Elephant using a Galaxy Note

Samsung's spent a lot of time and money marketing the Galaxy Note, its 5.3-inch phone-tablet hybrid device. It brought in director Bobby Farrelly to create last month's star-studded Super Bowl commercial, and poked fun iPhone users in a string of TV ads. And for its latest trick, it's sent the Note to Thailand to meet Peter the Elephant.

"Bigger is better" is Samsung's message here, and the video shows Peter using his trunk (and the stylus) to operate the Note's spacious 5.3-inch touchscreen. The ad agency behind the clip says the footage is all real, with no "trickery, post-production or hidden cuts", adding "he's just a very clever elephant."

If you've ever wanted to see a massive tusked beast making music, drawings and taking photos on a larger-than-average smartphone, then we've got a treat for you waiting after the break.

Source: YouTube; via: Pocket-Lint


Reader comments

Here's a video of an elephant playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note


Very cool, got the GSII Touch, if Sprint gets them I will get one, like to see that done on those little tiny ithings...lol!!!

TERRIBLE PR! This says to me, "This phone is so big that an elephant can use it. It's really only designed for people that are as big as a garbage truck."

When is the Note coming to Verizon? Blah! I might consider switching to AT&T to get this phone but it would just be too much of a PITA (family plan, and all that.) Nice looking gadget, that's for sure.

I actually played with the phone at BestBuy it is pretty amazing, perfect size for me. Big screen rules and it is does not feel like a brick in the hand either. The specs are not that shabby either!! I was hoping that my Bionic would have that screen size but oh well unfortunately I don't see Verizon bringing it anytime soon, if ever :~(

I have had mine for about a month and I love it , I am 5'4" and smaller man, have had no problems with it. Before I had a Evo 3D and I turned it on the other day and I wonder how I could see such a small screen. I love the extra real estate, and no problems handling it with one hand while on the go.

One of the coolest adds I have seen in awhile. I have played with the Note at AT&T and yea it looks big but fit in my hand well and was fun to use. Plus by the time I am eligible for an upgrade it should be much cheeper.