Wherther just keeping up with your team or trying to keep up with it all, Google Now has got your back.

The Big Dance is just beginning ...

And while there are apps aplenty to keep bracket-makers and die-hard fans watching and trash-talking, not all of us need that. Some of us just want to see how far our local team has gotten so far. Some of us just need a quick way to find out what channel the next good game's going to be on. Some of us just want a quick way to get the score and then get on with our lives.

Some of us just need Google Now.

Adding teams is a simple affair, if you're a sports fan, you already do it.

If you just want to follow a particular team, you can add them to your teams in the Sports section of Customize. The auto-complete box for adding a team will only allow you to add one team at a time, so don't get any ideas about adding every team in the tournament, but if you're just keeping up with your team and your friends' teams — you gotta be able to keep up with a team to trash-talk it, after all — then this will do you just fine. Due to how late these games are scheduled, the cards may not show up as early as regular season games.

Without following a team, the big dance is never more than a search away.

If you're wanting to keep up with the whole field, you can quickly pull up the full tournament list using the search term NCAA tournament. From there, you can tap left and right through the various rounds of the big dance from the round of 64 to the final game, though right now all you'll get for most of those rounds is a great big TBA. At the top of this card is a watch games live link that'll take you straight to the NCAA March Madness website, and tapping any of these games will give you the more traditional card preview of the game, including date, time, location, and what network is showing the game.

So, are you following any particular teams, so or do you just want to keep up since it'll be the taking over water cooler conversations the next few weeks?

If you need apps to watch the games or fill out your backet, find them here.