain friends with because their drama is fucking hilarious, but really don't want it on the first screen on my phone).

Subscribe to their feeds on fb and they will rise to the top

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I wish they would make the dock transparent. I had to switch to nova launcher because the black dock in sense 5 is horrible!

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Good that they listened but this should have been in there from the start. Still good they do something about it.

I really don't get what's the excitement about shuting out BlinkFeed. Yes, now you can switchit ON and OFF with less gestures and clicks, but my HTC One X got updated to Sense 5.0 and just go to the Personalize menu in settings and change the Theme to "classic". Now you have cero BlinkFeed!!

It has always been in every phone, that no one really checks their whole phone to learn how to do everything it can is not HTC's fault.

Except that it isn't an option on the One. Maybe a tiny bit less condescension when you aren't 100% sure what you're talking about.

I was new in HTC ONE X PLUS and I accidentally updated the system to HTC sense 5 and I want to bring back the system in it's original sense 4 +. Can you please help me to bring it back into original system Sense 4 plus.

I LOVE Blinkfeed. I use it continuously to keep track of what's going on in a glance. It's a shame so mant people don't like it, but that's their, I suppose it's good to give them the option to turn it off. I, though, never will. I think it's great!