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The $219 price and free shipping for Amazon Prime customers makes this one awful hard to pass up

We don't know how long this price will be valid, but if you've been thinking of giving a Chromebook a try, Amazon has the Samsung Chromebook for just $219. That's $30 cheaper than the price at Google Play, and if you're an Amazon Prime customer the shipping is free — saving you another $15 bucks from the usual online price.

The Samsung Chromebook comes with the dual-core Exynos 5250 processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and a 16GB SSD for storage. HMDI out and USB (2.0 and 3.0) make it easy to attach things like external displays or standard computer mice. The 11.6-inch matte finish display has a 1366x768 resolution, and the built-in SD card reader will pick up your media with no issues.

Chrome OS isn't for everyone, and right now it's not quite ready if you need your laptop and OS to help make a living, but for folks who use their laptop to surf the web and play around while relaxing on the couch, they really are a treat. And at this price, it's almost too-hard not to try it.

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Grab the Samsung Chromebook from Amazon and save 30 bucks


I still think this is my best tech purchase of 2013, and I got lucky and got a Chromecast! These things are honestly awesome for 75% of my daily use!

Just want to point out it is free shipping regardless of whether or not you have Prime. And yeah, that is a good price. Would be awfully tempting if I was already in the market for a sub $250 tablet. I've had a tablet and it's not for me. I like having a physical keyboard, and most keyboard docks don't seem suitable for lap use.

EDIT-I see Dextorboot hit enter before I did....

And a lot of people spent no time reading my comment. As I said "I've had a tablet and it's not for me". Which is why I would consider this, if I was in the market for spending $250 on something. I think anyone looking at the sub $250 tablet market should also be comparing it to the chromebook(s).

Let's look at what you said:

"Would be awfully tempting if I was already in the market for a sub $250 tablet. I've had a tablet and it's not for me. I like having a physical keyboard, and most keyboard docks don't seem suitable for lap use."

Once again, it's not a "sub $250 tablet" so your point is moot. It also has a keyboard so the rest of your point is moot as well.

You're either dense or you were having trouble expressing what you really meant.

I'm surprised that the original article wasn't about the $140 "used - like new" ones from Amazon Warehouse Deals, which were basically new.

Where is this $30 off Chromebook coupon? I have this ordered from Amazon since Friday, but they still haven't shipped. I could grab this at Staples easily if they'll price match. Plus I have a gift card at Staples to use up as well...

Added: Did some Googling... looks like it expired on the 11th.

Sorry. Did this a few nights ago. Didn't know it expired. They do have a $5 off coupon that would make it cheaper. Free shipping.

Hopefully this is an inventory clear ahead of an imminent refresh. Looking for a Chromebook this fall but I'd like something a little more powerful

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I still don't see why anyone would want this over the Acer with the Celeron and 320gb hard drive. That being said, the best deal of any computer right now is this:

The Amazon price is a little high right now. I got mine for $300. Fantastic laptop with a real OS, very slim, great design, sturdy as hell, very good screen, awesome keyboard, and the ability to do actual productive tasks. Everything anyone would want in a $300 laptop and even a little more.

The Acer has the same processor as my ASUS and my ASUS never lags, opens applications quickly, and streams YouTube videos flawlessly. Sure, out of the box the Acer might be slower, but that sounds like a Chrome problem. Load Ubuntu on it and actually unleash its true potential.

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That's an acceptable difference. I will admit that I find the aesthetic appearance of the Samsung better, but the miniscule flash storage and ARM processor drove me away. In the end, I found the best option to be to spend a little more money ($50) and get the ASUS I linked to above.

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i like my 13.3" Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook with Full Windows 8, Excel, Word. $529. one machine to do it all. i don't need no stinking Tablet and i don't need no Chromebook!

What do you think of screen size? These sound interesting but are still small-ish compared to a standard laptop.

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I had the series 3 samsung chromebook, very choppy web browsing, youtube lag... and despite their claims it wouldn't get hot... I loaded up bbc iplayer and watched a program (SD not HD) and the thing was red hot!

Broke the screen on my Samsung Chromebook. Replaced with HP. Loving the 14" screen.

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Bought this at the Amazon price* a couple weeks ago for the DH when my old laptop that he was using finally took its last breath. He's the perfect candidate for it, surfs the web in the evening, plays Angry Birds, a few other things. It is awesome! I've used it a few times as well and though it's not my Toshiba laptop, it's features are very good. It's fast, easy to use, the keyboard is small but very nice, Google offers 100G storage on Drive for a year (or two, can't remember) which would handle any recreational users who use it to write, research, etc. Pretty slick and the price was certainly right.

(*I am a Prime member)

Is there a reason behind this? I'm considering buying it but wasn't sure if this is a back to school type sale or clearing inventory for the next wave..

Have this and the acer chromebook both are great choices, only thing I hate is printer set up because we don't have a wireless printer. Our school system is using chromebooks and tablets starting tomorrow...this should be Interesting to see how well the kids do with the new tech. (4th) graders. I personally love my tech and hope that I learn how to use some of the Google drive features that are on the chromebooks. I highly recommend people go try these little powerful machines out, you won't be disappointed.

In response to the person that asked about screen size, I don't mind the smaller screen because I am not on it for hours at a time, now if your working on one all day long, then I would agree with some of the other comments about using a laptop with a bigger screen. I use mine for browsing the web and reading up on my forums etc.. but I love how compact and lightweight it is. It all comes down to what your going to use your tech for, answer that question first and then narrow it down from there. Do you really play CD's or dvd's on your computer? Do you really upload pictures from your digital camera? Remember the cloud is huge and for me pictures and videos are all in the cloud. So ask yourself how you will use it and go from there.

Does this mean a new device will be coming out soon and they're just trying to get rid of them.

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The very simple, rudimentary explanation is this is like a very small laptop. It isn't one piece, with a touch screen like a tablet.

I bought my wife one a couple of months ago, and her feelings for it have been pretty mixed. She's not liking the 'life on the cloud' setup of it. If you get one, best be prepared to always want to be on a wifi connection no matter what you're doing.

Thanks. I wonder if they make chromebooks with a touch screen...The wifi thing is no big deal as the tablets I've owned have all been wifi anyway. I don't see the use for a tablet that can connect to 4G. I guess we're all connected to the cloud anyway, so no biggie. So these chromebooks can run apps like any other android tablet?

Interesting...the Chromebook was $229 on Amazon last week. This week another price drop. This certainly seems like inventory clearing to me

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