Gingerbread on the Droid X

Android 2.3.3 leaked out for the Droid X and Droid 2 earlier tonight, and we just had to take it for a spin, especially given that it has an all new skin atop it. We even hesitate to call it Blur, because it's definitely better than the old Motoblur and not-a-Blur from days gone by.

There's a proper dock now, with three customizable icons. That's right, you can put whatever you want in there, which is the way it should be. But by default, Motorola gives you the phone dialer, e-mail and text messages, which is much better than the dialer and contacts we had before.

The app drawer also is greatly improved. You can now make groups of applications within the drawer. And the first thing we're going to do with it is make a group of icons that excludes all the VCAST stuff that's on the phone, and maybe the stub apps for NFS Shift and Madden 2011. For those of you who don't root and kill unwanted apps, this is a nice, safe way to get the bloatware out of sight.

The menus have a new look, too, which is OK by us.

Anyhoo, peep the video after the break. We're going to give it a go for a few more days, but our initial impression is pretty good. Give it a shot, or sit back and wait for the over-the-air update, whenever that is. More on the update in the Android Central Forums

Youtube link for mobile viewing

P.S.: Yes, the phone app is called "Dialer." I blew that. And put a note in the video. Sheesh, people! :p


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Hands-on with Gingerbread on Droid X


I'm loving this Gingerbread goodness. I just found the encryption settings and have to say it's about time. Now I can encrypt the phone info as well as the info on my SD card. That's the only thing Android was missing that made me miss my Blackberry days.

Does anyone know if Gingerbread has the current Swype beta installed? The Froyo version has a prediction algorithm bug that deteriorates prediction accuracy over time.

Even better, a simple process for us to just install the current Swype... :-)

I just bought the Droid X a few weeks ago. I had the Incredible. Was going to buy the Thunderbolt, but decided not to because of battery life. I had to have a 4.3" screen again, so got the X. I may sell it and get the Bionic, or I may keep the the hardware. After being a loyal HTC fan, I gave up on them due to the bad battery life. HTC Touch>HTC Diamond>HTC Hero>HTC Evo>HTC Droid Incredible>Motorola Droid X.
I think I'll wait for OTA and root. This process is a bit more hairy than on HTC devices.

Motorola and HTC are really good with updates.........take notes Samsung! on another note....did MotoBlur just get sexy???? cuz im very impressed!

Motorola is good with updates? They've had a known ring tone issue where custom ring tones get changed after you set them since the froyo update. My brothers been in contact with matt on the moto forums but 6 months later it's still not fixed. I'm not holding my breath on it bring fixed this update either. Don't sound like a big deal to you? My brother drives a semi, and when it goes to default ringer he can't hear it, making him miss calls.

I think the colors of the settings menu are bland (grey and black?)
i don't think blur looks sexy at all.
it doesn't suck as bad as the last version. but I didn't see anything that would pull me away from adw ex or LPP

That looks amazing. Wow. Is there a screen off animation or is that specific to the nexus 1 and S?

Can anyone pls make this an sbf for me? im still on the 2.2...leaked from a while ago because i have no windows computer....that works....

WOW! Awesome.. Looking forward to Gingerbread on my Atrix :D. Hope it comes out soon after or at the same time.

can somebody please tell me if the d2 1 works on the d2g no other website can clarify please somebody let me know!

Its just me or I dont see yet Hand On with the Tunderbolt, could be one of the first time that AC dont review one of the most anticipade phone ever.

Customisable docks are all well and good but the users who wanted to change this before would have done so with a free launcher from the App Store.
Its battery life and blur back ground activity that needed to be addressed. Looking forward to hearing more about it performance compared to the blur of old.

Very glad Ginger bread is coming so my milestone 2 will have a little more life before my upgrade to the Atrix and buy a Milestone 3 at the end of the year. Wooooo! :)

P.s. I think I'll miss the red touches, can't please them all.

Beautiful thing! Got quadrant score of 1740 on average compared to 1400 for froyo. Blur finally fixed their jumping wallpaper bug (if you haven't noticed the wallpaper jumps as you scroll though screen on stock launcher in froyo on all xes)Customizable stock dock is outstanding and scrolling is very smooth. Neo core score hasn't improved obviously. New screen rotation animations are well done. Linpack score at 15 on average.

smartbench 2011 productivity 736 games 1928. Also added sleep mode when you hold power button to power off its one of the options other than airplane and power off. Sleep mode places device in a low battery consumption state. When device is powered back on, it instantaneously turns on and brings up all previously running apps and services. all wireless connections are turned off as well.

The most important question for me... can the font size be changed in Gingerbread? I bought a Droid X for me and a Droid 2 for my girlfriend and she can't read the text without reading glasses. So we had to switch her back to the Storm. I now have a Droid 2 sitting collecting dust patiently waiting for a solution. Is Gingerbread the answer??

Well there is zoom mode. Which wouldn't help you. And no there is no option as far as changing system font size (at least i don't see it). So unfortunately that will not solve the problem. Mother nature is just taking its toll on people like that and sometimes glasses are the only solution (im optician by the way) =)

I downloaded it earlier tonight an hour or so after it was released to the public using the TBH app. i honestly have to say this is the smoothest and fastest rom i have ever ran in my whole entire android life. I got all my apps installed manually since somehow my apps weren't synced with the marketplace. It took quite sometime to do that since i noticed launcherpro kinda lags compared to the really fast new blur system. The only complaint i have is where the app drawer is but beyond that everything works just like i would expect the keyboard lights up.. 3g speeds is faster with this new kernal and surprisingly the charging light works which i haven't had function since i started flashing d2 roms.

Gingerbread doesn't seem too much different than froyo except for the speed increase which i can compare to the jump from eclair to froyo on m og droid. I can't wait till its rooted and all the rom devs start tweaking and theming this amazing leak rom i miss the black layout but the speeds on this stock leak is insane just curious is this a port from a dx or a gb build for the d2? After many disappointments like the false bootloader being cracked to the news that the d2 might NEVER receive an official Gingerbread release this surprise today was great. Go TBH

Just noticed og droid x wallpaper is gone from gallery. You can set it actually by hitting new reset to default button actually.

Anyone else having issues with their X now showing that it's syncing data. It seems like it's been doing that for about half an hour now.

Phil, I hope you were able to find the "Dialer" app that you breezed right by about six times while looking feverishly for the "phone" app.

LOL too funny. I was watching like almost screaming at my phone "its called dialer" as he passed it like 4 times and then even blamed the company "they need a phone app" lol but mistakes happen and I'm sure he's tired of hearing about it...but I'm jot tired of laughing about it lol overall good review though.

i like it, "a lot" the new rotation animation from land to port. only thing the music player is a little slow. but it seems to now transfer the album art. the facebook widget reads nicely.

Has anyone noticed if images with gradients have less banding now? I believe this is something that was supposed to be improved in gingerbread.

this is just like leak on eris. everyone was saying its not official and was scared to try it and than it turned out its same as ota =)

I don't doubt this at all. I have just never done anything but root my DX and am frankly scared I will jack the thing up. Last thing I want is for all my data to erase if i go into boot loop. I'll just hang tight and wait for the OTA. With this leaking, it can't be too much longer.

My Droid X is not rooted and I'm not sure if I want to root it. Can anyone please help me out and explain:

Can I still install this update with out a rooted phone?
If so, how do I go about doing so?

no you must be rooted inorder to load into the proper clockwork. They only way to get into it is to use bootstrapper (a root only app)

It is very simple to root using z4root (as long as you can click a button) And you just download droidx bootstrapper and this yummy leak and goooooo.

TBH posted directions over at mdw and be more then happy to help you every step of the way. PLus once you flash this you be unrooted again hahaha

no you must be rooted inorder to load into the proper clockwork. They only way to get into it is to use bootstrapper (a root only app)

It is very simple to root using z4root (as long as you can click a button) And you just download droidx bootstrapper and this yummy leak and goooooo.

TBH posted directions over at mdw and be more then happy to help you every step of the way. PLus once you flash this you be unrooted again hahaha

Anyone know if 2.3 supports encryption for use with Exchange cant find anything offical that says it does...

Wonder if you can sort contacts by last name 1st or is it still stuck in the sort by first name only mode? Does anybody know?

PHEW! I was starting to feel like I had a new device there for like 14 hours. Luckily I started getting those good old random reboots just like i've had on every other build/ROM.

Now I feel home again...

God I can't wait to get rid of this POS phone.

Gingerbread but loss of root? No thanks!

I was Rooted on my Original Droid and was running Honeycomb.

LOL your right! They even said they were only releasing it to select manufacturers to make sure Honeycomb did not make it on phones. I'm sure CJactual is a special case. :-)

I installed this on my rooted DX and it installed flawlessly. The only thing funky is that most icons were missing out of folders and some of my accounts had to be signed back into. But other than that it's beautiful.