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A rose by any other name will still prick your fingers

Sources at Gigaom say Google is getting ready to abandon the Google TV branding, but Android will remain embedded in televisions and set-top boxes.  According to "an executive from a consumer electronics manufacturer that has been producing Google TV devices," Google is not yet ready to announce anything, but the "new" product will be called Android TV.

Google has to do something. Google TV, which had a promising start, has languished along, running an old version of Android and seeing very little in the way of support and consumer adoption. We're all about Android here, but even we admit that Google TV only makes sense for those deeply embroiled into the ecosystem, or when one of the units themselves are on a fire sale.

Google has previously announced that they will be updating the platform from Honeycomb (yes, Honeycomb!). Maybe this is part of the plan they have to stay in the living room. Let's hope they can become relevant this time around.

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Google TV branding to disappear; Android will stay on in your living room says report


Not really, the Q had the wonderful ability to pump out some high quality sound to speakers. Chromecast just plugs into your TV.

I've no interest in Chromecast, I wished the Q was still around.

Plug Chromecast into you Receiver and run the HDMI output to your tv from your reciever.. you get the sound and video.. it's not designed to only be plugged into the TV itself. Chromecast works so much better than the bluetooth on my Pioneer Reciever.

This is where Google/Android annoys me... GoogleTV.. AndroidTV ChromeCast ... Cmon man pick one and make it the best u can... I love my chromecast and wish they would continue to focus development on that ...

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I would love to have everything android for my tv, all the apps music, widgets, and media on my TV, along with a browser to watch all the videos from the internet, and blogs. Would love a game controller accessory too play all the games in GPlay too.
Hopefully Google will make it versatile to combine everything into one product, unlike the chromecast

That's why you can't have everything. You can't have Google TV/Android TV reach it full potential if you only focus on Chromecast or vice versa. They need to have a barebones experience with Chromecast while also having a fuller Android Set Top experience with Android TV.

As far as Google TV being on Honeycomb.... WHO CARES?!?!?!!!! No one gets a cable box and complains about the firmware version. Just make stuff that works. Who cares what version it is. (unless of course they put full-on Android on the set top bx which would need to be Android 4.1+ so that you could take advantage of all the new features in new apps)

Honestly. I've never heard of 'Google TV' the only thing I've heard of was Chrome Cast which is recent.

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Douche? Come on man, the dude is on an android forum and he's never heard of Google tv?! What's he on an android forum for then? And yes, your response is that of a 'douche' in and of itself... hypocrite

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Pot, meet Kettle.

Honestly, the guy said nothing offensive or "trollish." I hope you feel like such a badass, behind that keyboard.

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That's awesome man! Wish you the best of luck! I see you on here all the time, I'm sure I'll see ya again soon... nice gettin to know ya this time around... Have a good one my man.

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Lol, these comment boxes are getting really narrow on the mobile app...

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

I wanted to see how thin they get gown here. Oh, and topic related, I just bought a chromecast today.

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I have heard of Google TV but have never seen one in the wild, no one I know has had one, never seen them in any stores either here in St.L

I was expected to have a 4.2 update for my Google TV in July like Google said.

I love my TV. Just wish it had not capability.

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I really hope they do something well in the TV box department. I currently have a PC hooked to my TV in my TV room, and a PC hooked to the TV in my bedroom. I've really wanted to replace them with a standalone box, but haven't been able to find one yet that gives me all the features I need that the PC does. They come close. I use PLEX, XBMC, and other things, but it's just not there yet to replace my PC. I'm picky about my video, and audio being the best it can be from a digital perspective. I can achieve that on a PC, but only some of it in some places with stand alone boxes right now. So, please, Google. Make us a real standalone box that I can pay around $100.00 and get full SPDIF pass-through support on all apps, and give me access to tweak/adjust video options. Also make sure everything is hardware accelerated. We'd be golden. I know they can do this they just have to do it.

Meh 2 cents.

I like my Sony Google TV. The concept is fantastic and I'm really invested in Google so it works well, but at times it is a bit frustrating to work with. I am always left with the feeling that Google could do much better.

I just got an email from Google trying to sell me the Chromecast (already have one) and directing me to check out all the apps that work with it: YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Google Play Movies and Music. Woo. Hoo. So many options. *cough*

Transmitted via sheer force of will.

Calling it now: it will be Google TV that encompasses android and all Google services. Snapdragon 800 to play games on the TV. Plus chromecast features. Remember that story from the Wall Street Journal about Google making a gaming system? This is it.

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That would be pretty sweet if that's the plan. I really did like GoogleTV. It just started out too expensive and not the best specs. With regular LEDs becoming so cheap I would get a new bigger tv and Google's new system.

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I hope you're right. Google having all of their services tightly integrated, under one "moniker," is exactly what they need to do to keep furthering the Android ecosystem.

Interesting, kind of annoying to see the branding change just as they were starting to get somewhere. Meaning they had several set top options and plenty of TVs with it built in. Then again they did the same thing when they rebranded to Google Play from the Android Market and that's worked out well for them so here's hoping.

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Chromecast works well for what it does. Google TV enhanced my DVR and pulled all my sources into one. If I wanted a titled, ask the Cube for it. It would look under Netflix, on demand, networks and pay per view. Much more then the simple and elegant Chromecast.

It was shame I sent the Cube back with WiFi issues just before the update came out.

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For the most part, I would say yes. If they can get it to play content over DLNA, and there was a good app on my phone to Chromecast, then I'd say it'd be good enough for me.

Google TV is nice though, because it is more for an embedded look and feel. You can sit with a group of people and look at your movies on the TV to decide what to watch as opposed to huddled around your phone trying to see what you have available to "cast".

I havent seen much of Google TV myself. Might as well go android if compatibility is the cornerstone.

Re-branding to Android actually makes a lot of sense if they are planning on creating a set top box running the latest version of Android and backing it with some nice high end hardware; Affording users the complete Google experience. It will also help with brand recognition. Most people (not anyone here of course) do not really see Android as a band like they do with Samsung or (I apologize for the use of this word in advance) Apple. The more people aware of Android as a band the more Likely they are to start questioning which version of Android their device is running, there buy applying more pressure to manufacturers and service providers to be more expedient with OTA's which in turn benefits us all.

There are a few good examples of Android STB's already on the market. I found one at Amazon called (feel free to correct me if I get the name wrong) G-Box MX2. It's 98 bucks and it's running Jellybean, 4.2 I think. HDMI with pass through so 1080p video and support for all major audio formats including Dolby true hd and dts hd.

I currently use a HTPC with XBMC, the president mentioned gbox also allows you to use XBMC, so I would love to see an STB from Google running Android and the ability to use XBMC.

Finally lest us not forget that anything running Android can and will be hacked, cracked and packed with all of the coolest stuff that some of the smartest nerds on the planet can force the device to do.

One last thought: Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Google Glass and most likely a Google smart watch all running Android. Now throw an Android set top box into the mix and maybe even a Chrome book (if you're into that sort of thing) and talk about being "Fully Connected" sounds like a pretty sweet setup to me.
Android FTW

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Your comment on hacking is why major networks will never support anything that runs Android. The closest they will come to supporting google is on something like Chromecast which is locked down and does't even allow you to stream your own content if it isn't in the cloud.

I use my Sony Blu Ray Google TV Box on my main TV and I love it. Besides ease of watching Netflix and YouTube (which Chromecast could replace) I love the search ability for live TV. I have no idea what number TBS is, but I'm able to find the playoffs just by typing "MLB" or "TBS" in the search box with a full QWERTY. That and the ease of going from streaming content to live TV is enough to keep me from upgrading to some other set top box.

Seems Google is getting really confused with their naming of products both hardware and software. Think they should take a moment and rethink their whole branding and naming of products. Customers are getting really confused here. Google Play doesn't sound like the name of an app store. What is H+, Hangouts, Chromecast,etc, now Android TV, WTH.

If i'm not mistaken, wasn't the big ordeal last year that Google was getting rid of the Android branding by removing "Android Market" and replacing it with "Google Play" I'm glad google changed their minds tho. I like the android name, much more interesting than Google.

I love my Google TV with the Plex app. Works great for streaming movies.

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