Google TV rolled out the latest update over the past few days. The latest release serves to correct some system issues as well adds some new features to the services overall. Despite Google TV now sitting at v1.3 it still lacks the Android Market Google stated was coming soon. A list of updated features is below:

  • The media player now supports more WMA audio files
  • Netflix and CNBC Real Time are better integrated into Google TV
  • Improved transition between songs in Pandora
  • Support for Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity on Sony devices
  • Support for a broader range of Blu-ray discs

Google seemingly was aware the question of Android Market access would come up again and as such they took the time to remind everyone that Google TV is an ever-evolving system. That to us, when translated basically breaks down to -- we know you want it and it is coming just, not this time around. [Google TV Blog]


Reader comments

Google TV updated to v1.3, still no Android Market access


It's something which is better than nothing. I will have to test the Netflix integration as I didn't realize that it was part of the update.

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I am surprised that Honeycomb did not have it from the start with it being for tablets.

I think that Google TV is a project of Google that does not have a direction. Which is going to make it a slooooow work in progress.

We want DTS support!!! My Logitech Revue is actually crippling my livingroom experience due to the fact my rear speakers are useless plastic boxes behind my head.
Having the app marketplace will be fantastic, don't get me wrong, but lacking simple 5.1 audio when the device only has hd inputs/outputs just boggles me.

Please keep these fixes coming before investing development time on new features!