With tablets becoming increasingly popular, and the displays on Android devices not getting any smaller sitting down with the devices in an attempt to crank out a long email or type a report may not be ideal. With lots of bluetooth keyboard options on the market it makes it hard to decide which one to go with, and while preference will vary by each person ZAGG has brought a heavy hitter to the market with their ZAGGkeys FLEX Bluetooth keyboard.

This keyboard, unlike many of their others, is a universal Bluetooth keyboard so it doesn't limit the devices it works with, it won't require you to purchase a new keyboard if you get a new tablet, and if you wish to switch between your phone and tablet you are able to do that as well. In addition to the ability to connect with various devices like your new Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 easily it also comes in a nice small and portable package, making it really easy to put it in your bag and carry it around with you. The FLEX is 90 percent of a full sized keyboard, so typing on it should be very comfortable and still feel rather natural to most.

Android Central @ CES

One extremely notable feature about the keyboard, besides the size, is the fact that the battery on it only needs to be charged once about every four months. That is some amazing battery life, and you may be wondering how they can do it, and what you will need to do in order to achieve it. Well quiet simply -- nothing. The FLEX will automatically go into a standby mode after a few minutes in which it has not been used, and before you fret, all you have to do in order to use it again is hit a key, wait a second and then start typing again. If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth keyboard that does not limit you to use with only one device, you will definitely want to check out the ZAGGkeys FLEX Bluetooth keyboard. Hit the break for a few more images.




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Hands-on with the ZAGGkeys FLEX


Hopefully we get this at my Best Buy store. Customers will eat this shit up. Haha. Glad to see a universal one.

Wouldn't any bluetooth keyboard be universal assuming the devices complied to the bluetooth 2+ standard?

I assume the author is trying to make reference to the transformer series but if that is the case why not just come out and say that this is better than the transformer instead of implying that this particular bluetooth keyboard is universal (and therefore some bluetooth keyboards are not).

Hopefully this will be a reasonable price ($60 or less) otherwise it will fail in a market already full of $35 units that do the same thing.

p.s. what makes the transformer special is it also has battery and additional ports. What would be really ground breaking in this department would be a bluetooth keyboard that had the ability to charge devices via USB and also act as a USB hub... alas though many tablets have yet to support USB charging... doh ... I can dream though

lol I do believe he never made a reference and or hint at the transformer. this bluetooth keyboard is universal because all bluetooth devices can dock on it.