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Wow -- Talk about something to make you feel old. 10 years ago this month Rockstar Games released the original Grand Theft Auto III to the masses and now it is time to celebrate once again by taking it mobile. Soon, Grand Theft Auto III will be available on various Android Smartphones and tablets including:

 Droid X2, LG Optimus 2X, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy S2, Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Awesome! Time to brush up on your GTA skills because release is happening soon, it'll be interesting to see how well the game does as well -- 10-years later. Can't help but notice that one specific PlayStation certified device is missing from the line-up though.

Source: Rockstar Games; via: Game Hunters


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Grand Theft Auto III coming to Android this fall


Same here, this phone should run it smooth as butter, and it's super popular why the heck aren't they supporting it?

My Transformer loves this news... I'll be sideloading to my Evo 3D right after my Transformer gets it.

Those can't possibly be the only phones that are truly compatible, though, right?

Surely the newer high-end phones (SGII, Bionic, etc.) would work as well.


It should work on the SGS2 but the Bionic has that old GPU from the original SGS at a slightly higher clock speed. With that said, I really hope the Prime doesn't use OMAP4.

Why did AC leave out the HTC Evo 2 that was listed? Anyways, I'm happy that dual-core phones finally have a purpose.

Um, why would I want to play this on a touchscreen only phone? No thanks, I have my PS2 and PS3 right here.

WOW! I am so excited to see this! I really hope the game will recognize Xbox 360 controllers on my Eee Pad Transformer. Holy crap, this along with L.A. Noire for PC is gonna make me fall in love with Rockstar all over again.

It seems like yesterday that I bought this game on day of release... Then later buying the Vice City + III special edition pack for Xbox. The biggest improvement of the special edition of GTA III was that cars wouldn't disappear after going an amount of distance away (the car the player drove then abandoned).

Rockstar, PLEASE continue porting your GTA series over!

Let's face it, Gameloft sucks. Rockstar, please take over.

Boy I spent countless hours pulling bongs and playing this game. Wish I could have all that time back so I could pull all those bongs again :)

I checked and thankfully this is coming to the iPad 2 as well.

Great game no doubt, but really how many times can you play this. Its more a game to show off your tablet, but not really interested in playing this another go round.

I'd much rather they just brought Chinatown Wars over to Android instead...can't see a game like GTA3 on a touch screen, with all the controls.