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Good news, for those of you with the T-Mobile version of the Google Nexus One: Google's found the problem with spotty 3G coverage. And the problem is ... you. In an update this week in the Google help forums, Googler Ry Guy drops a bit of a bombshell (and dispels a recent rumor about an over-the-air update that might or might not be on the way):

Hey guys,

I've seen some recent speculation on this thread about an OTA to improve 3G connectivity and I want to give you an update on the situation.

While we are continuing to monitor user feedback regarding the 3G performance on the Nexus One, we are no longer investigating further engineering improvements at this time.

If you are still experiencing 3G issues, we recommend that you try changing your location or even the orientation of your phone, as this may help in areas with weaker coverage.

-Ry Guy

So, it looks like it's not something that could be fixed by another software update. If anybody has some creative tinfoil-antenna fixes, be sure to let us know. [Google] Thanks, everybody, for sending this in.


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Have a T-Mobile Nexus One? You're on your own for further 3G fixes


I've got a Blackberry on T-Mobile right now. My contract is up in a month. This just clinched the deal, I'm getting an Incredible!

Even when I lived in Seattle t-mobiles coverage was spotty at times :(. They actually made AT&T's network look good.

Yeah not sure why this is a shock.

A good device isn't going to make a carrier improve. T-Mobile is great in some areas and horrible in others. In the article referenced in this post, Google even state that a lot of the issues might be due to coverage.

Google can't fix T-Mobile's problems or the user's problem. They need to fix themselves.

If your coverage is that bad switch carriers or get a femtocell. I did that when I had Sprint, then when I could get out I did and I'm back on Verizon.

And this is why I threw my Sidekick LX in the garbage can for a Moto Droid.

For those looking to get a Nexus One, I suggest you hold out until Verizon and Sprint pick it up.


I have no issues at all with there 3g coverage and it works where it is supposed to , however since I am now getting a FREE Incredible to use on verizon , it bye bye T-Mobile

Yeah, good luck to you. HTC makes the Nexus One and the Incredible. Guess you'll have to watch how you hold the Incredible at Verizon also.

Yeah and once again I have NO ISSUE with the nexus one and Verizons signal is 10 times what T-Mobiles is in my area, so I am not the least bit concerned , all carriers work well in my area

hbg, it has nothing to do with the phone. Its the network. T-Mobile isn't as good as Verizon. Its a fact. Verizon offers better 3G and voice coverage than any other carrier on a whole.

i live in Minnesota and i have 3G in all the areas i need!! and the best part....the new faster 3G is in Minnesota already! my Nexus is CRAZY fast!! Tmo 3G >>> Sprint 4G

Those folks salivating over those new Dell devices are going to be in a similar situation. The GSM networks in America are garbage. This reminds of how At&t tried to blame their numerous networks issues on the iphone, as it turns out, Verizon and Sprint accounted for 63% of all mobile data in 2009.

Well DUH! It's T-Mobile, I'm surprised they even HAVE 3G coverage. Why did Google even launch the Nexus One on T-Mobile first? That was incredibly stupid to put a powerhouse of a phone and a network missing four out of four legs.

T-Mobile will NEVER improve their network, its pointless to have smartphones on T-Mobile. AT&T's ads should be aimed at T-Mobile, where they say to not dumb down your smartphone, because at least Verizon HAS 3G coverage.

I have been on nearly every major carrier in the US over the years...and AT&T had, bar none, the worst service of any of them. And, the most dropped calls. I wouldn't blow my horn very loud if I were on AT&T... they also have the worst customer rating of any carrier.

Verizon wasn't much better. After 3 weeks of trying, with their highest level of support, they couldn't sync my hotmail account. Finally, THEY suggested that I take the phone back and look for another carrier that could. So much for Verizon and the Blackberry Storm... which was the biggest piece of junk I have ever had.

Actually, T-Mobile ought to aim their ads at AT&T! T-Mobile has the best CS I have ever experienced with a carrier. As far as 3G is concerned I have not had a single issue with it in any city I have traveled since getting the CLIQ several months ago. As a matter of fact, I have not had any issues with the CLIQ.

T-Mobile is doing just fine thank you. They are one of the only carriers globally that is actually making money. Ask the head office in Germany. They don't need to be the guy in the pool, nor do they want to be. Look it up some time, they have one of the highest customer loyalty ratings in the business. You are also highly misinformed when it comes to your statement that they will never expand their network...T-Mobile is currently spending millions on expanding their network... you had better get the facts straight.

I was probably the first to complain about this issue. I hate the nexus one and tmobile. I switched to sprint and got a moment and will get the EVO as soon as it comes out.

Tmobile and Google customer support are the worst in the world.

I have the nexus one on T-Mobile and I have no issues with 3G. I have never had a problem with their coverage. People I work with have Verizon and at&t... side by side I usually have more bars. Everyone seems to forget that T-Mobile was the first carrier to have android. Remember the G1? So why wouldn't HTC give them first dibs at the nexus one. I've used the other carriers and T-Mobile has the best customer service by a landslide. Complain away. I'm a satisfied T-Mobile customer with the nexus one.

so as someone who WORKS in Wireless....

this is NOT GOOGLES FAULT people, listen. Google made the SOFTWARE, Android. the 3G service is registered by the HARDWARE. (transciever / antenna). The hardware is MADE BY HTC, not by GOOGLE.

following me? okay.

while some fault can be placed on Google for allowing such a low grade product to ship, some of the blame (okay, like 75% of the blame) has to be placed on HTC for manufacturing it in the first place. the other 20% has to be placed on TMo for..well..just out and out sucking.

it's not just the Nexus One. the Eris has HORRIBLE signal strength, and sorry to burst your bubbles kiddies, the Incredible isn't any better. HTC makes snappy looking devices, but their actual antennas are shit. My wife went through 3 Droid Eris's on Verizon-all maxed at 2 bars of 1X service, while my Motorola Droid got 4 bars og 3G. It's not googles fault, it's HTC.