Google Chrome for Android

So we've now got Google Chrome for Android, eh? How's about that. And one of the shining features Google's pimping is the ability to sync your desktop tabs over to your phone or tablet. No muss, no fuss. That's not actually a new feature for mobile browsing -- Mozilla's certainly had it in Firefox and Fennec for quite some time. But today is Chrome's day.

Chrome SyncSo how do you go about syncing your desktop tabs to your phone? First things first: You need to be signed in to your desktop Chrome browser. Hit the little wrench icon that's about halfway down, and make sure you're logged in with your Google account.

Next you'll need to hit the "Advanced" button, right next to the "Disconnect your Google Account" button. Hit it, and you've got a bunch of options of what to sync. The option you want, which we've conveniently highlighted above, is "Open tabs."

Theoretically, you should now be able to see your open tabs on the Chrome app on your phone or tablet. We say theoretically, because we and others (hat-tip to Mr. James Kendrick) have had to restart one browser or the other to get things to work, and hit the tab sync button a time or two. But once that's out of the way, the sync is quick and painless.

We even went so far as to try and melt the operation with dozens of tabs open at once. Wasn't a problem for the phone -- can't say thet same for the desktop version of Chrome. But sync they did. Quick and easy.


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How to sync tabs in Chrome desktop and Android


Hmmm...I don't see either an "Advanced" button or a "Disconnect your Google Account" button. The only buttons I have are the wrench and Chrome to Phone. Where should those be?

Click the wrench then click on "options". Then click "personal stuff" on the left hand side. On there you should see the "sign in" section and see if you're logged in or not. The "advanced" button is there.

I don't think you need to restart the desktop browser as much as you just need to reload your tabs. It seems that only tabs loaded up AFTER you enable sync will actually get synced. After doing that, my newly-reloaded tabs synced across automagically.

This is not sync'ing my bookmarks...which is more important to me than open tabs...any ideas???

I am still unable to use some of the stored data on my Google Authenticator-enabled account.

For some reason these options seem never to work with either my main password or application-specific passwords.

I can set it up, but the first time I sync it always gives me a password error.

I hope they fix this soon to work correctly with 2-factor authentication because I'm burning for Chrome on Android.

I'm running Beta 17.0.963.46 on windows and it is NOT showing the option for Tabs under advanced. I also have Chrome installed on my ICS Tablet and sync'd to the same account.



This article skips an important step: That the Tab Sync feature is experimental, and is NOT enabled by default on all profiles.

If your Tab Sync button doesn't show up (as mine didn't) then follow the steps outlined here: and it will appear if you are running a new enough version of Chrome.

sadly this won't work. i just got a new note3 and have read several articles that state the same thing. of which i have done (again) every single time. forget the fact that i actually was already signed into chrome on my desktop when i started this endeavor. <sigh>