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Previously only available to Sprint Nexus S 4G owners, Google's NFC-based payment app, Google Wallet, has just been updated to add support for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S on AT&T. So if you're a Nexus owner on AT&T, you can hit the Android Market and find out what all the fuss is about. We've confirmed that the app can now be loaded onto the unlocked Galaxy Nexus or any Nexus S, provided you have an AT&T SIM loaded. But right now it appears that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is still unable to get Google Wallet officially, though there workarounds, of course. Same goes for the Nexus S on T-Mobile.

This is also good news for anyone considering picking up AT&T's version of the Samsung Galaxy Note in the weeks ahead. The AT&T Note supports NFC, and so barring any silly device-level limitations, Google Wallet should work just fine on that phone, too.

We've got Android Market links for all you AT&T people after the break, as well as some instruction for if it doesn't work right away for you.

  • 1). from your phone, go to Make sure to go through the BROWSER
  • 2). Search for Google Wallet. Should be the third result. Click on it. Make sure to keep selecting "Browser" instead of "market" but do not make this the default
  • 3). Click on install. It will ask you to log in. DO so. It will then load your "device compatability list) and none will work.
  • 4), hit the BACK button, and this time, select MARKET. This should pop you into your android market app, and it should install even as your phone informs you it's not compatible!
  • 5). Profit.

Thanks, Jason!


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Google Wallet now available on Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus on AT&T


I love using my Google wallet on my Galaxy Nexus. Even better is telling everyone, "no it's not an iPhone" because that's one of many things an iPhone can't do.

It's all over the place. I've used it at McDonald's, Starbucks, CVS, Home Depot, Best Buy, Kroger, Kroger Gas, Jack in the Box, Taco Bueno, several gas stations, several mall stores, Sports Authority, Office Depot, several local restaurants, my local tire and lube, and my local liquor store.

i wouldn't hold your breathe on the galaxy note for at&t considering the at&t version of the galaxy s2 has nfc and google wallet is not available for it yet. tho the spec was never actually announced a few developers have turned the nfc capabilities for other things, google wallet isn't supported even in hacked form now.

Yeah, when I use mine, there are two questions that come up. "Wow, how did you do that?". "Can iPhones do that?"

I don't see why the carrier has any say in this whatsoever.

In fact, I wonder if its legal for a carrier to step between me an my bank.

One of the rules of the 700mhz spectrum auction was that the carriers could not restrict you from using any legal software. As more carriers start using their 700mhz blocks (mostly for LTE) we have to start lobbying the FCC to enforce this.

if this is true, then why do all major US carriers block tethering apps? They are within the confines of the law, if I am not mistaken. So shouldn't it be illegal for them to do this, according to the auction rules? Or was this only for the winner of the 700mhz spectrum?

The auction rules only covered the 700 hmz C Block. Most carriers are just starting to use this spectrum, almost always for LTE.

Further, interchangeability was one of the other requirements, carriers could not deny another device from roaming onto their 700 mhz towers.

So instead of blocking, the latest ploy of the carriers is to demand phones from vendors that have radios restricted to their own frequencies with in the C-Block, so you couldn't take a ATT phone to Verizon. They are attempting to build the GSM/CDMA wall again by buying very tightly limited radios.

Within the confines of the law? Maybe. But a good b1chslap from the FCC is in order if you ask me.

Hey, you guys might want to ***UPDATE*** this post as Kellex over on Droid Life has found a simple way to load Google Wallet on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus right from the android market using the phones browser. You do not have to be rooted or unlocked to do it either :)

Borrow an AT&T SIM and stick it in your Galaxy Nexus for a few minutes. (I didn't try hot-swapping; I turned the phone off, swapped the SIM and turned it back on.) Go into the Market on the phone, search for Google Wallet, install. Worked great for me. =]

I was able to get this version on my LTE Nexus by going through the market on my phone browser. I'm rooted so not sure if it works for stock unrooted phones.

installs on my rooted galaxy s2 (SGH-i777) but get the hardware not supported error despite limited NFC enabled by the community. C'mon guys...maybe soon enough!!!

Does this mean AT&T is throwing in the towel with ISIS for now???

When I read this on twitter I thought I missed att unveiling a galaxy nexus. Thanks for the mini heart attack, guys.

I've had Google Wallet on my Nexus S for along time now.
It's pretty nice, but useless for me since it only supports Citi MasterCard at the moment.

People will argue "but you can load money onto the Google prepaid card"
I'll argue that its less convenient to have to pull out my credit card, then add funds to my Google card all the time when i want to use it and the leftover money aka wasted money always leftover because its not enough to get anything. I'd rather just use my card.

Its great for Citi MasterCard holders tho. Not so much for anyone else. Add support for more types of cards and even debit cards and then it'll be a great app, but for now it's useless once you use up the 10$ Google gives you unless your a Citi user.

Do I have to uninstall my currently sideloaded Wallet app before this process or will this overwrite and update my current app?

I've had wallet installed (sideloaded) on my unsubsidized T-Mobile Nexus S (no root - stock ICS) for a while now, it just never worked. I tried it again immediately after I read this post, and it actually let me log in and gave me the $10 credit. I didn't try the browser thing, but downloading straight from the market definitely was not an option.

**Update** I just tried the browser method listed in the article and it worked! Updated my sideloaded app! Not sure if it would have worked without the pre-installed app though.

I am with ATT and have a Gnex purchased @ newegg. G wallet gives me an error that says not supported by my carrier or country....WTF?

If you have a VZW Galaxy Nexus, an easy way to install it is from your chrome browser, use chrome to phone to your Galaxy Nexus, and open via market on your phone and there should be an install button!!! I am completely stock, no root, and locked, and it worked.

Verizon Nexus - Less than a minute.
1. Go to (phone browser)
2. Choose browser.
3. Search Google Wallet
5. Chose Market
6. Install or update!

This updated my side-loaded version.

Tried these steps and I get to the app in the market, but it says "This item isn't available by your carrier." I'm using the Verizon Nexus...

Followed the directions above and it installed on my unlocked GN without an issue!
Today I will see how well it works

I had sideloaded Google Wallet onto my GSM Galaxy Nexus running on T-Mobile a wile ago.

Upon seeing this, I grabbed my old AT&T SIM that has long-since been deactivated, shut down my phone, swapped the SIM, turned the phone on, connected to wifi, went into the Market app, searched for "Google Wallet", and I had an option to update it! It installed just fine (no secure element errors or anything when I opened it) and I shut down my phone again and swapped my SIM back.

Now in the web Market it shows Google Wallet as being compatible with my Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile. =]

I have a Verizon GN that is not unlocked or rooted and was able to download Google Wallet from the Market using the method listed from the guys at Droid-Life.

They have a short method and a long method. I had to use the long method but now the Market recognizes it as one of my apps.

the browser wasn't working for me with T-Mobile Nexus S so I swapped SIM chips with a friend who has ATT. BINGO! Found it in the market, installed it, activated it, put my T-MO SIM back in and crossed my fingers that it still worked, IT DOES! FINALLY!!! I have had this phone for over a year and no work around has succeeded until now. Proprietary apps and crap are total BS whether it is the carrier or Google! I hate US carriers.....

You may want to update this, I have a stock ATT Nexus S, I can install the app, wont work. I tried the workaround, nothing. Called Google Wallet help, they said a hickup in thier system allowwed a limited number of users with other carriers to make the app work, there is still an exclusivity agreement with Sprint.