A good wallpaper can help bring life to any Android device

There are lots of ways to find great wallpapers for your phone or tablet

Wallpapers are one of the most under-appreciated parts of Android. Heck, many of the Android users I come across in my daily life haven't even bothered changing the wallpaper from the one that came on the phone out of the box. Well, we appreciate wallpapers here at Android Central — so much so that we offer our own selection of wallpapers to you in our own user-submitted wallpaper gallery (also available in our app), which you can go check out after we go through some of the best resources for plaster your home screen with pretty pictures.

Here are a few other easy ways to get great Android wallpapers on your phone or tablet.


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How to find the best wallpapers for Android


I use Wallbase to find new wallpapers all the time. The app is great and the website is great for finding walls for my desktop as well (wallbase.cc)

...btw. You used the same pic for Fragments and Facets in this article!

500 firepaper is still one of my faves and with Muzei support it's even better. I also love Wally which I find odd that you did not mention it. Oh well.

Digitalblasphemy has always been some good looking wallpapers for pc, ive used a few for my phone before, just have to get the right res. They have a paid subscription for their whole catalog and free stuff.

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Your Facets page shows an image of a phone using Fragment, and your Fragment page lists the app price as $.199

Some one needs to create an app that takes pictures from my gallery and makes them my wallpaper AND automatically changes them once a day, or even at a user set frequency. Webshots does that for my desktop and I enjoy finding friends and family unexpectedly showing up.

I recommended the same website, I have been following that site for a few years and the quality of the wallpapers is far the best you can find for devices with high resolution, including devices with 2 or 4k screens :D!

I have a large collection of live wallpapers and a bunch of favourites. I like black ones for my AMOLED screen, and two of my faves are Mystical Grass and Magic Fluids. Also love Gyrospace 3D.

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Backgrounds HD and Zedge are the ones I hit up most of the time. Some of the icon packs I use also have great wallpapers (currently using Ultimate G3 wallpaper & icons from Brian Roberts)

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I love Muzei. I use Bing plugin mostly and get great images. Sometimes I rotate to APOD. On my other N4 I also use stock Muzei with no plugins.

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I mostly use Google+ now a days. By joining several android design groups you can get exclusive wallpapers that are awesome and not available on most apps.

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I wonder if there are an app that change wallpapers automatic from given gallery on your phone...I had flikie and spam me with no end....

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Early this year I found a great site for wallpapers and I'm using only it now. You can even save to favorites and download on tablet for example.

And all wallpapers have great quality, so I can choose the best crop.


ps: if you access via desktop you'll have the option to send the wallpaper to your registered email.

I think apart from any ios or android apps, hdwallpapers.in is a great alternative for most recent released walls for any device from desktop to tablet,phablet,smartphones etc

Also check http://www.3gtrickshub.net for more related stuff.