Cricket LG Optimus C

There's the Optimus One. And the Optimus M. And the Optimus S. And the Optimus T. And the Optimus U. And the Optimus V. And the LG Vortex on Verizon. And now, we present the LG Optimus C on Cricket, fresh off the show floor at CTIA. 

This is yet another variant of the Optimus One, which is an above-average mid-range Android smartphone. You have Android 2.2 running with a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a 3.2MP camera with a 1500mAh battery. The physical buttons are a tad different than what you'll get on the other versions, but all in all it's mostly the same experience. More pics and hands-on video are after the break.

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Cricket LG Optimus CCricket LG Optimus C

Cricket LG Optimus CCricket LG Optimus C

Cricket LG Optimus C


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Hands-on with the Cricket LG Optimus C


You guys always do very nice videos. Just wanted to compliment you on that, haha. Looks a little higher-end than some of the other Optimuses. I like physical buttons.

I know plenty of people with dxs d2s evos and what have you on cricket. Its just better to hit up ebay grab a cdma phone from there and then get it flashed over to cricket then it is to buy their branded phones imo.

EVDO Rev. A this identical to the Optimus M wonder if their whole network is 1X though like MetroPCS they are very similar companies and roaming partners. 1X/2G just really sucks on an Android phone

Seems like a nice beginner Android device and they are a nice price since you're getting a full priced unsubsidized phone with Cricket. Its not high end but its not a crap phone either.

i like how they're all named Optimus, except for Verizon's........Verizon always gotta be different, dont they? lol

& people think Cadillac\Lincoln (CTS , STS , SRX , DTS , BLS , XLR , MKT , MKX , MKS , MKZ) names are hard to memorize

Looks nice. Cricket is CDMA only? Or is it GSM? :( I've heard they're really cheap compared to AT&T/T-Mobile, etc. I'd go there if I got good service, since I'm GSM already.

I have the optimus m, which m is for metro pcs. I love this phone! I've had it for 2 months now and learn new things I can do with it every day.My son watches his favorite cartoons shows on it, learning games,its like a minature muti-functional phone at a great price!