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The anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto III is quite simply magnificent. It truly is a mark of how far technology has advanced in the last ten years. And in true Android fashion, GTA III can be customised with just a tiny little bit of work.

It turns out that modifying the Android version of the game is in fact as simple as modifying the PC version. By adding files to the directory on the SD card. As an added bonus, it turns out the PC and Android versions of the game are so similar, that many PC modifications actually work on the Android version so you can soup up your cars and add custom textures to your heart's content. 

Hit the source link for more information if you fancy a go, and check out one happy modifiers video after the break.

Source: Droid Gamers

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GTA III modifications appearing in Android version


I bought this when it first showed up and apparently it doesn't work with my phone (crashed after intro sequence). So apparently Rockstar and/or Google figured out that it wouldn't work on my phone. So what do they do?

They removed it from my list of available and purchased apps without refunding my purchase. It doesn't even show up as installed under my apps in the market, even though I still have it installed.

Needless to say, I'm not pleased with Rockstar or Google over this. $5 isn't going to break me, but theft makes me irate.

At least after taking your money, they didn't proceed to steal your car, run you over with it, then visit a prostitute to replenish the health they lost in the scuffle.

What phone do you have, that's considered incompatible?

has anybody found a way around this? i had the same problem and now am unavailable to download the game again. there has to be SOME way!
inspire 4g

Just do a Google search for gta 3 apk side load it works great on Evo 3d and its not supported full speed no lag at all with all the lights and everything don't get why my phone isn't supported

I was having a GREAT time playing this on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 up until a few days ago, now the app itself starts OK - goes through the intro music into the menu, however upon selecting resume game, as soon as the fade happens from load screen into game play it freezes for about 4 seconds and then crashes. Tried a reboot and nothing. EMailed RockStar to let them know. Their first response was to trouble shoot by uninstalling all my apps, reinstalling just GTAIII and then systematically reinstalling my other apps to see where the conflict lies - ya thats not happening. Hope to see a fix soon. Still it is an AWESOME game (when it works).