Viewsonic is jumping into the Android tablet game with the Viewpad 7 and the Viewpad 100. Both are fairly straightforward Android tablets with little to speak of in terms of customization.

The Viewpad 7 offers a much better overall Android experience -- it's running Froyo with a properly sized keyboard with what would seem like a pokey 600MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 512 megs of RAM. As always with Android, though, the real test is the implementation and in this case we found the Viewpad 7 to hold its own in terms of speed and responsiveness. Nothing to write home about, but nothing to cry about either. Unfortunately, the display here is a paltry 800x480 pixels, so perhaps it's no wonder that it's responding to taps as we'd like.

The Viewpad 100 is both more exciting and less. More exciting because it's a 10-inch tablet with 1024x600 resolution that's able to boot into a full version of Windows 7 if you'd like. Less so because it's running on Android 1.6 because later versions of Android aren't yet playing nice with the Viewpad 100's Atom processor. In general, this version didn't feel fully baked - Viewsonic has yet to build the interface for dual-booting the device, but on the bright side the sucker did boot faster than most Android smartphones we've laid eyes on.

Both Viewpads should hit Europe in October, no word yet when they're coming stateside. Images and video after the break!

[YouTube link for mobile viewing]

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Hands On with Viewsonic Viewtab 7 & Viewtab 100


Nice lets hope they get the 100 running 2.2. Because a dual booting device with windows for work and android for play would be great.

7"? Too small. 10"? OK (although huge bezel again), but an Atom??? No thanks- the battery life will SUCK compared to ARM.

At least they don't have proprietary connectors like the Galaxy Tab!

And if I wanted to dual boot a tablet, it would be Android and with a Linux distro of my choice, not MS-Windows.

It seems like all these manufacturers are trying to push android tablets out, as a response to the iPad. Unfortunately it looks like Google didn't intend for android tablets until 'honeycomb', which won't be for another year..

people who have android phones are gonna buy android tablets...

and they aren't gonna wait another year

especially when they figure out they can control their tv with it

that's not much an of argument for getting one right now.. (if any of these android tablets can be used to control their tv, these people would already be able to do so w/their android phones..)

I plan on getting an android tablet.. but not one of these premature ones (and regret it just months later). I'd rather wait for an android OS that fully supports tablets.. higher resolutions, etc. Also, a lot of the applications on android today aren't designed for tablets.. it'll take some time for developers to support higher resolutions. And look how much android phones have advanced in one year.. just imagine how much the hardware & OS will advance in another year..

Side thought - Next year Google should make a 'nexus two' as a standard for android tablets..