Green Throttle

Green Throttle, a start-up focused on bringing quality console-level controllers to Android devices, is announcing wider device compatibility of its app and Atlas Controller. The controller can now be used on any Android device running ICS (4.0.3) or later, although Green Throttle recommends you use a device with video-out support in order to play on a larger screen. After its installed, Green Throttle Arena lets you play games with up to four players on your Android device with a much better experience than using a touch screen.

The app is free, but the Atlas Controller itself will set you back $39.95 stand-alone, or $49.95 with a bundled Micro USB charger and HDMI cable. If you want to play with a friend, a two controller bundle runs $89.99. If you'd like to check them out for yourself, you can grab the app from the Play Store link above, and see more about the controller and technology at the link below.

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Reader comments

Green Throttle expands Atlas Controller support to any device running ICS and above


Will Shadowgun deadzone work with this controller? The game selection on the app is pretty pathetic ........and will it work with a Nexus7?

I have the Snakebyte iDroid, which is also a BT controller, and it won't pair with the Nexus 7. I read that the BT stack in 4.2 is incompatible, but someone here should be able to confirm that. It will pair with my Note 2 and Transformer Prime, although both are running 4.1.

AC should do a comparison of the various controllers out there. I use the Moga controller but I know a Moga Pro is coming out. Would be cool to see a comparison of all the major players and weigh their functionality vs. portability etc. As well as check how compatible the are with major games.