Grand Theft Auto on Fire TV

Amazon is launching the Grand Theft Auto trilogy for the Amazon Fire TV and Kindle Fire. Now, customers can play Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on either the streaming set-top box or on their Kindle Fire tablets. As part of a promotion with Amazon Coins promotional credit, Amazon customers can own all three games in the trilogy for the price of just one title.

According to the online retailer, users who purchase Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas through the Amazon App Store will receive 2000 promotional Amazon Coins. This credit could be immediately redeemed to acquire the remaining two titles in the trilogy — not a bad deal.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas retails for $6.99 while Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City each retails for $4.99.


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Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas now available on Kindle Fire and Fire TV


so is fire tv better than the roku 3?.. haven't tried either but I heard they're around the same price.

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GTAIII, VC and SA run like champs on Amazon Fire TV. Even had the highest settings. The Amazon Fire controller works beautifully with both games. The only downside is that the Amazon Fire only gives you about 4gb of space and these are huge games, clocking in at 1.4 gb. Leaving you very little room for more apps. Amazon really needs to step up their game and add more storage to this device. They need to open the USB port and let us install apps on a USB stick.