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We love ya. We do. But frankly it's beautiful outside, and we've got some homework to do. So we'll catch ya' next week!

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dang it phil :) have fun

Might sound a little crazy but I feel like I'm missing out on time with my friends. You gentlemen have a great evening and I'll look forward to seeing you guys next week. Have fun with the homework!

schrack3000 says:

Thank you. With 4 straight days of March Madness I'm going to fall quite behind on my podcast listening as it is. Every little bit helps. :)

Timelessblur says:

Boo I was looking forward to something to listen tomorrow morning.

Is the homework basketball?

lol. Not basketball. Just a little bit of work work, and real-life stuff, and I'm either finally catching the cold my wife and kids have had for a month, or the new pollen is trying to kill me.

Be back next week.

Oh, I did make a cameo appearance at the end of the iMore podcast last night.

Phoenix Rev says:

Thanks for breaking my heart, guys.

I have had a difficult few days, hoping beyond hope that tonight's podcast would save me from an entire week of dismal days and empty nights.

Alas, you go and have your fun or whatever.

I will be sitting here at home.


In the dark.


For the Apocalypse.

But you take care of yourselves.

/long drawn out sighs
/muffled sobs

Jeremy626 says:

i feel u... lol =/

mclifford82 says:

Just do it tomorrow :)

Jeremy626 says:

5HIT............... dang it..
i always wait for the podcast every week...... in front of my computer.
gosh darn it.

arcadelion says:

I guess they went to wait in line for the new iPad