Good news, everyone! LG switched to on-screen buttons for the G Pro 2 (be sure to read our preview of the phone), just like it did with last year's G2. The bad news? It still has a legacy menu button — and you can't get rid of it.

There is a glimmer of hope, however. LG's made it so you can add up to two more buttons — and that includes multitasking. (Or as it's more correctly know, a button for returning to recently used apps.)

Along with multitasking, you can add in a button for QMemo, QSlide or one that will open up the notification shade without you having to reach all the way to the top of the phone. 

To add buttons to your G Pro 2, go to Settings>Display>Front touch buttons>Button Combination. Then just drag the buttons you want to add into the scheme. Remember that you can have no more than five buttons at any one time, and you're stuck with back, home and menu. (Two out of three ain't bad.) You can, however, put them in any order you please.

You do have a few other options as well. You can change the background color for the buttons. The default is black, but you can change to a black gradient if you prefer, or white, or a white gradient. And if you prefer to have your button section transparent on the home screen, that's an option, too.

LG G Pro 2 buttons

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How to add a multitasking button to the LG G Pro 2


This is where onscreen buttons really shine I feel. I have no real preference but I have to admit that onscreen buttons can be very versatile.

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Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I really wish they would bring the so called "multi-tasking" button as a choice to the G2. I'm hoping that they add that ability as an update.

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Exactly. I have fixed capacitive buttons on my (old) phone. I long press Home for recent programs. A menu button is far, far more useful to me than a multitasking button. In fact I used Xposed Framework to add a menu button to my Nexus 7.

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The menu button has no use at all, except maybe to confuse people. There are rather few apps that don't have an overflow button, and for them the dynamic overflow button on stock Android fixes it.

Having a menu button always present even when there's no menu is unintuitive and superfluous.

I agree. Everyone is so annoying when they complain about the menu buttons. I still find them very intuitive and prefer them to the multitasking button, which is obsolete when I just hold down my home button...

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This is one of those things I thought the kitkat update would bring to the G2, sadly it didn't but all you have to do is hold the home key for a second and you get the same function.

It's weird how companies make decisions like this though, there really isn't any reason they couldn't have flipped the multi task button for the menu button and have you hold the home key down for the menu button access. Come on LG, 2 Nexus phones in a row you should know better.

Posted via G2 + Nova

Yeah, it is stupid, and the top right menu button should go away! Try using even a 4 inch phone with your left hand. Android has made a number of changes that make it really crappy for lefties, like whenever I turn my phone sideways the buttons all flow to the right, what the crap! Not even an option to switch it to left, or just have them stay where they are and let me choose the side by rotating the phone one way or the other.