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Update: Looks like things have reverted back, and the Sound Search widget is once again unavailable in Canada.

Original story: Though they're still unable to stream from Google Play Music, Canadians now have the ability to use Google's Sound Search widget to identify music. The widget works on home screens and lock screens, and uses your phone or tablet's microphones to match what's playing against Google's vast library of music. (The same library still unavailable in Canada.)

Strangely, MobileSyrup reports that asking Google Now "What's this song" still returns an error message in Canada, while the standalone widget works as expected.

Would it be overly optimistic to think Sound Search's launch in Canada might signal the arrival of more Google music content for Canadians in the near future? Who knows, but surely it's about time.

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Google Sound Search lands in Canada [Update: not anymore]


have you try to search for a song on google search, thats what i do. Press the microphone button on google search let it listen for bit, then press the sound sign that will appear after recognizing the song.

Yay, Google has been informed of the existence of Canada!

Seriously though, glad toto finally see this. I've missed it since moving on from my gnex, and even then I had to re-enable the widget after each reboot. Stupid regional restrictions.

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I have never been able to get this app to actually recognize a song that's playing on the radio. even in a quiet car with nothing but the song, it can't seem to find it, while Shazam can pick out the right song in a noisy bar or from outdoor speakers at a mall...

Oh Canada! Our Home And Native Land...... The only way I get the app to work is if I hold it up to the speaker of my TV or computer, then it works great. Wonder if its the mic on my GNex being weak

From the device it says not available in Canada. From the computer it says not compatible with the Nexus 10, Galaxy S4, or Galaxy S3.

I wish there was an application icon or at least an Android shortcut I could use besides the widget. it's the only thing I have on my homescreen, and there's no way around that. :-(

That's exactly how it worked on gnex, system would disable on reboot and I'd have to re-enable with titanium.

But I just rebooted my HTC One and all is still good! Fingers crossed...

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Of all the Google services available in the US and not available in Canada, this is the last one I wanted them to make available but it's a start I guess.

Ugh... It would be nice if Google said if they've given up on Canada or they're still working on deals. As they say, hope is paralyzing.

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You know what's odd? We just got Music All Access in Mexico and yet, Sound Search is nowhere to be seen ¬¬'

What's all the fuss aboot?

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

This widget works great for me, I just wish Google would add an option for those of us that are All Access subscribers. It tries to take you to the store to buy it, when I should just be able to play it if it's in All Access.

To be fair to Google, getting it to recognise the Canadian pronunciation of 'about' must be no small feat ;)

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Google needs to get moving and provide Google Play Music capability for us. The recognize a song thing... I wont even trivialize this discussion further by seeing if it works.

Ridiculous that it is available south of the border and not here.