We all know Google is as minimalist as they come when it comes to their homepage. Google.com rarely displays anything else other than the Search Bar and occasional artwork celebrating a holiday. So when something new is added, it's a pretty big deal. Today is a pretty big deal.

Droid Day officially gets Google approval with a text ad saying 'New! The DROID is on sale now. Learn more.'. Sure we would have loved an Android-specific graphic on the Google logo but Sesame Street is pretty tough competition. It's good to see Google endorse the DROID and interesting to note that they spelled it 'Droid' and not Motorola's preferred 'DROID'.



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Google Shows DROID Love the Only Way it Knows, On Its Homepage

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Man, I am a sucker for sesame street, and google loves them so as to droid.. Obviously, android creation was well-financed by Google ayt?

you gotta love the future.. so what's the next big phone on 2k10? Transformer-like Smartphone? LOL

just in case you missed the details on Verizon's GIANT STEP today on USA: Collation of info about droid release today

the only question is, did they conquered US?