Android Wear watches

Want a new Android Wear smartwatch? Well we're giving one of each away!

I'm sure by now you have all read the reviews Jerry and Phil put together for the first Android Wear smarwatches, the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch. If you haven't, then shame on you. Stop everything right now and go read them – it's OK, we'll wait. You definitely want one of these, right? Well today could be your lucky day!

That's why we're going to give you guys the chance to win your choice of either the Samsung Gear Live or the LG G Watch. All you have to do to enter is log in to Android Central and leave a comment below telling us which of these watches you would love to have, and why you want it.

We will pick two of you, one for each watch, and announce the winners next week right here on the blogs. Make sure you only leave one comment, or you will find yourself disqualified. Good luck everybody!


Reader comments

Win a Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch from Android Central!



Im pretty sure the metal strap what the one that Phil added on to it. The G Watch comes with a regular rubber one

I would like either one but like you guys said on your podcast the gear live looks better. So I say you send me both.

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Have been daydreaming about one since I/0 would love to win one and make my wife happier maybe spend less time with my phone in my hand.

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would love to have the LG G watch, really like the style and I think it would match well with the LG G3 when I get it.

I would love the Galaxy Gear Live! I'm actually a Samsung Experience Consultant at Best Buy and I don't think we'll be getting these devices anytime soon. Not only do I want this watch to do my job better but I want to be simply connected without distraction with a smartwatch. And I'm more than stoked to try out Android Wear! I've been following all the updates for months :) thanks for the opportunity!

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I want the LG G Watch, I like the style of it better than the Samsung watch I don't really care for the Gear Esque feel

Posted via Android Central App

LG G Watch to match my G3...which came out for Sprint today by the way. They pushed the release date to 7/11/14

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung Gear Live for me. I just like the look better, and I also like the ability to store music on it so I can pair it to my bluetooth headphones and use it to work out without needing my phone. Thanks AC!

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I'm married and broke and can't afford any new toys. The LG watch would go nice with my long in the tooth Optimus G.

Posted from my LG LS970 using my thumb

Samsung, it's just more fashionable. Something I would actually want to wear on my wrist 24/7.
Also, the screen's relevance may be lowered by the form factor, but that AMOLED screen on my wrist will be perfect.

Posted via Android Central App

I would love an LG G Watch. It seems like it is exactly what I have been looking for in a smart watch, an easy place to quickly interact with notifications and use Google Now.

I would love to win the Samsung Gear Live. To help me keep up with my day to day appointments and to use while out running and walking.

Because my wife has necklaces, bracelets and earrings and all I've got is age spots. The LG would look fantastic above my ham-fist.

I'd love to win that G-Watch because it would work so well with my G2 that I'll be using for at least another year.

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I would like either watch, but prefer the LG. I just like the feel and durability of LG products over Samsung. Either watch would be great to own.

Yes please the Samsung Gear Live would be just marvellous, This would be my first smartwatch. Fingers, arms and legs all crossed! Cliff, from the UK.

Posted via Android Central App

Şamsung Gear Live. I get to drive my car on a real racetrack in September. Need that heart rate monitor.

Armadillo, the other white meat.

I would like the android wear only because of looks. the android lg looks like a box on my wrist and clunky.

would love to have either of them, but really the samsung with some of the health monitors built into it would be great for when i work out.

I would live the Samsung Gear Live! It would look great on me and my office wouldn't get so annoyed with me pulling out my phone to check notifications lol

Posted via Android Central App

Yes please! LG please, it looks the best and really want to be the first person I know with a smart watch!
Posted via Android Central App

I'd love the G Watch because that metal band fits it better than the Gear Live. It matches my Nexus 4 nicer too. And it would be great at my job, where we have to pay close attention to our phones while also staying productive both in the office and on the go

Posted via Android Central App

I would like to win a Samsung Gear Live. Because like all the geeks, I want a Watch that translate it.
And In my country still not in sell none of them, so would be cool to be one of the first people to have one here.

I'd love to win an LG G watch. I've been holding out on getting any kind of smart watch like pebble or gear series because I was waiting for android wear. After reading both reviews I like the LG G watch best. I appreciate that Samsung added some extra features with a little bit of a better battery and display. But after reading on AC that the LG G watch is extremely easy to change straps won me over. I love the concept of these watches but they are in their early stages. I respect LG for being one of the first to support android wear too. I feel Samsung just jumped on after Motorola and LG. I've never had an LG device before either. I would definitely use the LG G watch daily especially with Google now love it. Here's hoping to win the LG G watch :D
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I prefer the LG G Watch just because you can easily change the band and it looks good.

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I would like the LG G watch. I had swore off LG products a few years ago and I would like to give them a chance to change my mind.

I love the Samsung Gear Live based on looks only but i'd have to pick the LG G Watch as you can change the strap to any that you fancy.

The Samsung Gear Live would work great with my Note 3 and/or the Note 4 when released!

Posted via Android Central App and My Note 3

Oh this is lovely. I'd love the G-watch, seems easier to customize what with the way the band works. Plus after the awful issues that came with my Note2 and S3 i just can't trust sammy again :p

I would love the LG. I can't always take out my phone at work or when driving but I get family texts and emails that need to be read immediately and this would help with that while minimizing the distraction. I'm also looking to automate my home and see this as being a potential part I could integrate into the project.

I want the Samsung Gear Live because I run and have always wanted a GPS watch. The SGL does more at the same price point as a decent Garmin.

I would love to win the LG G Watch to go with the LG G3 that I am buying next week.

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I'd love the Gear Live. I have lost 50 pounds recently and the heart rate monitor and step tracking, paired with Android Wear would be perfect!

I would love the LG G Watch! Personally I think it's the best looking smart watch currently on the market and I'd love to get my hands on Android Wear. Also it would be pretty cool to act like I'm from Star Trek out in public speaking to my watch!

I like them both! I'll probably buy a moto watch but if I could get a free one before hand to see if buying one is worth it, life would be easier haha. Then I could switch out watches :) one for work and one for play!

Wow, tough decision. Since I have a G2, I'll have to go with the LG Watch. Thanks for another Great Giveaway AC!

I would love an LG watch mainly because I don't drink the Samsung Kool-aid. I am not convinced I need a smartwatch but would love to see if I get it and become an advocate for it.

From that picture I'd want the g-watch with the metal band because I've always been an early adopter (first day Nexus 5, first day HTC One, first day Thunderbolt, first day Galaxy Nexus... and on and on).

Oh man either of these watches would be really cool, I want to learn more about android programing, and having a smartwatch would be really neat!

I would love to win the Samsung Gear Live. Right now I can't afford it, but I am very curious about the watch it's intriguing from a technological and a fashion point of view. They both look like great devices though.

I'd love the...gear live! I think I'd like the screen better even tho the charger sucks. But if it's already taken, the G watch has a much better charger :)


I would love a LG G Watch so I can use it with my Moto 'X' till the 360 comes out and I'd even test the G Watch to see if it works with BlackBerry 10 OS

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I'd love to win the LG G Watch. I really like them both, but I feel like the G Watch fits my style a little bit more than the Gear Live. I would definitely get plenty of use out of this, as it's just not always a great idea to walk down the street with your phone in your hand every two seconds. Being able to read notifications and act on them from my wrist would be incredibly useful.

I want a Samsung Gear Live. I plan on trying my hand at developing for it, though I could also just see myself using it in my daily life constantly!

I like both of them, but I think I prefer the Gear Live for the extra sensors it has on board.

I want the G G watch because it is the first of it's kind. I want to be able to tell my kids in the future that whatever cool, android smart watch they have would have been built upon the success of the LG G. I also am a huge advocate of Google and the open source community. With the LG G, I'll be able to stick it to all my Apple owning, brainwashed co-workers and friends and show them how wearable tech and tech in general is really done, Android style!

I would love the LG G watch. I'm an LG fan, have the G tab and love it. I'm a techie at heart but always seem to be behind when it comes to actually owning any fancy devices. I'd like to get ahead of the curve and join the early adopters club...

Thanks for the giveaway AC!

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pick me, pick me.... :)
I would like Samsung... As I already have S5, and the watch will be nice compliment to it.. so - do not make me buy pebble, please..

I'd love to have a gear live. I work for at&t and would love to be able to show this smartwatch to my customers.

Posted via Android Central App

I would like to win the Samsung gear live.
Because it has a couple of more features and it would save Android Central $30 when You let me win!

I would the Samsung one, as i do a lot of fitness stuff and the built in Android fit, as well as the Heart rate monitor i think would really come in handy, more so than even the 360...

I would love to have the LG G watch. I would like it because it is different then the Samsung same old offering

I would love to have the Samsung Gear, it would go great with my S5 and Galaxy Note 10.1! Pick me!

Would love to have the G watch. Feel it would be the perfect system to test out Android Wear, which i look forward to using.

Tough choice there. The tyranny and oppression of Samsung, or the basic Android Wear grittiness of the LG..I don't care really, I want them both to wear at the same time. But if I had to choose I guess the Samsung would be the gut decision. Either way thanks for the contest. Good luck geeks.

The LG G Watch. Looks way better.
And I'd like one of these watches because I'm looking for a new watch and these new Wear things are really cool.

I want the Samsung Gear Live because I think these watches will incredibly useful in meetings when I cannot pull out my phone to look at email or text messages.

I'd really love to go with the Samsung Gear Live. It's such a nice piece of hardware and having the step tracking would finally give me a chance to see how far I walk my dog every day. Thanks. kr Andrew

I would love to win the Samsung Gear Live. It would go well with my Note 3 and keep me updated during meetings without pulling out my phone

The LG G, because I'm slowly losing my mind from the phantom vibrations of my phone, and want to be able to check my sanity by looking at my wrist, instead of my taking my phone out of my pocket

Awesome!:D I'd love to have the LG G Watch,because I'm an LG fanboy,and my next phone is going to be LG as well,I know the brands does not have to match but it's fun to have a smartwatch and a smartphone from the same brand.Good luck to all of us!Thanks AndroidCentral!

I would have to choose the Gear Live. It just looks sleeker and the always on screen just seems to make more sense with AMOLED.

I'd take the LG G watch because it's more solid than Live, and because LG has impressed me so much the the last two Nexus phones! Of course, I want to experience Wear too! ;P

I want the samsung galaxy gear live because it is so cool and matches my samsung galaxy note 3 :D

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"which of these watches you would love to have, and why you want it" I would love to win the Samsung Gear Live. I love gadgets and to have a watch that i can wear and receive messages with out lifting my phone would be awesome!

Aesthetically speaking I prefer the Samsung the tapered ends of the device just make the watch seem slightly more appealing, Of course both are ugly step sisters compared to the Moto360. O and I like free stuff so ill take either or!

I've been wanting a replacement for my pebble, its been good to me, but i don't get all my notifications, which is a major pain. I use bbm and i can't get the message on my watch. Plus who wouldn't want something new!!!

I would like LG G Watch because as a user of a Fitbit, I've had One and currently a Flex, I believe the tech of wearables is the future. The price point and the advancement of the tech (turn around) is too high fir me to invest my money so I'd like to start out with a free one! The LG G Watch would go nicely with my Nexus 5!

Either would be awesome. I would maybe say the G Watch because of the larger battery. I can see it being extremely useful in the car.

This would be a nice intro to Android Wear. Since the 360 is gonna be expensive I'd rock one of these instead. That said I'd like the Samsung. The Galaxy S4 was my first Android phone and although I moved to the Nexus 5, a much better device, it would be cool to have the Samsung Gear be my first Android wear device. I think the idea of a smartwatch is perfect for people that work in jobs where they can't be taking a phone out of their pocket all day if they get a notification.

I'd love to win the LG G Watch. Personally, I like the style better than the Samsung and want to get into the wearables ecosystem. Even though I have a MotoX which does a great job of showing notifications without needing to unlock the screen, being able to get all my notifications while the phone is stowed away is functionality I know I will appreciate (and my wife as well!)

I've been saving for a Samsung gear watch for a while. But now my daughter is ill and all my money goes to her. A win from you guys would bring a bit of cheer into my life. Love your work by the way.

Posted via S5.

I would love to see how the Gear Live would assist me at work. It appears to be both attractive and functional.

I would LOVE to have either one. If I were buying one, I would probably get the Samsung, and pair with a nice leather strap. I like the look with the brushed metal.

I'd like to get my hands on the Samsung Gear Live so that I can be an early adopter of wearable technology and utilize it with my Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

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The G watch looks like the winner here, simply for the ability to change the band and have everything look great.

Hi, I would love to have the Samsung Gear Live. I try to use the most advanced computers and gadgets I can. I want my teenage children to be familiar with all of the tech they will be using as they go thru high school and college. I think its particularly important to use voice actions as much as possible because this is becoming a primary input. So, I want to talk to a watch, let them use it & talk to it, read about smart watches, and understand how and why it connects to their phones.

Thanks for the contest & all you write.

I want to win the Gear Live because its a beauty! (Although no as much as a Moto 360) and ive never owned a nicer watch than a 10 dollar walmart watch, so this would be a great new experience for me! :)

I would love to have the Samsung Gear as it would go perfectly with my galaxy note 3 . And I am a big Android Central fan.

Pick me because, who doesn't like to win free stuff. Especially when that "stuff" means you'll be talking to your wrist in public!

I definitely think I deserve to win one of these awesome smart watches. I have been following the tech for a while now and waiting for them to come out. Also I think I would do an awesome review and unboxing of either product. And last of all I'm a watch guy. I collect them and what better to add to the growing collection that a brand spanking new smart watch!

The g watch.sleeker than the Samsung in My opinion. Keep on doing what you do AC ,first thing I check when I wake up in the morning !

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I want the Gear Live. I'm a phone junkie but have had lot of Samsung phones. I've had the Galaxy Gear and the Gear 2 Neo. I really liked them but I switch phones too much to be locked in to just Samsung phones. This is the perfect solution. Here's hoping.....

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not sold on smart watches, but I'm open to the concept. Convince me of their relevance with the LG G. It's the sexier of the two timepieces and would look smart with my business casual lifestyle.

Would love to have the Samsung Gear Live because it might be the only chance to see pure google on a Samsung product without root, lol.

Would love to get the LG G watch.. would go well with the Nexus phone.. But won't mind Samsung watch either..

Either would do me. I really like the idea of android wear, so if should be great to be able to give it a go.

I'd take either! I've never won anything, so winning would be nice. :) I'd really like one to compare it to the Pebble, which I've had since Kickstarter. I'd like to be able to review it as it compares to the Pebble during the dark, early days, and watch (pun intended) the Android Wear ecosystem grow.

I'd like the LG G watch because of the ability to use just about any strap. Not only can I have Google on my wrist but I can make it my own with different straps.

I would love to win the LG G watch because it's an amazing watch and I could do so much with that watch plus I wouldn't have to fumble for my phone in my pocket or purse ..can't afford one right now or for awhile so winning an LG G watch would be amazing

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I'd like the Samsung Gear Live. Why? Because once, while I was driving a tractor, I saw a green bird. The bird had influenza from riding too much bicycle. The bicycle colour was orange, same as the shirt my grandmother gave to my father many years ago. The tractor really sucked and instead of enjoying the cruise, i paid more attention to the news, where a lady was cutting down a tree with her bare hands. And the dragon just flew away.
That's why i'd like the Samsung Gear Live!!!!!11!1!1!one!11!

I'd like to win the Galaxy Gear Live. I think it would go well with my S4. Thanks for the chance and good luck everyone!!

Me me me!!! I want the Gear Live so badly (although I have a G2). Better display and overall look. And I think it would arrive here for the next World Cup :( (and I'm being optimistic)

That Gear Live. I'm still rocking the S3. I need a nice accessory to go with it other than my manly Little Mermaid case!

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I like the Samsung Gear Live because of it nice design. I own a Samsung Android so it'll be nice to have all Samsung device.

Posted via Android Central App

I would really like the LG G watch. I am a new manager at Starbucks and having my boss text me important information all the time while I'm trying to make drinks means I miss a lot of notifications. If I had them on my wrist I wouldn't miss a beat!

Posted via Android Central App

Would love to get my hands on an LG G Watch. Wouldn't turn down the Gear Live either though... Would be handy having notifications at a glance instead of having to pull out and check the phone whenever I hear the buzz - especially when on the go.

The Samsung Gear Live would be the biggest present I've ever got! Although I managed to save money and buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 it isn't that easy for us in Serbia to afford things like this (I'd say it is quite a thing of luxury here).
If I would get the Samsung I would be happy as never before!

Posted via Android Central App

I want the LG G Watch because of my need for navigation when I'm biking. The G Watch's simple water resistant design would be perfect for my road biking adventures, since I often go exploring new areas of my city where I rely on Google Maps. Being able to simply look at my wrist rather than having to stop and take my phone out would make navigation while biking seamless.

I think of the two I like the look of the Samsung watch better. They're both awesome though, so I'd take either one you guys threw my way. :-)

Would love to get the LG. The replaceable band does it for me, mix in a little old school style with a nice leather band.

Though both watches are similarly specced, the Samsung with the amoled screen would be my preferred option. The LG wear in spite of sporting 100mah bigger battery might not last as long

The LG G Watch. Mainly because of Sammy's stubbornness to join the party.
Yeah, we'll make (modify) an Android Wear device. But you'll want to buy your bands from us...

Would love to win the Samsung Gear Live! I have a Galaxy Note 3 and love the fitness/diet tracker. Being able to access this data without having to take out the rather large Note 3 would be incredible!

In for the Samsung Gear Live! The style and functionality on it is much better. Ordinarily I'd go for the one that is more reliable and has better battery life, but the difference between the LG and Samsung on battery life isn't enough for me to choose the less attractive option.

I'd really like to see the next wave of Android Wear take the Pebble approach and go with an e-ink watch face though. Even a smartphone on max display can be tough to read on a sunny day unless you remove your sunglasses.

I've wanted one since the first gear watch came out. I would really love to win one to go with my s5!

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I could so be like James Bond Yo with the Samsung Gear Live. I would love to have the Gear Live and have a conversation with my watch! I can be all up in the tech world, have it connected to my S5 and not have to reach into my pocket every time I need to OK GOOGLE and ShaZam Bam on the phone OK GOOGLE and let's get it done! Oh this would be sweet on my left wrist flashin the style with my Live! Woop Woop!!!

I'd love to have the LG Watch. I've been on Pebble since it was available for retail but am switching to the LG G3 next week and the LG Watch would be the perfect transition from the Pebble and the perfect companion for the G3.

They both look pretty good, but I'd probably take the LG. Sure the resolution is lower and it doesn't have the AMOLED, but I think it's got a more robust charger and a bigger battery.

I would prefer the LG G Watch for the sole reason of when changing the band out it looks much better. I actually like the specs and stock look of the Samsung Gear Live better, but when you change out that band it just doesn't look right.

I would love to have the Samsung gear Live. I currently have a Sw1 and would love to upgrade but am just unable to. If I had it, it would make navigation and getting important messages for work and home easier to reply to with the voice reply. It would be used every day and be loved.

Thanks for the chance!

Posted via Android Central App

Don't really need it, I have a pebble and a galaxy gear. Select me if you want someone to completely abuse the damn thing and give you an honest, in depth opinion of the watch.

I would love to have the LG G watch as it would really complement my Nexus 5 and help me become more immersed and knowledgeable on the world of android!

When will you stop taking entries?

A gear live would be cool, I'm glad they released a smart watch that works with any phone this time. I've liked the Samsung hardware that I've had and would love to try this out too.

I would like to win a LG G Watch. I tried the first galaxy gear last year, and was not to impressed. I would like to try this iteration of smart watches since it it now using Google Wear. I am also very over Samsung devices. I just got rid of my Note 3 and now have a HTC One M8. What better to pair it with the the LG G Watch?

I would love the samsung watch. I am in sales so being able to quickly glance at my watch instead of pulling out my phone would be a big help and keep me from getting distracted.

Gear Live, Yup That's The One!
Better display and premium built and design, this one's clearly the winner!

Posted via Android Central App

I would love to try out the Gear Live. I do not have a device with a built in heart rate monitor and I would love to have some fitness tracking in my life.
Thanks for the opportunity!

"O great creator of being grant us one more HOUR to perform our ART & PERFECT our lives." -jm

To perfect our lives, wouldeth thee grant me one of these great Watches. Either is art & perfection.

We are a team of mobile application developers and we have pretty badass idea that we are developing in the moment which is meant for Android wear platform. The problem is we don't have any of the watches still to do the testing, so we are really eager to win of those watches and fulfill our idea.

I'd love the LG G Watch! I use my pebble constantly so that I don't miss important calls/texts while seeing patients at the hospital, allows me to stay connected with seeming rude or disconnected from the person in front of me. But, who can say no to new and shiny? Plus, my Pebble has dead pixels in the screen... :-(

Posted via Android Central App

Pick me! I definitely like the Samsung Gear live better. I could see myself wearing it daily. Since I can't always use my cell phone at work, the watch would be awesome for viewing my messages/notifications quickly.

The lg g watch just because of the charging solution. The whole clip-on thing doesn't seem like it would work for the long haul. The Samsung has a nice display I'm sure, but other than that they seem to be the same watch. LG seems to to be upping the game.

Hi! I'm a boy from Albania, a poor country in Europe. I will to start to develop 2D minimalistic games in Android and I have a cool idea. I have a nexus 5 and I would love to have a Gear Live because I will also need it to support my game for android wear... I see dreams with it actually :P and my biggest wish for the moment is having an android wear.Let's hope Android Central will support my game...

I'd like the LG. In fact, if I win it, I will buy my wife a G3 instead of getting one for myself.

That's commitment.

I would love an LG G Watch. It seems like it is exactly what I have been looking for in a smart watch, an easy place to quickly interact with notifications and use Google Now.