So. Remember that earlier picture of the LG G3 that was close-in on the rear buttons but Instagrammed to within an inch of its life? A mysterious tipster has slipped us (and others, apparently) what appears to be the original. Uncropped. Unfiltered. And with a better look at the notes taken along with it.

So that's the phone. Here's what's noted alongside of it, along with some notes of our own.

  • G3 (That'd be the name.)
  • Gesture Palm Selfie (Obviously a feature for taking selfies. The question is whether it's for taking them with the front-facing camera, or the rear shooter.)
  • Battery - 3k mAh removable (that'd be a 3,000 mAh removable battery.)
  • 5.5 QHD (We first thought that said 5.3 inches. Upon further reflection, it looks more like a 5.5-inch QHD display.)
  • 13MP OIS+ (13-megapixel rear camera, which has been LG's go-to for a while now, along with optical image stabilization.)
  • 2 tera memory (That's odd. No way there's two terabytes of storage on the phone. Perhaps a hint at online storage?)
  • 1 Watt speaker (That'd be a 1-watt speaker. Remember that LG got serious about sound output with the LG G2 last year.)
  • Quick Circle (A software shortcut to ... something?)
  • And, finally, what looks to be options for models with 2GB or 3GB of RAM, and 16GB or 32GB of on-board storage.

Look for the LG G3 to be announced on May 27 in a half-dozen cities worldwide. We'll be at, oh, at least two of them.


Reader comments

Here's an old but even better shot of the upcoming LG G3


Still looks glossy, there's two reflections on the surface in that shot... Then again, it's so noisy it's hard to tell what's what.

Or a great imitation of metal. If it's trying to be metal or it is, it won't be able to avoid being at least shiny.

I'm pretty sure it'll be that same "self healing" back taken from the G flex.

My Note 3, LG G2, or Nexus 7. you'll never know!!!

Removable battery? LG has themselves a potential customer! Also, are the radios in LG smartphones better than Samsung's? Sometimes I have to toggle between LTE & HSPA+ to get the radio to load a webpage or video, S4/T-Mibile.
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My T-Mobile service is as good or better than Verizon. For almost half the price. My only regret is not switching sooner.

The thing is, that doesn't work for many people. The problem with T-Mobile, is that it is only good when you are in their relatively tiny pocket. I go on road trips constantly and have friends with tmo. It is a terrible travel buddy.

I have nothing but great signal all over with tmo FTR. I honestly love tmobile. Service, plans, phones, corporate culture, they really have changed

Good thing the article is about the G3 though right, not tmo!

As far as the device goes, i am PUMPED, but worried its gonna be too big.

Good Lord..
How DENSE can you people be?
You argue back and forth about carrier's.. Don't you understand LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Jesus.. Stop putting this carrier and that carrier down and try to understand EACH carrier works better for some than others depending WHERE THEY ARE ON THE PLANET!
Damn this "My Carrier's Better Than Yours" shite is getting very old.

I've had way more problems with that on Verizon than T-Mobile. I also was using the Galaxy Nexus and S3 on Verizon vs Nexus 5 on T-Mobile.

I've literally never had to do that with my Note 2 on T-Mobile in two years...might wanna try to switch that phone out.

I have had a GNex, S3, Note 2, and two Note 3s, and I can honestly say anyone's radios are better than Samsung. Smoke signals are more reliable than Samsung radios.

You speak the truth. After a fascinate, Gnex and now a note 2, I expect come close to wiring in an antenna several times. Add to it I'm on sprint with the note 2 and talk about killing your ability to use unlimited data. I won't be making this mistake again. LG G3 I hope and a better, likely GSM carrier in 7 months. Bye bye Samsung.

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I think it's T-Mo 'cuz my data has been dropping alot with MetroPCS, same towers.

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No, thats your shitty prepaid service that doesn't have the same transit/priority access on the network.
When will people figure out there is a REASON prepaid is cheaper?

Yes, LG has better radios than Samsung. Actually everyone does so it really is not much of a question anymore. I love my Note, I love Sprint, but I have been recently traveling to an area where both are kinda useless. It is almost like I am on T-Mobile...

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To be fair, he wasn't comparing himself to CSI. I find your lack of reading comprehension disturbing.

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Interpretation: "What you did in analyzing the handwriting is similar to something from CSI. I did the same thing"

Therefore, in his opinion, what he had done was similar to something from CSI. I think I read just fine.

Using the lines on the paper this looks to be about 144 mm tall (asuming the lines are 8mm apart), about the same height as the HTC One M8.

Faux metal maybe, like the sides of some Galaxy models... I doubt anyone would ever bother with a removable metal lid.

Then again, didn't HTC build a couple metal phones with no removable lid but with removable batteries? (side loading IIRC) I guess anything's possible...

Yeah the HTC G2 had a metal removable back. It was REALLY nice. Except there was some type of plastic layer over it that you couldn't see or feel, but as the phone got older it started to peel off.

Also how they did the HTC Evo Design, it was almost full metal except for the removable bottom part where you slid in the battery.

I loved the look and feel of that phone.

Metal? Lovely! My main complaint with my G2 is the cheap feeling plastic. Probably won't be enough to make me change phones immediately though

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Maybe in Korea lol

US lg releases were about 4 weeks after announcement. With the exception of the g pro 2, which still isn't for sale months later

But remember that LGmentioned that The hoped for the G3 to improve their sales in Q2. So if that's going to happen and they want to see the impact, they have to start selling it in june, like mid june or something.

why o why would they move the speaker to the back like the GS5? I hope thats not the speaker. I enjoyed speakers on bottom of n5

I watch a lot of video on my smartphone, so I am becoming more accepting of a larger screen, 5.3-5.5. I don't think I'm willing to go as high as 5.7 though.

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IMO, the original g2 is the perfect smartphone form factor. 5.2" screen in a super small body. I dont want anything bigger and i definitely couldn't give 2 craps about QHD. At least its not a samsung though. They have no idea how to utilize even a 1080p screen (4 homescreen rows for icons on a 1080p screen and the DPI scaling is HUGE)

Using the lines on the paper this looks to be about 144 mm tall (asuming the lines are 8mm apart), about the same height as the HTC One M8.

Android Authority is reporting the G3 to have a "unibody" another words not a removable battery. There haven't been any pictures as of yet showing the back removed.

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I was thinking that would be a neat trick. It looks like a very sleek design, i am kinda doubting the removable battery, but before everyone starts crying about "no removable battery, no sale" crap... my G2 last a day and half EASY with 5-6 hours of on screen time so lets just wait and see what kind of magic they can pull out!

Yeah, you're getting 5-6 hours now that your device is fairly new. What about a year or 2 or 3 or 4 from now?!?! I don't want the life of my device to be determined by the life of the battery is all I'm trying to say.

2-3 year later the battery you buy will have been out of production for 1-2 years anyway. Li-ion battery age even if you don't use them. So your battery life will go down regardless of whether the phone have removable battery or not.

I can tell you haven't purchased batteries recently or at all or perhaps from the wrong vendors. I have made purchases of batteries before for old devices and they have been relatively new. I just received my new battery for my S3 and its date of manufacture is less than 2 months old. You have to know where to get your batteries and make sure its from a reliable source or else I can see your first sentence holding some weight.

5.5 QHD screen! that mean the overall size of the phone will get bigger? sh***t that is not good for me, i hope they some how be able to fit the screen on the body of the g2, here is to hope!

Using the lines on the paper this looks about 144 mm tall (asuming the lines are 8mm apart), about the same height as the HTC One M8.

i am kinda with you, but can make 32 gb work (though its not ideal). IMO, 32gb should be the MINIMUM any phone has

If it has an Sd card slot and removable battery.....this WILL ABSOLUTELY 100% be my next phone!! I'm really looking for something other than a Samsung device right now. If not, then I stay with Samsung with the release of the Note 4 (or Prime??).

As long as it doesn't hinder functionality and unnecessarily increase weight of device.....its more than adequate.

It's chintzy tho, worse than glossy. I just don't see why anyone would do anything but a soft touch or hard matte (Nexus/Nokia/One X/Moto X) if you've going plastic at this point, or why Samsung never has (that dimpled fake leather was an improvement, albeit also chintzy).

For me personally, its a non factor. I don't stare at the back of my device. The screen is the most important part of any device because thats what I'm looking at 99% of the time! I suppose it would only matter if it makes the device difficult to hold for people who don't use a case with their device.

Doesn't LG have a thing going on with Box.com? Maybe 2 TB Box storage for life! That would be super awesome.

I wish LG had gotten serious about sound output with the Nexus 5..

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If it had 2TB of storage IN the phone I'd buy it despite the horrible back buttons and pretty uninspired design.

So a few features from the G Pro 2 made there way to the G3, 1 watt speaker, ois+, removable battery (although the Korean G2 had one) & huge ass screen.

That screen size may stop me from going G3. I don't see why every phone has to be bigger than the last. They did a great job slimming down the G2 so maybe there's some voodoo magic on this potential 5.5"er. We saw how big the one+1 is compared to the S5 and it's phablet size to me.

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This looks really nice. It might be a better option than both the Samsung and HTC options this year.

So it should be 1 watt speaker output? Does anyone know the output on some of the other flagships this year? (Z2 and One M8 specifically)

LG lately seem to be very under rated. Having owned before the G2 in white it was one of the best phones I had ever owned. I only sold it due to needing more memory again. Battery life was the best among Android and the screen, camera and performance top notch. I never had any serious issues with it either. The only thing LG need to do us bring out updates faster. The back buttons were so easy to use and natural where your finger rests. LG definitely are on the way up

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Needing more memory? Hmm, if LG included an sd slot that needing more memory wouldn't be a problem!

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Honestly 5.5 is too large for me, unless the phone fits in the same footprint as the G2. Is that possible?

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It looks like there will be two versions, one with a glossy plastic back (shown in the leak that came out today) and one with the brushed metal back (in this picture). That would also line up with what HTC and Samsung are doing with a "prime" and "normal" version of the M8 and S5. It would also help the 2GB/3GB of RAM in the notes make more sense: 2GB for the normal/plastic version and 3GB for the prime/metal version. I guess the other big question is whether the versions will only be distinguished by the materials and RAM or whether the display resolution will also be a distinguishing factor.

Of course, this could all be moot if the phone in the picture actually has a plastic back with faux brushed metal appearance.

So the back has a brushed finish like the blurple S3 and dark metal M8. Hopefully it's not as slippery. That list has me pretty interested though. Asurion is going to replace my blurple S3 with a G2 so I'll already be in the fold.

Disappointed that the screen size went up and battery size remained unchanged, unless 801 is much better than 800 in power management or LG tune down brightness I foresee a decrease in battery life.

Tune down brightness? That's dirty talk right there! You clearly don't appreciate a nice, bright, vibrant, vivid display.

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Have you not seen what LG did to Gpad 8.3" to get good battery life? Its screen looks very very dim when compared to a Nexus 7 2013.

Just saying that unless 801 is more efficient than 800, the 5.5" QHD screen with the same 3000 mAh battery as a G2 will result in G3 having less battery life unless the max brightness get reduced.

Hey Sony wake up! You better get the Z2 out in the WHOLE world toot sweet. This will push your great phone farther down the list of possibilities for a lot of people. Don't d*ck around with this carrrier BS and just release it far and wide.

I like the LG G3, but headphone jack on the bottom? I Have screen locked because I hate screen rotation. So what do I do on the treadmill???

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5.5?? What is wrong with these guys? Phone sizing is out of control, now its competing with the note

It's not the size of the screen ... it's the size of the device. I realize the madness has to eventually stop. But LG is head and shoulders above everybody in the wasted frontal area (bezels) department if this thing is as appear. Basically zero side bezels.

nice to see LG taking a page from HTCs book vs Samsung.. looks nice, let's hope the UI follows.

Hope that note is right because 3k battery on a slightly larger display with a sizeable bump in pixels won't be good for battery life even with a newer processor.

Doesn't looklike to be a thin mobile, and if rumors are right about 13mp then no need to change my G2 still

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Gosh. LG is killing it with the side bezels. I bet this device is the same as before even with a 5.5" screen. Keep em coming LG.

2 tera does not necessarily mean 2 terabytes.
It can be 2 terabits(Tb) as well and when calculated 2 terabits comes exactly equal to 256 GB.
Maybe hinting at expandable storage upto 256GB?

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I really don't see any great details of this phone yet. I will stick with my unlocked bootloader on my consumer edition Droid Maxx XT1080M.

Dear phone gods if you are reading this...PLEASE make a padfone equivalent on verizon! Even though I have unlimited data I promise to continue to use wifi whenever possible and only use 3gbs a month! And I will only binge 25gbs in a month once a year if I am traveling!

I want a phone that docks into a tablet, all info available immediately without downloading. And also have that tablet turn into a computer with a keyboard. And maybe even dualboot windows! I know it can be done! Batteries in each component was the coolest part! I really miss my razr maxx and lapdock!

Because the idiot that took the picture doesn't know that they should be putting the phone on a Glass Table or WHITE paper!