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The S-View case isn't new to Samsung, we saw one earlier this year with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4. With the arrival of the Galaxy Note 3, the S-View case is back, and with the larger display size on the phone comes a larger window on the case. 

Beyond the time and the notification bar which you get with the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 3 also shows the current weather information. It also has more than screen, and by swiping left from the bottom right corner you get to a secondary screen with some additional functions. From here you can control the media player, access Action Memo and even open the camera and take a photograph using the window as a viewfinder. 

As far as cases go, it's pretty cool. Head on past the break for a short hands on video. 


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Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View case


Okay, color me impressed. I didn't think it would be much of an upgrade from my N2 but it seems I was wrong. Time to JUMP! on this.

Yea this case is better then the S4 view case. More options. I like what Samsung did. I always felt that the Note line had the best features and always was incorporated with the device better!

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Beautiful! I wish that the case didn't extend past the edges of the phone though, as this leads to fraying and the phone is large enough without the case adding bulk to it.

yeah, this should protect the cosmetics of the device... i'm in favor of it. lol @ "bulk" it's like 1mm.

what i am wondering, is how much will the aftermarket covers cost? obviously i will spend the $45 or w/e it costs for the oem, but i will need a backup to take damage when i am not profiling =D

Oh yes I like this, will definitely be picking it up. Hopefully it works a little better than the S4 version which seemed to have some issues staying closed.

From the comments on the initial post, I think I might be in the minority here, but I really like the stitched leather design here. It's nice to see Samsung taking some design risks for the first time in years.

Doesn't this interfere with the Wacom stylus/grid in the phone? I assume they are using a magnet to "sense" when the cover is in place like they did with the S4 cover. I put a magnetic-closure cover on my Note 2 and it freaked out the middle of the right-hand side of the screen whenever I went to use the stylus near it.

I too am on the 'I like this case functionality' bandwagon. It's a much better implementation than the S4 and the N3 larger screen.

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This is one of the best, if not THE best case I've seen so far.
Why has no one designed a flip case that flips over the top like the old pocket notebooks I used as a kid?
Please read this designers, I'm guessing there might be a market for them. I would buy a few!

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Posted via Android Central App

Don't forget there is a flip cover s view with wireless charging plate. That's the exciting one ...yay..role n October people...

My note 3 totally does not go to sleep that fast when you press the power button. Same for turning on, I wonder if I should be concerned :( the button is flimsy as well.

Hey there, iam from Greece and ofcourse i have the beast(Note 3!!).I have the same issue and its nothing to be concerned. Probably its a bug that they ll fix with a future update or u just have to get use with it. Same for the dim issue if u have it ofcourse(screen its dimming by itself when the phone its overheating) Thats all, be proud my friend, u have the number one smartphone in the world!!

Is the window covered with clear plastic or is it just a cutout that lets you touch the screen directly?

The square is covered by 0drum tight shield made of Of plastic. And for the guy the guy who is ready to pay $45 for it...make that
total more like 65.....or just
Settle with a fake for $25