Android Central Podcast

Phil is off doing things and Jerry's request to do an Android Central After Dark Live got denied by our insurance company. We'll be back next week though, so be cool!


Reader comments

Heads up: No podcast tonight...


I don't understand this, it might as be podcast every other week with you guys. Stick to the sch. This many absents is just annoying.

Great. Another evening I had thoroughly planned around this podcast, now shot to hell.

I made a pot of tea and some scones and was ready to take in the moments of the podcast, applying the utterance of every word to the life of my soul.

Now, I will sit in a cold, dark room, pondering the lack of Phil and Jerry filling my heart with glad Android tidings.

/bursts into tears

As bummed as I am having no podcast to listen to I hope you guys enjoy your "break". Thanks for the heads up and I look forward to hearing you guys next week (I hope).

Geezzz. This Podcast taking another break. Girls Gone Gadgets has been missing in action for over three months. What's going on with the "Mobile Nations"?

Eh... The podcasts aren't as good as they used to be anyway. It must be becoming to "routine" for these guys.