LG G3 vibration strength

We've all been there, missing calls, texts, emails while our smartphone is in our pockets because we didn't feel the vibrate go off. Or perhaps you're tired of it shaking your desk to pieces every time it goes off. Fortunately, if you're the proud owner of a new LG G3, there's something you can do about it pretty easily.

LG G3 vibration strength

Adjusting vibration strength is built right into the main settings menu on the G3. Head into Settings > Sound > Vibrate strength first of all. When you do you'll see the box presented here with three sliders to adjust individual vibration strengths for incoming calls, notifications and for when you tap the screen.

As you move the sliders up and down the phone will vibrate at that level for you to check your happy before hitting OK. Another little tip is how to quickly turn on vibrate only mode, easily done from the notification tray. There's a toggle that will say either "Sound," "Vibrate" or "Silent" depending on which mode the phone is currently in. Tapping it will cycle between the three.

That's all there is to it. Hopefully now your LG G3 will vibrate away as strong, or as weakly as you'd like!

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How to adjust vibration strength on the LG G3


If you have a phone and can't really figure this out and have to see this instructions posted it's an insult to the phone itself that you own it PERIOD!!!

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Not everyone is a phone geek & hangs out on phone sites & comments on phone posts. In fact, most smartphone owners don't even know the difference between Jellybean, KitKat, Sense, Touchwiz..... So this is informative & i share articles such as this with my non phone geek friends. They thank me all the time for showing them "cool things their phone can do" that they didn't know about.

Posted via Android Central App from a beautiful Ebony backed Moto X or the amazing Nexus 10

I plan to sit K Att for at least an hour playing with the G3 and I like it enough, I may purchase it off contract. The OnePlus One is taking too long.

AC App via Nexus 5

Totally useless article. Unless this is your first android phone and you CAN'T READ you can find it by going into the settings. How do i know? Because i have the exact same setting on my lg volt. Who doesn't set up their settings when getting a new phone? Slow news day huh A.C.

Posted via my LG LS740 and The Android Central App

Take a look around once in a while and see how many people are still rocking whatever wallpaper was on their phone when they bought it, along with the same clock widget. You think those people go into the settings????

Oh I'm caving alright.... Into a different phone. Could be the G3 but I'm waiting for some Verizon model reviews first. The early reviews sent very promising but I think those were the 2gb variant.

They don't change wallpaper or update their widgets??? But yet you think they care enough about android to visit androidcentral.com or download the app to see this story and figure out how to update their vibration settings? That's in the instruction manual. Listen to yourself don't comment just to comment. Take a look at what you once in a while
Posted via my LG LS740 and The Android Central App

Someone had their Cheerios pissed in... The slow news day that led Android Central to publish this article must coincide with the slow work day that lead you to comment on it.

I don't really think anybody grabs a new phone, whether they're part of the nerd herd here or the average Joe on the street, and reads the owners manual. Hell, most phones don't even have a manual in the box anymore, they just put a file on the device itself that you'll have to hunt for. I would think it's just as easy to grab that new G3, activate Google Now, say "okay Google - can I adjust the vibration intensity on my LG G3?" and read this article on AC that pops up on the first page of search results.

Maybe that's too novice for you though. It sounds like you might be better suited to hang over at XDA and just not come here. Then you won't be have to be upset that the topic of conversation isn't, you know, how you created the greatest custom ROM during the 3 minute break you took from proving string theory, which you're doing in your off time after you get off work re-engineering the Large Hadron Collider. From home. In your sleep. Through telekenisis. Because you're so smart and we're all dipshits.

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Sounds like you need a life. Why get upset if im not right. It's a useless story period. I don't care who doesn't know how to change vibration settings. Bottom line is those people aren't coming to ac to learn how. There's 20 comments, obviously no one learned anything new yet. They don't even know the feature exists. Get over yourself and your mundane opinions. As to the dipshit comment, sarcastic or not, it applies to you.
Posted via my LG LS740 and The Android Central App

We each have our opinion. If I say it's useless, it's useless TO ME. Now as to why so many of you care what one persons opinion is, is beyond me. Maybe you guys like going around looking for opinions to argue with. I make a comment, a jackass responds and you think I'm wrong. MY opinion IS the only one that matters in MY LIFE. Aren't you a part of the staff here? I'll state my opinion when I want, where i want. And since it's such a informative article, why are there 21 comments and counting. This story didn't stop the world from spinning. Your opinion is one thing, mines is another. Agree to disagree. I've been a member of this site since 2011. I'm not some new user and, I've watched this site over 3 years feet flooded with popmus, know it all attention hounds who obviously have a life or they wouldn't go around trolling. We can do this all day. I'm at work but I'll always make time to let it be known where I stand. If you can't work vibration settings you are not buying a $600 lg g3. Period. Get over yourselves. And why do you care so much what I think. I certainly don't care what you think about the story.
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BTW a forum is a a place to share opinions and ideas. You don't have to like them. If that's the case don't read them. But don't be a jackass and be surprised when I'm one

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Hmm, missing calls cause you can't feel them? I have a G2 that misses calls cause they never get past voicemail. I love missing time sensitive phone calls from Doctors, Insurance companies etc...oh and my wife cant even call me, she texts me Ring Ring so I call her back. And then it may drop the call...