LG G Watch

Our first look at LG's first foray into the Android Wear arena

Begun, the next era of the smartwatch has. We've gotten a few minutes to check out the LG G Watch, one of the first three Android Wear watches. (The Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live round out the other two.)

At its most simple, it's a 1.6-inch display wrapped in a steel case (available in either black or white). That display is a 280x280 IPS panel (LG's own). And while that 247 pixels per inch is a far cry from the QHD display we've grown to love from LG in recent weeks, it's perfectly capable of relaying the full colors in Android Wear. The bad news is that the full colors really make the bezel stand out, particularly above and below the display.

There are no buttons on the watch — and in our limited demo we didn't get a chance to do any hackery on the watch — just some pre-programed notifications and searches. So look for more on that later.

The watch face is decidedly square, but the underside is a bit curved, and that helps it not dig into your wrist while you're wearing it. This is where you'll also find the five gold contacts for charging. There's a microphone on the bottom bezel.

The rubber strap is passable, with 10 notches for fitting. It's a standard 22mm deal, so you can swap it out for something more custom if you like. It's worth noting the diamond pattern that's on the underside of the strap. Not sure if that adds to the feel, and it's a subtle look, but it's a cool attention to detail.

Some other basic specs:

  • 1.6-inch IPS display at 280x280.
  • Powered by a Snapdragon 400 processor at 1.2 GHz.
  • 4GB of on-board storage.
  • 512MB of RAM.
  • 400 mAh battery
  • Size: 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95 mm.
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • IP67 against dust and water
  • Sensors: 9-Axis (Gyro / Accelerometer / Compass)
  • Price: $229

And that's that for now. Much more is on the way.


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Hands-on with the LG G Watch


I'm looking forward to being able to (hopefully) connect bluetooth headphones to it and play some music while running or biking so I won't need to carry a phone.

This! Transferring a whole album over BT would take forever, but I like to listen to podcasts, while I run, so I wouldn't even need more than like 50MB.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not sure about that. It seems like you need to have a phone with you for any of this to work. I don't think you have full fledged Android apps running on the watch.

It's reasonable to ask because I can't imagine apps for Android wear being that bigger than 200 my not to say it isn't nice to have though
Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

So far, the smartwatch, in general, hasnt been the big smash for me like I was anticipating. That said, once I get my hands on one and when the price drops, you can bet that I'll pick on up eventually.

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Is there anything on the Moto 360 around??? I'm thinking it will be my pick... I'd like to have heart monitoring though, and I'm not sure if the Moto will have it.

Nice they used a normal watch strap. I am going to guess that will be a big money maker for the companies that go proprietary.

I had a Pebble and sold it as "fumbling around in my pocket and pulling my phone out" turned out to be easier for the information I wanted than trying to use the watch. I am sure Android wear will have many improvements over the Pebble but I really don't see myself owning another "smart" watch.

I am actually quite happy with this year's i/o, or rather my wallet is happy, because I am really not into the wearables, I have a nice TV with a Roku/Chromecast combo and I am not in the market for a new vehicle and there was no new Nexus device announced which means my money is safe :)

Android L looks promising and visually pleasing but to enjoy any or everything that Google announced today would require me to buy a new TV, new CAR and a new watch and possibly new running shoes (not sure about that) ... lol

It's also coming to head units too though, right? So you won't have to get a new car. I just wonder how long that'll take. I'm always down to get a new head unit, a new car, not so much.

Sigh. What I was afraid of. Going to be a while before I get one. Hoped it would be < $200....

These all remind me of those ridiculous old-school cellphones the size of a shoebox that people held to their faces and felt so cool, but now look stupid in photos. These are all Pong on a strap.

I remember using a work supplied Motorola "brick" phone. That huge thing with the big antenna sticking out of the top. You could however drop that thing off the roof then pick it up and make a call. They were built like tanks. I remember the TV ad for those where they set them up like bowling pins and then bowled a ball through them and then picked em up and they still worked. LOL

From the Death Star using my LG G2

Why don't these Android Wear watches come equipped with a front face solar panel like my Casio Pathfinder? It'll greatly help with the battery life

Posted via Android Central App

That'd be awesome, and maybe it'll happen at some point, but the Pathfinder is the size of a hubcap. If they tried to incorporate a solar panel into this, it'd end up being unwearable.

Posted via Android Central App

It will do essentially nothing for the battery because a smart watch will use 100 times more power than a Casio Pathfinder.

Hmm, yet another spec run down where LE isn't mentioned. If its not included, even with the extra 100mAh it looks like Samsung have completely owned lg.

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Bluetooth 4 is LE compatible, but that doesn't mean they have to use the LE standard. I can't see a reason they wouldn't support it, but I can't see a reason they wouldn't mention it if they did either.

I'm sure it's just an oversight, but still...

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Yea. This is just a guess but Wear requires android 4.3, which is the first version of Android that supported LE. I'll bet that the 4.3 requirement is mostly because Wear uses/requires LE.

I think there were a lot of hooks baked into 4.3s back end to do with wearables. But yeah like I say, it's probably an oversight. But I'd prefer not to assume.

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I love the idea of a generic strap. Grab a nice rubber strap with a deployment clasp and you've got yourself a winner.

Phil, white or black?

I'm a minimalist, non-flashy kind of guy, but does the white look more like a traditional watch (more stealthy IMO).

Posted via Android Central App

I like this...

Winner of the OnePlus Storm of Invites contest thingy...

°Sony XPERIA Z2 white
°LG Optimus G Pro white
°LG Optimus L70 black

It looks massive, if Phil or Jerry are there can you tell me how it looks size wise to the gear 2 neo/gear 2? It looks really big

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Moto 360... where are you??

Metal band
Wireless charging

What other neat things do you have?

This was the one I wanted but after seeing it today? Nope. Ugly and way too big. Maybe next Gen, if that happens.

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It's awesome, and I really want it, but I wish LG could've worked their bezel-magic on this watch, too...that bezel makes this watch look gigantic on a wrist. :-\

Uh....with the charging pins on the bottom, wouldnt something like say...sweat...corrode the pins faster? Say for people into fitness, or something...just seems to be a slight oversight there if they didnt think of that