We're always a bit wary of handwriting recognition software because with the current methods available, it just seems a bit tiresome and inefficient to actually be considered useable. However, Vision Objects is developing MyScript for Android--their take on handwriting recognition software--and from the looks of it, it seems decent enough.

Android would certainly benefit from handwriting recognition technology (just for drawing out foreign characters alone) so we're a little more excited to see this technology come to fruition. How about you guys? Do you see handwriting recognition software being useful in your usage?

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Handwriting Recognition Software for Android Being Developed


I agree, Paul. In fact, I was going to post something similar. Handwriting would be a nice addition to Android, but it'll only be useful with a stylus.

a stylus would just an extra piece of HW that has to be included, easy to lose. The video demonstrates handwriting with a finger just fine.

Forget about a stylus. This video shows that using a finger works very well. The "brush" that is used to write the letters is probably programmed to be a fixed size so it won't matter how much surface your finger uses. It just places the brush in the center of the surface area and follows it around, making it act like your finger has a small point at the end even though it really doesn't. This has the potential to be a very useful feature, especially for people like myself who have limited use of their hands and can't hold a little stylus very well.

yes, but WHEN? Been seeing posts about this dated since March, but as far as I can tell, no app release yet. At least it doesn't show up in the part of the Market accessible online. Only visible on the handset? (and just why can't we see all apps available online anyway)? I don't want to commit to the switch until I know it's available. Arthritis makes "thumb piano" on little keyboards (even virtual) difficult and the husband won't give up Graffiti.

Wow this software is just amazing. I have watched the video and I am just shocked how perfectly it recognizes what you write on the screen. I think that handwriting recognition technology is a very innovative and interesting way to write the text. But I personally can't see myself writing with my finger a long long message. I think that it would be more comfortable to write it using the keyboard. But it is only my opinion. Thanks for the interesting article and video. I will be waiting for other great ones from you.


Todd Rickson from software application development

I would *love* to have (a) freehand drawing input, (b) handwriting recognition, (c) both with finger and with a pen.

Given how quickly pens for the iPhone proliferated, I am confident that somebody will come up with a stylus that acts as well as a finger very soon. Assuming that there is some commonality.

I'd love this either for iPhone or for Android. Actually, it's already there for iPhone. I hope that it arrives soon for Android, because I want to both develop software for it, and use it.

My applications:

Various drawing apps - I find I draw better with a pen.

PIM - I find it much easier to enter moderate amounts of text using a pen than with finger, with keyboard physical or virtual.