Walking through the various halls here at CES 2012 you sure stumble across a whole bunch of different stuff, some things get a bit repetitive but sometimes there are things that just jump right out at you. While cruising through one of the halls I noticed a bunch of tablets all propped up without anyone holding them and I was immediately intrigued, then I met Octa WhaleTail and Vacuum Dock. While it is not specifically an Android only accessory it certainly works well on Android tablets, and for those of you who like to watch movies, play games, type long messages or anything else that you don't want your tablet laying down for you will want to check this out.

The concept is quite simple, they wanted to make holding a tablet a more enjoyable experience for everyone so they designed a holder that suctions to the back that contours the hand very nicely. To get the back to stick on the device all Android Central @ CESyou have to do is put it on there, give it a few pumps and it's on there, and rather firmly. Releasing the piece is pretty simple (once you get the hang of it), pull up slightly on the two tabs and then push them in, and off it comes. Also included is the WhaleTail which hooks onto the back of the Vacuum Dock which allows the tablet to be propped up and it also doubles as a security measure for when you are carrying your tablet around so it doesn't just fall right out of your hands. Hit the break with us for a few more images as well as a video walkthrough of the product in action!


Octa Octa Vacuum


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Hands-on with the Octa WhaleTail & Vacuum Dock


This would have saved me buying a Case for my tablet, which I really didn't want except for the fact that the case doubles as a stand.
Most of my tablet use is with it sitting on the tablet anyway.

Very cool I would def buy one but let's get that price point a little lower fellas, overpricing is the killer of all products.

Thanks, Chocoburger! If you ever do change your mind about tablets or decide to get an e-reader, we'll have many more Tails for you!

need a miniature version of this for your phone and double as a car window/dashboard mount.

Yeah, cool idea - but $60?!? I use a HeloStrap ($20) on my Prime now, so an extra $40 is asking too much.

If it hits $30 - maybe $40 - I'll pick one up.

The HeloStrap is great. One of our big ideas for the WhaleTail was that it wouldn't JUST function as a grip and handle for the resting hand, but also as an easily transportable stand. If you do decide to convert to something else, we hope you'll consider the TabletTail!

Thanks for the input, Droidify. We're always interested. There are a few suction cups on the market in that price range. A suction cup, however, won't hold 60 lbs for hours on end! The Vacuum Dock + WhaleTail use vacuum technology. This system pumps all the air out of a vacuum chamber and relies on tightly-engineered seals and valves. It's very different than a normal suction cup, which just displaces some of the air underneath it when you push it down. Our Vacuum Dock will literally last 10 times as long as a normal suction cup. However, if you're interested in a suction cup at $29.95, we think the Oona is really cute!