Fans of GroupMe are going to be pretty excited. The app has been updated for Android to version 5.0. The last big update, version 4.0, introduced a complete redesign and more. Version 5.0 is now available to download, let's check out what's new.

This is a major update for GroupMe that brings the following new features:

  • Media search (GIFs, videos, images)
  • Inline content (shared content from URL's now can be seen within the chat tweets, videos, articles, etc)
  • Meme (or rememe) images
  • Improved battery efficiency, notification reliability, and emoji download
  • Direct messages to anyone with the app (find full list in your contacts)
  • Clear chat history in group and direct chats
  • Available in 20 languages

In addition to the above changes, you can look forward to reliable notifications, the ability to download emoji, pictures won't get stuck to messages, image loading has been improved and the app will now respect your vibration setting.

Any GroupMe fans out there? What do you think of the new update? Sound off below in the comments, but first download it from the Google Play store.

Via: GroupMe Blog


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GroupMe for Android picks up major update, adds direct messages and more


It asks for that permission because it offers the option of finding contacts from Facebook and Twitter. You don't have to use that feature if you don't want to.

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I use it because the newspaper I shoot for uses it. I actually like it better then hangouts for certain things. Does a great job doing what it is designed to do.

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