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Reports sug​gest CES will see an Android based collaboration with the German auto maker

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google is set to go in-car in a collaborative project with German car manufacturer Audi. And, it looks like next weeks annual CES in Las Vegas could be the grand unveiling. 

The report goes on to suggest that Google will also be announcing tie-ups with other car makers, as well as NVIDIA, in an attempt to establish Android as a viable option for in-car systems in the future. If it all pans out, it would see Android taking on iOS in yet another arena, following Apple's announcement of iOS in the Car back in June of this year. 

The aim it's said is to offer in-car access to Google's vast portfolio of apps and services. The obvious ones would be Google Maps Navigation and Google Music, but the possibilities are exciting to consider. If it all goes down at CES, we'll of course be there in force to bring you every little detail. But thinking aloud, what Google features would you like to see baked into your car? 

Source: WSJ

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Paul Simiyu says:

Android powered rs7?
Yes please.

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The ability to say "OK, Google" to my car would be awesome.

John-Smith says:

That would be pretty fucking sweet.

twolastnames says:

Not if Google services drained my battery in 5 hours.

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If you are not plugging in a phone during travel, then that would be odd and expected.
If you are referring to your car battery by using it with your car turned off I would also find that odd.

twolastnames says:

It's a slam on Google now for killing my battery when my wifi is turned off. And a general slam on android for not being the most battery friendly os.

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Google always listening. You mention to your wife that you're hungry and next thing you know you're car is steering into the McD.

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Just one step closer to Google becoming Skynet.

micl9 says:

I love Google and all it brings to us, but it knows EVERYTHING about us and that give me a twinge of worry about the future.
And don't forget about the new robot division!

sunburned says:

This needed to happen a long time ago. I can buy a $250 tablet that is fast and responsive and has perfect navigation with Google maps, but spend $1000 on navigation for a car and you get a slow and clunky UI, crappy bluetooth, and maps that appear to have been made in 2001.


To me, the ideal would be some way, via BT or the USB, to "cast" my smartphone's UI onto the larger touchscreen in my dash.

micl9 says:

YES! Think how cheap a dumb terminal in your dash would be powered by your phone.
The 2-3 days per year that I forget my phone would be painful though!

mattopotamus says:

That would be great. Even sell a stand alone screen (basically a GPS device)that could be "cast" to. That way older cars could incorporate it.

mwara244 says:

They make Nexus 7 car kits that allow you to install a Nexus 7 in the dash of your car, not for all cars because of dash board designs. Audi will have a $250 tablet that'll charge you $2000 to he sticker price.

cmarks03 says:

Very much this. Or at least make a decent head unit that runs Android with an interface tailored to the use case.

FaisDogg says:

My car dash has HDMI input for the head unit which I have plugged in with HTC media link HD, mirroring my phone to dash only takes 3 finger swipe, and yes OK GOOGLE works awesome

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ddot196 says:

Yea I've never understood why people would invest in those in car navigation systems. They are absolute garbage. I am looking into getting an audi soon, I'd love to be able to pull up Google maps in my car and navigate with it. Even if it just does a sort of mirror display from your phone I'd be content.

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While the pure navigation interface isn't the best around, higher-end cars have more integrated uses for the built-in GPS. Some Audis and Benzes for example tie-in GPS so when you're going around a corner, it turns the headlights around the bend or if you're entering a tunnel, it puts the HVAC system on recirculate.

My car already has a Find my Car app along with a valet geofencing feature. If a valet takes my car out of a 1 mile radius, I get a text message.

ddot196 says:

I'm sure the really nice cars have excellent systems but I'm speaking strictly of the navigation apps used. All of this coming to Audi which are affordable makes it enticing and hopefully in the future we would see Toyotas, Hondas, etc. all rocking android!

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FaisDogg says:

Higher up you go crappier the system get, with the exception of BMW iDrive which is more geared towards iOS

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Daf L says:

The car uses GPS to turn the headlights if you go around the corner? Really?

That would be ridiculous, it'd be far easier and more sensible to monitor the steering wheel.

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bigguh says:

Can't agree more!

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dwboston says:

Recent Audis use a Google Earth navigation overlay, though you have to subscribe to a data plan to use it.

luniboy26 says:

The Google Music alone would be enough for me with my catalog of music in the cloud. Let's make this happen Google.

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bigguh says:

Been hoping for this for years! But I've been content with Google Music on my phone and great bluetooth sound from my car's speakers.

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Johnny Z says:

I'm surprised it took this long for an attempt at OEM car integration. Seems like a no-brainer.

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jdubb82 says:

Would be nice to have a "Find my Audi" feature where on my phone I could say "OK Google Now, find my Audi". Then it will show it's location on my phone or smart watch or Google Glass. Or better yet it could just come to me lol.

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Cole Cadieux says:

Dude where's my car?

CMercs says:


Navigate to Portal!
Portal In Range!
Auto Hack Portals!
Auto Attack Portals!
Link Available!

Ingress Integrated with my car would be Amazing!! But I'd be happy with Waze and Google Music.

I never use my in dash navigation anymore, and there's no way I can see spending money on a map update.

GuyTechie says:

I hope that also means VW will get the same treatment. It needs to be more accessible. a bit up there.

What would be amazing is if Google made their in-car solution also work well with iOS. I don't see why they wouldn't as their services are also on iOS (Maps, Music, Search, etc.)

And "Find my car" would be awesome.

You'd imagine that anything would eventually make its way out into the whole VAG group of cars, even Seat and Skoda. The Audi tie in could be a 'glamor' launch, after all, it's likely it would be a pricey offering at launch. Because, cars, expensive, and such :)

OK, Google. Paint that sign.

JTEastwood says:

Google Books would be nice... I could read on my way to work :)

In your self-driving car right?

DWR_31 says:

Nope, in his regular car using the TTS (read aloud feature).

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DWR_31 says:

Google and Audi just announced that they are taking on "OnStar and LowJack" at the same time.

Want to unlock your doors =there's an app for that.
Want to start your car =there's an app for that.
Want to find your car =there's an app for that.
Want to keep the kids occupied on long trips, but forgot to download movies =there's Google Play Movies for that.
Want to call the boss because your stuck in traffic =there's geo-location video calling for that.
Want to do "anything" through voice commands =there's Google Now for that.
Want your car to have a 17 inch in-dash display =buy a Tesla.

There are a lot more reasons why this is awesome, but my fingers are tired.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!

This has just made my day.

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Dan29466 says:

It's about time!

jtc276 says:

Now if only I had $50,000 to throw down on an A5. *sigh*

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twolastnames says:

Can we start by just making blue tooth streaming the same as it is on windows phone and iOS?

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I think this is crazy. I read this morning that Honda is going with iOS. Really? So now I have to think about whether I like the operating system before I decide what kind of car I'm going to buy?

And what happens when the CPU becomes outdated, or there are no OS updates for your year of car. Do we discard our car as casually as we discard our cell phones?

Rather I go with some of the earlier comments -- make a screen which is castable from any phone (I know, it would require google and apple to agree on a protocol). Also it'd be nice if there was a standard which helps integrate the device to the car's functions. But that would require the carmakers to agree on something as well as google and apple (and I suppose microsoft).

CMercs says:

Good Point.

I found out after buying my fully loaded 2012 Nissan Maxima that Bluetooth isn't supported for my EVO 4G LTE. I can hear and stream to it fine, but people can't hear me when I try and talk on it. When I took it in they wouldn't even look at it because my phone isn't on their list of supported devices.

Why a $30k car doesn't work as good as a $50 bluetooth earpiece is beyond me, as is why they wouldn't support a top end, but adding App/OS integration will definitely complicate this even more.

There's already a protocol for that -- VNC.

Check this article from 2011:

I know, it's for Blackberry (which makes sense, given the XJ is an "executive-level" luxury car), but it shows what can be done, IMO.

Jlav78 says:

It's easy enough, once maps is compatible with Chromecast, to get this working. Just plug it in to a portable screen , turn on tethering and use an in car charger. Haven't tried it but it would be cool and cheaper if it works.

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dgcamero says:

Audi is actually planning on the system becoming obsolete, and will make the hardware upgradeable! I'm sure it will not be inexpensive, but definitely a major step in the right direction. I think I read that on Automobile Magazine or Edmunds...

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cboyer says:

Besides google maps & waze, I would want to see google gmail, calendar, music, Pandora, Spotify, NFL Mobile, ESPN...Probly some others too.

CMercs says:

The one thing my Nissan does that makes sense is that it won't show Video if the car is not in Park (and the Parking Brake is on, which may be overkill, but I won't fault them for that). I think that makes sense.

I think the same rules should apply to any app that requires you to take your eyes off the road. All music apps should be manageable by presets and steering wheel controls.

Waze and Maps should also not allow you to perform typing tasks while moving, at least until you confirm that you are the passenger (and if you're the driver and lieing then I pray that you are lucky or blessed).

And messaging and mail apps should not have a visual interface but read to you completely.

Rmbrown1964 says:

I love the idea! But worry more about getting hacked and some one taking over.

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I don't think that the concept would be to integrate Android into running the car by any means, but just by providing application support directly much like a replacement for the car stereo. I don't think that Android should be responsible for integrating with the computer of the vehicle. It's not exactly a time-sensitive system. It would/should remain a segregated component of the vehicle incapable of communicating directly with its internals.

diesteldorf says:

If Google started selling Audis in the Play Store, would it be realistic to expect Google to subsidize these, even if it was a little more expensive than the Nexus 5?

dbareis says:

I'd like to see a standard dock (in all cars), that allows Samsung/LG etc to fight it out on features as the device is replaceable or even consumer installed perhaps replacing a more basic standard version. As someone else mentioned, I'd also like to remote control an external phone, tablet from the cars (bigger?) screen.

NoNexus says:

I guess I am the only IT guy in the world who thinks we are really becoming too connected.

Computer, phone, even glass... Fine. Fridge, car toaster... Not so much

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Jlav78 says:

Some ways too much , some ways too creepy (wink to take picture!) but a lot are good. Just not all at the same time because we'd all look like cyborgs walking down the street. And our fridges as well. And our ovens. And anything a company can stick a computer chip with android into.


chuckh0308 says:

I don't want all this crap built into my car, thanks. They've already gone way too far with it.

techydavid says:

I'm not old enough ( to drive a car), but I'd like Touchless Control in a golf cart which I can drive...

From mah shiny new Nexus 5

JHK1984 says:

I have a 2010 A4 and I'm a bit disappointed in it's MMI and how behind it is in terms of functionality especially comparing to the phones and tablets we carry.
It would be great if they can come out with Android powered MMI including:
1. Improved music player, especially the GUI
2. Embedded google maps/nav
3. News and weather funcion