Android CentralScreenshots from a leaked Google Wallet app emerged last week, suggesting that Google Wallet may be headed to your real, actual wallet in the form of a physical payment card. This card, it seems, might be linked to your Google Wallet account, and as such, your associated payment cards.

Today further evidence has emerged suggesting the Google Wallet card might soon become a reality. The Google Wallet help page was briefly updated with references to the card and devices which will be compatible with it.

There's still no info as to when this card might be arriving, or which countries it'll be available in (though U.S.-only is a good bet). But the fact that help pages are being prepared suggest the launch might occur sooner rather than later.

Update: Seems all references to the Google Wallet card on the page in question have been pulled.

Source: TechCrunch, Google Wallet Help


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Help page provides further evidence for Google Wallet card


Not surprising, or even amazing. I have a Target RedCard that is tied to a bank account, works just like my debit card on that account, can even get cash back. A Wallet card tied to my Wallet account, with a "default card for physical card purchases" makes sense. Well, some sense. I already have plenty of physical card payment methods, I don't need another.

Wasn't the whole purpose of Google wallet to eliminate the need to carry a physical wallet and credit cards?

Also, Verizon and ATT can't block a physical wallet card, so it will never happen :-)

Actually since AT&T & Verizon refuse to let Google Wallet onto their phones under the pretense of "security issues" the Google Wallet Card will not happen for users on those networks. The card works in conjunction with your mobile access to change out the payment source on the fly. That to me is a great feature.

I propose filing complaints with the FTC and FCC over their blocking of the Google Wallet app since NFC is no longer a requirement and the connection to Google Wallet would be over a secure network connection.

Plus its an anti-trust issue by blocking competition and only allowing ISIS to exist, that is when it actually gets off the ground in say 2-5 years.

Having one card linked to all my payment cards. I like it. Single point of failure....yes. If it does not actually transmit my real card info I like it better.

I don't need a card for a card in my wallet. Also it would be hard to choose which account you want google wallet to withdraw from 0_-

I like this because I'd take all my other cards out of my wallet and carry my Google Wallet card, ID and phone and be set. Forget the 15 bank and credit cards. I just wish I could incorporate the store specific cards to the Google wallet or wallet card and when the Google Wallet card is swiped at (Insert store card here) it automatically charges that account. Or let me change the default on the fly with my phone to swipe the physical google card. Please i just want a card that says google in my wallet.

This could be cool. With possibilities like setting what cards of yours to charge at different stores or have a physical card that replaces all your loyalty cards.

While I doubt it would ever happen it would be nice if they worked with local libraries to replace library cards too. I hardly ever go to the library so it would be nice to get that card out of my wallet while I was at it.