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Google just dropped the news that the Google Play Store is about to start offering up a whole lot more content. First up are movie purchases. Until now, movies have only been available to rent and watch once. Now, you'll be able to purchase movies right within the Play Store, and watch them again, and again, and again. 

Next up, TV Shows. Google has announced a host of partners to bring your favorite TV show content to the Play Store. Magazines are also along for the ride as well. These are due to start from today, and Google's content provision service just got so much better. Perfect for tablets...

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This is pretty huge. Can't wait to start buying movies and TV on Play.

BigDaddy3000 says:

Magazines?!?!? It's about mudda fuqqin time!!! Chit!!!! I hate my iPad, but at least it has magazines!

BIGsinner says:

Now if Google Play can provide some sort of subscription like Amazon Prime, (unlimited rentals) life would be sweet.

Namelez says:

So will these new features be available to purchase on the phones or has that not happened yet

wcarl says:

Europe wants in on the fun !!!! :-(

Ryp11 says:

is there a new version of google play that will have this as my phone does not show these options yet.