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Smart alarm dock crafted for Android compatibility

Hale Dreamer is a smart alarm dock specifically made with Android devices in mind. Tailored to cater to your device and your preferences, Hale Dreamer pairs with SmartSilence, an unique application that allows you to choose which contacts can get through to you, and which ones are silenced while you enjoy your snooze. Calls or texts sent from your "VIP" contacts will automatically come through. Alternatively, notifications from contacts who aren't VIP, but are still privileged enough to be included in your custom groups, will be responded to with an automated text message asking if there is an emergency. In the event that there is an emergency, they can choose to respond with "E," prompting a notification on your end. Contacts who are not grouped, or numbers that are unknown will respectively be silenced.

Refined not only in software, the hardware is also crafted to give the ultimate user experience. With dedicated and defined volume knobs, screen brightness controls, snooze button, and music controls, this is one dock that will be a breeze to navigate in the optimum sleeping environment. 

Currently in its first phase at Kickstarter, the developer is looking to get a minimum pledge of $35,000 by the end of October. If the minimum goal is not met, the product will be scrapped, and any and all pledges will not be filled. Catch the video after the break for more information on the Hale Dreamer, or click the source below.

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Hale Dreamer - smart alarm dock for Android - looking for backers on Kickstarter


Video doesn't seem to play on the AC app.

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It needs qi for charging anf BT, and or NFC to be bad azz

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I agree, this looks like tech from 1995 from the time of the Palm Pilot. Besides looking fugly, this alarm has very minimal if any features. QI charging is unlikely, but NFC I agree, and it should be able to sync wirelessly with current alarms over wif, and count your hours of sleep, or something more innovative than this

the lack of android USB audio is a deal breaker. No NO NO to the headphone jack being put in use.

Some folks are never happy.... It's better than any alarm in my house. I might get in on this one.

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Yeah, seems like a really neat and useful idea. I'm thinking about jumping on this one, too.

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Hi All, I'm Joe from Hale Devices, thanks for the mention, it looks like got a bunch of new backers from this article, so that's much appreciated.

While I recognize that some of you want bluetooth or a single connector, we chose the solution we did for two reasons, first ease of use and reliability. Our research showed that particularly for a nightstand alarm dock, reliability had to be 99.999% to be acceptable, that's just not something we could hope to achieve with wireless. When you are plugging in anyway to charge, our research told us pretty clearly that users valued reliability over a wireless second connection to the dock.

With regard to a single plug, as many of you may know, that's only possible on Jellybean and higher and we wanted our first product to have 100% compatibility with all Android phones not just latest and greatest and there were also reliability issues there as that standard is new. Of course, we'll move to that over time, but for starters we wanted something compatible, reliable and tried and true, so that's why we went the way we did.

I also should note that you can support the project and just get the app, or the app and a little 3d printed stand for $4 if you don't want the dock, but just want the SmartSilence feature. Of course, you miss all the integration the snooze bar, but you still get the basic functionality.

"for a nightstand alarm dock, reliability had to be 99.999%"

And thanks for realizing that. It's why I backed the project.


Full disclosure for our regulars:

Yes, I backed this project, because I want one. I won't be covering this for the blog because of that. I never write about projects when i have invested in them.

Jerry, do you think the [2A] charger on the alarm clock will mess our smartphones battery up ? The reason I'm asking is I have a HTC ONE & sometimes when I use my portable Anker 5600 a screen actually pops up & says use the charger my phone came with or you will mess your battery up, or something to that affect, thanks, I would appreciate any feedback...

Reliability.....Such a overlooked looked concept for some people. Thanks for not ignoring the basics. I'm in.

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Some people aren't understanding the concept of making it work with almost all android phones.... Limited basic connections that work for all or having pogo, BT, WiFi, NFC TO accommodate peoples "needs". This is a simple and cost effective answer to the variances in devices get over it.

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Nice concept but I'd grow tired of plugging in two cables every time. It's annoying enough to do in my car, but at least I can justify that with nav, music, and torque running constantly.

At home, tired, I just slam it in the regular dock and keep the volume cranked.

I already plug one connector in every night now (charger) so another is no biggie for me. If nothing else, I want it for the ability to silence everyone except the one or two people I WANT to get through in the middle of the night. Aging parents mean I need the phone to ring in an emergency, or when they really need me.

I realized I didn't finish my thought. The other added benefit would be waking to Sirius and just hitting a snooze button instead of trying to find the phone I knocked on the floor during the night. So, to have an alarm clock/silence/Sirius wake up for me would be awesome!

Like others have said, no Qi charging or bluetooth makes this pretty unappealing. Add the terrible design to the missing features and this is a no go for me and apparently for most people here. I know Qi and bluetooth makes costs be higher but most of us would be willing to pay a higher price, now were just passing.

How is it a terrible design? It is designed first and foremost for reliability, at which it won't fail.

I, personally, do not have stock in this, but not for lack of interest. Just curious how one would say that it isn't functionable because it doesnt have additional bells and whistles that would detract from it's reliability and compatibility.

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And to further comment on my additional comment- Bluetooth sucks on my DNA. Terribly. And as for using the QI standard. There are only a handful of devices that have the ability to charge wirelessly. Those that do, charge at a much slower rate wirelessly, making it less of a practical function and more of a useful function. Sometimes practicality wins out. Additionally, BT, Qi, or NFC could be some things the developer would consider for a later generation given the fanbase and demand. But in order to get a fanbase to generate demand, they need backing to get the product up and running for reviews and feedback. Something that is extremely more difficult when people write it off for practicality.

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Hey, it's Alex from the video:

Thanks for the comment, you basically hit the nail on the head. We want to get the basics right before moving on to newer / less common technologies. We went with standards and designs that we know are reliable on (almost) 100% of Android phones.

We definitely appreciate the usefulness and convenience of newer standards like Qi and NFC, (I have a Nexus 4 so I'd personally love to use those), and we will approach those technologies as soon as we are able.


Does this thing or app have a vibration option when the alarm goes off? Would be nice.

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I don't get it, did they pay you to promote this here or something? I mean I got no issues with you guys advertising things, but would be nice to have it labeled it as such.

If it's not an ad then what's with the raving review? This hardly seems revolutionary and none of you have even seen one yet.

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This is not a review. A review would be had we received a demo and done a write up on our opinion of how well the product functions and if it is worth the purchase. This is simply a explanation of the product concept and it's purposes. If you read the source provided, you will see that everything included in this article is already said about the device in it's description. No one was paid anything. I don't quite grasp how you would even reach that conclusion. Again, this is regarding a concept.

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Does anybody know or think that the charging part of the alarm clock would mess our smartphones battery up because it's[2A]. I have a HTC ONE & sometimes when I charge it through my portable battery a screen pops up & actually says connect the charger it came with or my battery will be messed up, or something to that effect. I would appreciate any feedback, thanks...

I love this concept but I have been burned too many times by "upgrades" that render my investment useless. I am looking at you Apple.

On another note, keep fighting the good fight Jennifer. I want to be on your side.


As long as Micro-USB and 3.5mm TRRS audio jacks are standard, this product shouldn't be obsolete. Obviously nobody knows the future, but we're betting that Google won't 86 micro-USB compatibility for a few years at least.


The app also lets you use the dock controls with your phone, including snooze, volume, brightness, and the playback controls. The iHome docks (AFAIK) don't have buttons that communicate with the phone like that. So it's actually pretty far beyond the iHome offerings in that respect.

Also iHome only seem interested in building devices only compatible with apple products.

sure they make one that is compatible with android, but it is a pale shadow in overall quality and functionality compared to their apple only docks.

On my 2nd unit. I have a Droid Razr Maxx.when I plug it in it charges but nothing else works. Occasionally when I plug it in it just shut off my phone. Any suggestions?I have downloaded both required apps.