I can't imagine how this could possibly go wrong. If anyone feels like replying to old 'Softie, here's the tweet from which to do it.

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Gimik says:

I'd actually be very curious to hear any "droidrage" stories. I've never encountered malware in the wild on an android, nor have I heard of anyone encountering it. I'm sure we could learn from the experience.

edit: Oh jeez. I just saw the part about the "get-well present". I can see where this is headed.

ozbreaker says:

I am genuinely intrigued about proven cases as well as to date I have not heard of a singe case where there have been actual losses.

Interesting that a company whose flagship products were so behind the 8-ball on malware for so long are taking this particular route.

ercliou says:

god.. that's sad

crxssi says:

They are SO desperate to push their crap the only thing they can do is ask the "community" to drum up mostly false claims about malware.

Brilliant, Microsoft.... just brilliant.

dannyboy414 says:

Well I don't think it's hard for them to collect (stories). My wife likes to download really crappy puzzle games off the play store and at one point her browser was on the fritz loading spam pages. I had to download some malware scanner to delete and kill app (btw this was about a year ago). Simply put, there's a lot of idiots out there that'll do/download worse stuff.

You just called your wife an idiot.

impulse101 says:

She is obviously

jbrandonf says:

Its a little different when its done to you, eh? Nobody complained when Droid marketing went after iPhone but now that Android is top dog you don't like being attacked?

It's actually turned out to be pretty effective marketing. Samsung got a lot of recognition when they shot right at Apple line standers, why can't Microsoft do it?

gksmithlcw says:

@windowsphone I had a Windows Mobile 6.x device I absolutely adored, then the company that made that OS dropped it like a bad habit. #WMRage


tigeryee says:

Me too, I had it since 5.0 all the way to 6.1 . I don't like live tiles or rumors that my phone has malware. How desperate and pathetic from a company who used to understand what they had was better than iPhones and Blackberries

dmm5157 says:

Same here. I moved to Android after my Motorola Q9c. I loved Windows 6.1 and worked hard to get the OS working well.

NexusKoolaid says:

I had a WinMo device 5 device. Crashed at least once a week, sometimes several times a day, running stock with no 3rd party apps. I dropped it like a bad habit when the Nexus One came out.

acey_zero says:


xlDeMoNiClx says:

yeah, we all see what you're trying to do Microsoft. Nice try but I've never heard of ANYONE experiencing malware on their Android. On your Windows OS however....

NickA says:

You're joking, right?

He's right. I've never heard of anyone's phone having a serious problem because of an Android malware. Unlike some windows malwares that basically destroys all your files and your computer.

impulse101 says:

I've never heard of anyone ever getting Malware on an Android phone.

Jaredshoes says:

What's up with Microsoft trying SOOOOO hard and coming at everyone? that's not gonna get them anywhere

jbrandonf says:

Droid marketing did it when it first came out. Its pretty effective at getting attention.

bakaouji says:

Woah. So many people posting bullshit malware stories to try and get that freebie from MS.

What a low blow by MS.

Ziptied says:

Its MS, they stopped being relevant about 15 years ago.

ArgonNJ#CB says:

Haha, the clueless one speaks. Most computers still run windows, most businesses still run office and exchange. Sounds pretty relevant to me.


True, but we'll see how much longer that lasts.

jbrandonf says:

What's going to replace Exchange? That's a big one that get MS some money out of quite a few Android OEMs.

miiike says:

Office and Exchange are only the tipping point. Look into the System Center product line. Microsoft is embedded into the Enterprise and it's not going any where.

Dirty pool, MS. Dirty pool.

silverfang77 says:

Who's MS to talk about malware when Windows desktop users still have to shield our machines with antivirus and spyware programs just to be able to use the Internet safely?

jbrandonf says:

How about their phones?

They know that they are not going to gain significant market share on the merits of their OS and are getting desperate.

Read the blogs... the vast majority of the stories about Android malware are about what MIGHT happen not what has happened.

TheWenger says:

And their just stories about antivirus company sponsored "studies".

smooth3006 says:

both windows phone & windows 8 sucks donkey balls.

crxssi says:

My new Lenovo Twist came last week and had Windows 8 on it. Talk about horrible and frustrating (and bloated).

Wiped it and installed Linux (Fedora) with KDE and now it is a really nice computer.

crackerstyle says:

I know what you mean. I got a new Acer Aspire laptop that came with Windows 8 on it. Ugh. Just ugh. It got wiped and loaded with Ubuntu as soon as possible.

Pleeasseeee. Ubuntu may work for you but when it comes to the average consumer Windows is your best bet. I bought an Acer Aspire on black friday. Since I am not a woose when it comes to change I played with Windows 8 and its kinda neat and fun. It has a Desktop so you can do what you normally do on Windows 7. There wasnt much bloatware. Fanboyism when it comes to droids are quite remarkable. All the negativity about W8 was all blown out of proportion. When you actually sit down and use it you find out its just an interactive widget/shortcut desktop. Those who dont like it simply are ones who hate change. Microsoft needed to have a crossplatform OS for touchscreens so in comes W8.


Fanboyism, when it comes to any OS, is quite remarkable.

crxssi says:

I deal with change all the time. And I *DID* play with Win8 for hours before wiping it. And I still call it a bloated disaster.

You can have a touchscreen interface without it being annoying and destructive to a desktop interface. Watch what KDE is doing with "spaces" and you will know what I mean.

Evan Lavin says:

I never thought I'd say this, but after using Windows 8 for a day I can't see myself going back to linux. It's fast and stable enough, but the gestures (even with the mouse) and the start screen sold me on it. Plus, I can't watch Netflix on Linux. However, if I had a low powered laptop or desktop I would without a doubt load linux on it. It's just so lightweight and easy to customize.

garfnodie says:

Maybe I'll try to make up a good story, see if the get-well present is a WM8 phone, then I'll just sell it to get a Nexus 7 or 10.

crxssi says:

You are assuming the phone will have any resale value....

return_0 says:


jbrandonf says:

The slower release cycle will give it a better resale value. I bought a One X in June for ~$500 and just sold it for a little over $200 a couple weeks ago..

cozzy123 says:

Ummm why don't they go after the number two smartphone OS platform *cough cough* iOS. Why are they going straight to the number one platform. They need to pace themselves or else they are just gonna run out of steam before they get across the finish line lol.


very well said.

jbrandonf says:

Because you shoot for number one, duh. Droid did it back in 2009. They didn't fire at Blackberry or WinMo, they went after iPhone.

Jotokun says:

Microsoft, saying other platforms are insecure? If this isn't the definition of irony, I dont know what is.

Comineeyeaha says:

This might be the funniest thing I've seen all day. https://twitter.com/androidcentral/status/276144957679620096
Thanks Android Central!

Comineeyeaha says:

Seriously, you guys are KILLING IT over there! Really great stuff.

Jonneh says:

It's a dirty play by MS. Now people will post fake stories to twitter with that hashtag just to potentially win a Windows Phone device. Additionally, they want the hashtag to trend by the flood of twitter users posting the fake stories so it gets more and more publicity. Dirty plays are still acceptable in order to make a sale, though I still hate it. Of course they jumped on the public's ignorance of using the malware bull; next perhaps they'll try the fragmentation bull.

wmlmitchell says:

I laughed SO hard when I saw Chris Chavez had commented!! xD

Concession says:

Maybe if MS wasn't obsessed with being like apple and having absolute control over their phones I'd consider them, but they are.

Allow sideloading and other tasks you can do on a real computer and I'll consider it. Until then, Android or Blackberry for me.

littleemp says:

So desperate and so pathetic.

jbrandonf says:

Why? Because its not your platform of choice?

Jays2Kings says:

Watch out everyone, Phil's mad, and he's taking candy from babies.

But seriously just sad they MS will probably use these fake stories as legitimate stories when offering a reward for the worst (which will obviously be a fake one). I mean just look at this https://twitter.com/Salax_/status/276153932273819649


TenshiNo says:

I wish I had time to go around the net and call out every single one of these dumb asses, if only so that people who might read the stories realize they're BS.

At least there's one down :)

bplewis24 says:

This is essentially bribery.

kellsarah says:

Ohh! Ohh! Don't for get Ad-Block and Script blockers. Both are needed to avoid malware and spyware on Windows PC's. I still do it all to avoid taking a bite of the forbidden fruit.

klanguedoc says:

There's always so much hate over here. Smh.

OffSpot2 says:

It`s sink or swim for MS right now. Wouldn`t you last gasp for air too?

Small_law says:

It's too bad you can't tweet this hash tag from the native WP Twitter app...because one doesn't exist.

thejesusegg says:

Wrong. Go spread your FUD someplace else. There is a native Twitter client from Twitter, Inc. On the Windows Phone Store. I have used every major mobile phone OS out there. Each has their pluses and minuses. Use the one that you like best and provides you with the functionality that is most important to you.

anthonycr says:

Let's respond back to @windowsphone with #WindowsRage and get that trending. If you search it on twitter a few of us have already used it.

solarus says:

tweeted this one...I hate when a MS wants to dictate how I interact with MY PC by combining two different interfaces into one OS...morons!!! #WindowsRage

ungibbed says:

I like being able to make my Galaxy S III truly mine via widgets, or even a full custom ROM to make my phone truly mine. Never really had much interest in WP7 or 8 and didn't have to buy a entirely new phone to upgrade to the latest OS. What are people going to do with all those outdated WP7 phones? Flash Android on them ala HTC HD2... =-O

Should be rather easy since they are all a common platform...

ArgonNJ#CB says:

Android has malware, lots of it. That is a fact. Funny how all the fanboys here refuse to accept it.


Every OS has malware. What's your point? Do you feel high and mighty calling everybody a fanboy?

return_0 says:



jbrandonf says:

iOS and WP's marketplaces are curated to avoid letting that happen. There have been some slip UPS but generally you can install anything without needing to worry.

Spdy says:

TROLOLOLOL WHAT A LOSER. Seriously man what kind of low life, stalker are you? I mean my god you posted on an ANDROID WEBSITE. HAHAHA GET OUT OF HERE LOSER.

jbrandonf says:

So because his opinion doesn't align with yours he needs to leave? So you just like to pat your fellow fanboys on the back as you circlejerks each other with the same thoughts on everything?

Alosh says:

Every OS has a possibility of Malware and rouge-apps, this includes Windows 8.
I've used Android phones for a while now and never once have gotten a Malware installed on my phone. That doesn't mean it can't happen but it DOES mean there is a low possibility of it happening.

Now, obviously YOU are a Microsoft fan-boy which is OK with me but please don't even suggest that Windows X is the safest platform whether on PCs or mobile, because then I'd ask you what are you smoking and where can I get some?

TenshiNo says:

Actually, your statement is categorically untrue. There has been exactly one case of "malware" discovered in the Google Play Store and el goog used their master kill switch on it before anyone even downloaded it.

There have been several studies by anti-virus companies that have identified "potential" vectors for malware, but this is true of *every* sophisticated OS. And the holes are usually plugged with subsequent updates to the OS.

The only legitimate cases of malware reported on Android have been a result of people pirating apps from black market app stores, where the apps were modified to contain the malware.

Now, I will be the first to admit that there are apps in the Google Play Store that will "spam" your notification bar with ads. I've only ever found one (personally) that was bad (some of the free GameLoft games try to encourage you to buy addon packs from time-to-time, but they're usually pretty tame), but it was just a simple matter of uninstalling it and problem solved. That doesn't really count as malware, and apps like that are the reason mobile app stores have a "User Reviews" section so you can warn others before they bother downloading it.

crxssi says:


Woo sa says:

what? common sense? no...say it ain't so...

return_0 says:

One day, I was walking around in Costco, at the phone section. I was looking for phones (duh). I had enough of Android's excessive awesomeness and was searching for something new. I saw a Lumia 900 and tried it out. It's the perfect thing for me, with a balance of ugliness and general UI mishaps! Thanks, Microsoft.


+9000 lmao

MrSean490 says:

How about #WindowsPhone rage? I bought a WP7 and for nearly a year I've been desperately behind the technological capacity of everyone else. In core OS functionality to app availability, I'm simply stuffed. I can't even back up my all my SMS/Texts if I want to change phone. To finish it off, Microsoft has EOLed my phone, throwing me one last bone (In Q1 2013) before buggering off. Nokia thought Meego&Symbian were burning platforms? Well wake up and smell the ashes.

(Naturally your response would be "Why not just change phones if you dislike it so much?" Well, I simply am not in the position to do so, plus I can't do contracts thus I can't really jump on a nice subsidised android phone)

/le sigh

solarus says:

My tweet back..."Seriously MS!! Classy...how Apple of you. This one time I went to website on my Win PC...you know the rest. Pot meet Kettle!"

gtp20 says:

Agreed; anyone who actually thinks Microsoft is irrelevant is delusional.

Yes, they are indeed irrelevant in the mobile space.

jbrandonf says:

Not when they're taxing most of the Android OEMs.

Jon R says:

This seems pretty childish for a company such as Microsoft. Especially after reading this article.

janesa13 says:

Do you have an Windows PC malware horror story? Reply with #PCRage with your best/worst story and Microsoft will give you the bird.

the1m.polo says:

Yea my buddy is a Microsoft freak...and hates android...always talking about malware ...and makes me laugh...ive had more carshed PCs from viruses thana anything else.... as far as phones its a desperate cry... look wp8 is simple and nice but its limited....and boring.... Ive tried to buy into ..just can't. ..you cant do anything. ..i have to hook my phoone up to a cpu in order to side load an app ...huh???? The skydrive just got features android apps have had...still no instagram (oh its comings I know)...no square credit card reader? This is Microsoft right?..cant download torrents... 1 maybe 2 phones with expandable memory. ..look ive done the home work. ...If you dont wanna buy ya parents or grand parents an iphone. ..wp is great...but for users like me...hahahas never

Puppe81 says:

Gotta love how company that can't add more than 1 volume slider (seriously, is it too much to have one for music apps etc and one for ringtones ?) is trying to get ppl to moan about other phones... Though I guess they try to reach same ppl who are generally plagued more with Windows malware also (ones clicking everything and accepting every file without thinking...)

ScottColbert says:

Now I can have a blue screen of death in my pocket! Thanks MS!

Byzantium says:

Androidcentral should do a competing trending topic. I'll start us off with a few.


svfd757 says:

I'll tell a little white lie to get a free phone.

Ed Bak says:

Malware? I have mostly just poorly written software by programmers who don't know give a darn..... See the newest outlook. Com app for android! Lowest prices rating. On marketplace!

Yay, make up a Android malware story and get a chance to win a Microsoft bribe from their crater of unsold Windows Phone stock...

Microsoft are REALLY REALLY desperate.....

My sister had a windows phone. We were talking about our phones one day and I referred her to an app she should try out. She said "I don't download apps anymore." my response "why?" her reply "ummmm yah they just don't ever work." LMAO. I went with her on black Friday and guided her to a Galaxy S3 and she loves it!

n3rfh3rd3r says:

Lots of fanboys here. Malware probably wasn't the best word to use here in this marketing strategy. Fact is while Android might seem immune from issues, there are plenty of people frustrated enough with it that they go to another mobile operating system. Over on WPC there are plenty of people that go into Windows Phone expecting the world and get disappointed when the marketing hype they bought into was misleading in their eyes.

In all the Android devices I owned, I didn't get hit with malware. I had apps that tried to push advertising in the notification bar, but I uninstalled them and was sure to mention the advertisements in my review. Most of the time I ran a rooted phone, I just appreciated the freedom to add and remove applications from my device. Other than plain Anddroid, I found many of the customizations too silly to take seriously and the colors and layouts steps back in design. My Nexus S 4G running Bugless Beast (Gingerbread) was my favorite device/rom experience on Android. It just ran so buttery smooth and had great battery life.

The 'modern UI' on Windows Phone is simple. It can be a drastic change if one is coming from a skinned UI like Sense. The tiles look intimidating at first, and the black (or white) background doesn't invoke happy thoughts of customization. Sure, you can pick from twenty accent colors and switch between light and dark themes, but making every other tile red and the rest black to turn your home screen into a checkerboard isn't possible. Cry me a river.

When it comes to apps, if you are so much locked into Google's teat that you cannot be pulled away to use IMAP on a mobile email client you have issues. Google Maps isn't the only game in town. (Neither is Nokia or Microsoft) Windows Phone plays nice with Google. Do I miss some apps? Yes, of course I do. But, for apps that I miss I either didn't use them enough to make me return to Android or I have found replacements on Windows Phone. OneNote rocks. Skydrive is pretty snazy too.

If Google was in the number three slot (for a time they were) and they decided to go after number two people would be foaming at the mouth asking why Google is wasting their time with the lower hanging fruit. Google has a competitor now that is already established on the desktop arena and used by many businesses. Now they have a mobile OS (WP8) that can provide BlackBerry like device management in a flasher package with better hardware and support.

Well said. This place is littered with fanboys. Windows Phone is a good phone. Doesnt have the massive market power to throw many phones around but its no slack. People seem intimidated by the tiles. Windows 8 for PC is fine too. Like all new things it takes a while to get used to it. Windows 8 has alot of potential and alot of it is already here. The dev space should skyrocket soon too. Nokia Lumnias can compete with the likes of the iPhone and Galaxys. I own a windows phone. But hopefully by my next upgrade Verizon should offer more than they do now. Msoft is making a mistake by using AT&T the main provider for its phones.


You say that as if iMore and WP Central aren't littered with fanboys as well. From the fact that you joined to specifically comment on this article, I'd go so far as to say that you're a Windows fanboy.

TenshiNo says:

It's an Android website. Of course it's littered with Android fan-boys :)

Personally, I just was unimpressed with a number of things when I played with a WP7 phone (I know, it's different) that a friend had, not the least of which being the way the MetroUI (I know, it's not called that anymore) looked.

I'm sure some of the animosity is pure fanboy-ism, but I suspect a decent amount of it is people getting sick of the what advertising has turned into this game of political mudslinging.

And, unfortunately, a *lot* of people believe the crap.

Woo sa says:

it is not a matter of being a fan of one product over another. It is a matter of one product being BETTER than the other.

MAC OS = not open source
MS OS = not open source
ANDROID = open source...

anything we do or create for the love of it will always be superior to what we do or create just for a paycheck.

my experience with various mobile OS users have led me to this conclusion:

newbie user = Apple
average user = MS WM
technical user = Android

my current phone OS: CM10 nightly jellybean on galaxy S. (thanks XDA!)

Panos22 says:

Microsoft why don't you just troll harder ? lol.

borgib says:

I replied with a bogus story just to see if I could get one of the phones to sell lol

Robbzilla says:

Dear Microsoft: My Android gave me chlamydia. It's true! Send me something free!

Bill Gates' Mom.

dovlek says:


OneX8899 says:

It's so funny that MS trys and trys and gets as far as ISO with their noise cancellation mic lol

Rabbiddog says:

ARRRRGH! My droid rage moment came when..., wait, there was this time when I...no wait this one time I had... Hmm, whatya know. I've never had a droid rage moment because all my droid phones have worked just fine.

Now if we're talking Moto Mobility rage, that's another story. :D

sakasune says:

My #DroidRage comment:
The worst malware I've seen on Android is when Bing was preloaded on it.

Yeah, I went there...

bigbroimc says:

Microsoft is using the same Tactics that Apple used on them with the "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" commercials. It worked for Apple only because it was true. This is not the case now. Microsoft and Apple just can't keep up with Android and they know it.

If fact a co-worker told me he is leaving his Iphone 4S for Android because of Apple. Not the phone or OS, but Apple.

flips611 says:

mk802 android mini-PC kills the adsl-media of my router every time I turn it on I have to flash an old firmware to get it working till I boot it again only way to get rid of that is throw it in the trash

Which build?

My mk802 II is perfect with a MOT lapdock.

MrSherms says:

This is a play on Roid Rage, right? Because if anything, I would think that the new Windows OS would be more prone to make your huevos shrink...

Ugh, reminds me of those "I'm a Mac" ads that made me start to hate Apple.

hugnam says:

Microsoft is scared as hell because android popularity, android is a linux based os and as you know linux is their greatest competitor in the desktop operating system, they think if android such a popular than in the future open source operating system will beat them, so they try to kill android popularity to keep their company on the top of the market and force us to pay for their crap os full of malware and viruses