Android Wear setup

Before you can really start doing anything with your Android Wear watch, you have to get the software sorted and set up. Luckily, that's not very difficult at all. You'll need the companion application and the new version of Google Play Services, which should install itself automatically once you've begun.

The good news is that none of this is hard, and it's basically an app just like any other app. Anyone who tried out a Galaxy Gear from Samsung last year is familiar how this goes. For everyone else, read on!

Installing Android Wear app

To begin, you'll need to download the Android Wear companion application for your phone. You'll find it right here once it's available, and it installs just like any other app.

During the installation process, you'll need to give permission for the app to do things like recognize your contacts or track your position. Think if the settings Google Now needs to work — these are similar for the same reasons.

choose a device

Once you have the app installed, fire it up and make sure Bluetooth is up and running on both devices. You should see your Android Wear device listed as an available device. You might see other devices in this list, depending on what else is around you. Choose the right device, and you're automatically connected to your smartphone through the device's Bluetooth connection.

almost done setting up Android Wear!

You're almost finished! After you've chosen a device, you'll learn about where you can enable notifications for your Android Wear watch. A smartwatch isn't very smart without any notifications. After that, you're directed to look at your watch and poke around to see the various settings and functions.

Android Wear settings

The last thing to do is set a few basic settings. Want to keep the screen on at all times? There's a setting for that. You can also choose to show calendar events as notifications, hide cards while the screen is dim, set which device — your watch or your phone — will receive notifications or even set up the software debugger if you need to. Of course, the overflow menu also has a handy tutorial as well as a way to connect more or different Android Wear device.


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How to set up your Android Wear watch


I can't find the android wear app in the play store. Does it not show up if you don't own the device yet?

Posted via Android Central App

Here's a question I haven't heard asked or answered anywhere. Is it possible to pair my phone with my watch and my car simultaneously? In other words, if my phone is always paired with my watch, does that limit my use in the car?

It shouldn't. I have my Pebble watch and also my car bluetooth connected at the same time with no issues.

People the app It's not available just YET! It will probably be available in few days or on the July 3rd/7th when the watch will be shipped out!
People at Google I/O got a special access somehow probably.

Right. Jerry knows what the package name is and wrote up a link. Question I have is why are websites showing instructions several days before watches arrive at people's homes?
Also I want to know if setting up android wear requires notification access like Pebble because if so that kills a bunch of features on Samsung phones unless Sammy fixed that.
Posted via Android Central App

This is terrible planning on Google's part:

1. The play store page *told me* to download the android wear app (no link BTW, just plain text told me to go find it on Google Play). I spent, I don't know, probably about 30 minutes exhausting my Google-fu looking for it. If it's not available yet, say so up front.

2. I know this is pocket-change for some people, but it represents a substantial purchase in my monthly budget and I'm excited about it. I couldn't have done anything with the app yet, but I was excited to see it; instead my first experience with Android Wear was a wild goose chase. I'm not saying it ruined the watch for me or anything, but it was a bad experience, and I am less giddy now than I was when I clicked the purchase button yesterday.

This is bad reporting from Android Central (and I love you guys, you know that; but this was an oversight):

1. If we can't do any of the things in the article, then it's not useful. Publish the article when the link goes live. That will also keep it fresh and more easily find-able when we need it.

2. If you felt you couldn't wait to publish for some reason, don't include a link that says "you can find it right here" when in fact, we can't. if it's not available yet SAY SO. It's okay, we won't hold it against you.


"...set which device — your watch or your phone — will receive notifications"....

I thought notifications were mirrored on the phone and watch, showing up on both devices. I have to choose one of the other?

Do nothing = see notifications all the places
"Mute app notification" = only see them on phone
"Silence connected phone" = only see them on you watch
Both mute and silence? = late for everything

Am I the only one who gets goosebumps of excitement every time they see a setup screen? So exciting!

Posted via Andrex Toilet Roll (2-ply)

Anyone find the companion app yet? I still can't find the app on play store. Was I supposed to get this at Google I/O?

FYI to all those wondering why they can't find the Android Wear App:

The app is only available to those who attended Google I/O. This post does nothing to clarify this and only causes confusion. Those that attended Google I/O received an email with instructions that only work for their registered account. For those that just bought the device, I'm guessing this will become available once the devices ship in the next week or so (just my guess).

I just want to reiterate however, how useless this blog post is. It's only causing confusion for everyone. Thanks for nothing Android Central.

I just want to thank you for this comment! My email from I/O got buried somewhere and I was searching the internet frantically to figure out where to download the Android Wear app from. Didn't find any post or official statement. But thanks to you, my watch is useful now!

Update: once your Google play services updates tha app becomes available try grabbing a apk for tha new Google play services

I could not connect sony smartwatch2 with android wear app.It shows only "Connecting to your watch".No further process happends

I'm having exactly the same issue. It's already connected through bluetooth but this app just doesn't connect. We're you able to find a solution by any chance?