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We've all seen numerous photos of the LG Nexus 4 from the outside, but if you've been curious as to what's lurking behind that shiny glass back, then wonder no more. A source has passed the above image to us, showing what you'll find if you unscrew the phone's back panel and look inside. As has been extensively reported in recent weeks, the back is intended to be non-removable, but with a bit of disassembly, it is possible to get inside.

Unsurprisingly, the back is dominated by the battery, which we now know to be a 2100mAh unit. It's not intended to be user-replaceable, but there are just a few standard screws between you and the battery. At a push, we imagine a technically proficient user could perform a successful Nexus 4 battery transplant if required.

The rest is pretty much as we'd expect it to be -- there's a plastic frame, gold contacts for antennae, and cutouts for the rear speaker, 8MP camera and LED flash. Peeking out from under that plastic is the PCB, which houses the 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, along with RAM, flash storage and other gubbins. Naturally, the SIM card slot isn't sealed behind the glass panel -- instead it's accessible via an iPhone-style microSIM tray on the right edge.

The Nexus 4 is so close, we can practically taste it. Don't forget we'll be live from New York on Oct. 29 for the announcement event!

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Here's what LG's Nexus 4 looks like on the inside


The Galaxy S3 also has a 2100mAH battery so it's not too bad, I could live with it but 8-16GBs of storage just doesn't cut it. Sure they'll probably release a 32GB version but by the time they do that, 6 months will have passed and we'll have better phones.

Normally you'd just hold a certain button combination down for a few seconds. On Sony phones, for instance, it's vol up + power for 8 seconds to hard reset.

Just press and hold the power button and you get a pop up asking if you if you want to restart your device or shut it down. Problem solved.

And god forbid they aren't smart enough for that. ADB has functioned most of the times my GNex locked up. So you could reboot it via ADB, although this isn't practical out of the house.
JB has been pretty good about lock ups, as long as it's not the OS itself. If an app freezes, hitting the home button will after a small delay bring me back and then I can FC the app from settings.

I've had three EVO"s, the EVO, EVO 3D and my current phone the EVO LTE. The first two EVO's with removable batteries, I had to do battery pulls due to a occasional lockup but the LTE has never require a battery pull...although I couldn't anyway.

The battery is not a big deal because I assume they will test it to work at least the day plus I can always plug it in (not the best option, but one none the less), but the lack of micro-sd card is crappy and not fixable...

Seems like a nice update to the Galaxy Nexus. Better screen, better processor, better camera, wireless charging, more RAM.

From that picture it seems they could have easily made the battery removable since it's not blocked by anything. Seems like maybe LG wasn't motivated enough to do it.

If the battery were 2500 mAH I could understand the sacrifice of making it non-removable. But the Verizon Galaxy Nexus has the same size battery and it's removable, so I don't get it.

Although it may not look like it, there's a lot of room that gets wasted if you were to make the back cover removable and the battery user-replaceable. You need extra housing for the back cover to attach, a tray for the battery, different cable layout for the battery tabs, and the battery has to be a proper shape to fit in.

The end result is if the battery was removable, it's likely the device would be thicker and the battery would probably easily be 10% smaller.

Apparently it is removable. You just need to unscrew the case. So "non removable" just means a little more work.

Interesting, I am wondering how hard it is to get the backplate off in the first place though. If the battery is field replaceable I might be willing to compromise on it...

I always knew that battery is user replaceable in an uncommon way because of the screws at the bottom. Removing tiny screws is not hard at all.

WTF WHY ARE THEY SO INSISTANT ON LOW STORAGE? 8 gigs with an SD card would be acceptable but this is BS!! And all us versions of the phones seem to get a giant storage cut wtf is going on here?

1) Don't ever expect for a Nexus device to support an SD card.
2) The 8GB is probably the minimum so that they can lower the price as much as possible. There will probably be a 16GB version to be available at the same time as the 8GB version and a 32GB version to follow just like the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 3.) The Nexus is not meant to be the super high-end of the Smartphone world.

Why would you say that?

The Nexus One was the first phone to have 512MB of RAM and used the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 when it was released.
The Nexus S was the first phone with NFC.
The Galaxy Nexus was the first phone with a 720p display.

Nexus phones have always been on the cutting edge in many regards.


Ok so lets be truthful. Its is on a small part of the cutting edge but generally not so. Nexus devices are supposed to offer some of the newest features to be made popular in the mobile world.

But... they are generally not cutting edge or leading the pack in terms of hardware.

That trend pretty much ends here though. This is probably the second phone to feature the S4 Pro, right after the LG Nexus.

So I assume with onscreen buttons the usable screen space must be similar to the GS3 or One X. I have an EVO LTE (One X) and I don't think I will ever buy a phone with a larger screen than that. It's almost slightly too big. I think 4.5" would be perfect (or around 4.7" if some of that screen is buttons.)

at least you could replace the battery if it starts going bad after 9 months or use or so. However you cant just switch it out on the fly. some what mitigates the flaw for me but not by much.

Maybe the phone will be so efficient that the battery won’t need to be swapped out. For 98% of the public out there having a phone that lasts all day, with normal to heavy use, is perfectly acceptable. It appears that phone makers are moving towards not being overly concerned about the other 2% of exceptionally heavy users that need multiple large batteries to get through a day. For those users, just get one of those external battery packs or cases that adds some juice. For the rest of us, a device that lasts 18+ hours is plenty.

People should read the review about the optimus G and how its battery performs since the nexus 4 is based off that device. The reviewer stated it had really good performance.

Alex Dobie said there is some nice new chem tricks on the G's battery, the IPS display is supposed to have been developed by LG to be a lot more energy efficient than current screens, and plus the s4 pro processor is also supposed to be really efficient.

I don't know if its razor maxx awesome but it maybe close to that.

The storage could be better. I would like a 32gb or 64gb released right at the beginning but we will see. Might have to compromise on that unfortunately.

Could have been a great phone but the glaring omission of an up to snuff battery & ample storage {64GB} , will render this thing an absolute POS.

It's almost as if Google & LG met in secret & planned how to shoot themselves in the foot, unless the rumors are incorrect.

I agree mostly.

Given that Google as claimed to hate SD cards and doesn't seem to want to support them i would have liked to see them at least incorporate a larger amount of storage. I mean i know they want it to be as cheap as possible but i think it will be a shame if they dont introduce a high capacity 32 or 64 gig device at launch along with the 8gig version. They're silent moves to force us all into the cloud are simply gonna backfire if they keep doing this.

As for the battery I can not make a solid opinion yet. Its weird that phone with a non removable battery..... has such a small battery. All im saying is i expected more. However it will be interesting to see how Key lime Pie or whatever takes advantage of it with its rumored project roadrunner i think its called.

Ha. Speaking of shooting in one's foot, your extremist perspective doesn't seem to leave any room for compromise. "Glaring omission of up to snuff battery" -- what?! 2100mAh isn't enough? Anything less than 64GB is "an absolute POS" ?!

Wow, dude, what color is the sky in your world....

I wonder if this thing could support an extended battery. I bet it would be more expensive than for Nexus S/GNex due to the screws & whatnot, but still should be possible, right? The current battery looks like it has a pretty large footprint, so I'd think an extended one wouldn't have to make the phone too much thicker.

This is excellent news. I was afraid they were going to really seal it like HTC did with the One X (sandwiched in-between the glass and the back, so the motherboard has to be removed to access it). This was my only concern in case the battery needed to be replaced. I rock a 10,000 mAh battery pack so I don't need to swap on the fly anyway. 10 days is too long to wait. I'm going to be online ordering this thing on day 1 (unless others are announced on the 29th, of course).

Alex, YOU ARE THE MAN. I enjoy checking in and getting your latest intel every couple of days. You're my current favorite HUMINT source. ,:)