I wasn't kidding when I said that this year's CES is all about connecting your entire home. Here, we have Sony's solution for its forthcoming Xperia ion. The SmartDock is a souped-up HDMI dock that will connect your ion to your TV, charge it, or turn it into a mini-computer when a keyboard and mouse are attached. Oh, what will they think of next?


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Hands-on with the SmartDock for the Xperia ion


Uhm...webtop does this already ....and you can get ubuntu on it as well...

However the hdmi cec stuff is nifty.

Well the ION is an LTE device so it makes sense to offer it to the company which has the largest LTE network in NA.I would guess it's up to Verizon to ask Sony for a version. Hopefully the Xperia PLAY did well enough for VZW to be interested.

Well, I guess you miss the press release, The Sony Ion is headed to the US by way of AT&T. May show up at VZW somewhere down the line, but for now it's AT&T only stateside.